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572 Federal Bldg.,

600 Federal Pl.,

Louisville, KY 40202 P.O. Box 66492,

6554 Florida Blvd.,

Baton Rouge, LA 70896 See Massachusetts District

Office 208 Carrol Bldg., 8600 La Salle Rd.,

Towson, MD 21204 150 Causeway St.,

Suite 1001,

Boston, MA 02114 6520 Mercantile Way,

Suite 5,

Lansing, MI 48910 1033 Post Office Bldg..

St. Paul, MN 55101 Suite 710, Federal Bldg.,

100 West Capitol St.,

Jackson, MS 39201 1400 Independence Rd.,

STOP 200,

Rolla, MO 65401 Federal Bldg.,

Drawer 10076

Helena, MT 59626 406 Federal Bldg., and

U.S. Courthouse,
100 Centennial Mall, North,

Lincoln, NE 68508
See Idaho District Office

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See Massachusetts District

Office 430 Federal Bldg.,

402 E. State St.,

Trenton, NJ 08608
P.O. Box 26659, Western

Bank Bldg., Rm. 809,
505 Marquette, NW.,

Albuquerque, NM 87125
P.O. 1350, 343 U.S. Post

Office and Courthouse

Bldg., Albany NY 12201 P.O. Box 2857, Rm. 436,

Century Postal Station

Raleigh, NC 27602 821 East Interstate Ave.,

Rm. 332, New Fed. Bldg., 3d St. and Rosser Ave.,

Bismark, ND 58501 975 West Third Ave.,

Columbus, OH 43212
Rm. 621, 215 Dean A. McGee

St., Oklahoma City,
OK 73102
P.O. Box 3202,

830 NE Holladay St.,

Portland, OR 97232
P.O. Box 1107, 4th Floor,

Federal Bldg., 228 Walnut
St., Harrisburg, PA

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GSA Center, Bldg. 652,
Ft. Buchanan, PR 00936
See Massachusetts District


Rhode Island

(617) 223-2822

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Strom Thurmond Federal

Bldg., Suite 658,
1835 Assembly St.,

Columbia, SC 29201
Rm. 317, Federal Bldg.,

200 4th St., SW,

Huron, SD 57350
A-413 Federal Bldg.,

U.S. Courthouse,

Nashville, TN 37203 649 Federal Bldg.,

300 E. 8th St., Austin, TX 78701 1016 Administration Bldg.,

1745 W. 17th St., S.,

Salt Lake City, UT 84104 See Massachusetts District

Office See Maryland District Office 1201 Pacific Ave., Suite 600,

Tacoma, WA 98402 3017 Federal Bldg. and

U.S. Courthouse,
500 Quarrier St., E.,

Charleston, W VA 25301 1815 University Ave.,

Rm. 200, Madison, WI

P.O. Box 1125,

2120 Capital Ave.
Rm. 5017 Cheyenne,
WY 82001

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EROS Data Center,

Sioux Falls, SD 57198

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Cooperators and Other Financial Contributors

(Cooperators listed are those whom the U.S. Geological Survey had a written agreement cosigned by Survey officials and the cooperating agency for financial cooperation in fiscal year 1982. Parent agencies are listed separately from their subdivisions whenever there are separate cooperative agreements for different projects with a parent agency and with a subdivision of it. Agencies with whom the Geological Survey has research contracts and to whom it supplied research funds are not listed.]

Cooperating office of the Geological Survey C-Conservation District e-Office of Earth Sciences Applications g-Geological Division n-National Mapping Division w-Water Resources Division

State, County, and Local Cooperators


Alabama Highway Department (w); Geological Survey of Alabama (e, n, w); Jefferson County Commission (w); Water Improvement Commission (w)


Alaska Department of - Environmental Conservation (w), Fish and Game (w),
Natural Resources, Division of- (n) - Forests, Lands and Water Management (e),
Geological and Geophysical Surveys (g, w), Transportation and Public Facilities
(w); Alaska Power Authority (w) Anchorage, Municipality of - Department of
Enterprise Activities, Sewer and Water Authority (w), Department of Health and
Environmental Protection (w), Department of Planning (w); Fairbanks North Star
Borough (w); Kenai Peninsula Borough (w); Matanuska Susitna Borough (w)

American Samoa: (See Hawaii)

Water Conservation District (w); Monterey Peninsula, Water Management District (w); Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (w); Newport Beach, City of (w); Orange County - Environmental Management Agency (w), Water District (w); Oroville-Wyandotte Irrigation District (w); Pacheo Pass Water District (w); Paradise Irrigation District (w); Placer County Water Agency (Auburn) (w); Placer County Water Agency (Foresthill) (w); Rancho California Water District (w); Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (w); Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District, Department of Public Works (w); San Benito County Water Conservation and Flood Control District (w); San Bernadino Valley Municipal Water District (w); San Diego, City of (w); San Diego County, Department of - Planning and Land Use (w), Public Works (w); San Francisco, City and County of, Hetch Hetchy Water and Power (w); San Francisco Water Department (w); San Joaquin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (w); San Luis Obispo County, Engineering Department (w); San Mateo County-Department of Planning (w), Department of Public Works (w); Santa Barbara, City of, Department of Public Works (w); Santa Barbara County-Flood Control and Water Conservation District (w), Water Agency (w); Santa Clara Valley, Water District (w); Santa Cruz County, Flood Control and Water Conservation District (w); Santa Cruz, City of, County Community Resources Center, Zone 4 (w); Santa Maria Valley Water Conservation District (w); Santa Rosa Band of Mission Indians (w); Siskiyou County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (w); Sonoma County-Planning Department (w), Water Agency (w); Soquel Creek County Water District (w); South San Joaquin Irrigation District (w); Tahoe Regional Planning (w); Terra Bella Irrigation District (w); Thousand Oaks, City of (w); Tulare County, Flood Control District (w); Turlock Irrigation District (w); United Water Conservation District (w); University of California-Berkeley, Agricultural Experiment Station, School of Forestry and Conservation (w), Davis, Division of Environmental Studies (w); Ventura County, Public Works Agency (w); Western Municipal Water District (w); Westlands Water District (w); Woodbridge Irrigation District (w); Yolo County, Flood Control and Water Conservation District (w)


Arizona Bureau of Geology and Mineral Technology (e); Arizona Department
of-Game and Fish (w), Health Services, Bureau of Water Quality Control (w),
Water Resources (w); Flagstaff, City of (w); Gila Valley Irrigation District (w);
Maricopa County-Flood Control District (w), Municipal Water Conservation
District No. 1 (w); Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (w); Navajo
County Parks Commission (w); Pima County, Board of Supervisors (w); Salt River
Valley Water Users Association (w); San Carlos Irrigation and Drainage District
(w); Show Low Irrigation Company (w); Tuscon, City of (w); University of
Arizona, Water Resources Research Center (w)


Arkansas Department of Pollution Control and Ecology (w); Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission (w); Arkansas Geological Commission (g, n, w); Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (w)


Alameda County - Flood Control and Water Conservation District (Hayward) (w),
Flood Control and Water Conservation District, Zone 7 (Livermore), (w), Water
District (w); Antelope Valley-East Kern Water Agency (w); California Institute of
Technology, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (e); California Department of - Boating and
Waterways, Conservation (g), Fish and Game (Sacramento) (w), Fish and Game,
Region II (Rancho Cordova) (w), Transportation, District 3 (Marysville) (w), Water
Resources - Central District (Sacramento) (w), Northern District (Red Bluff) (w),
San Joaquin District (Fresno) (w); California Regional Water Quality Control
Board - Central Coast Region (w), Colorado River Basin Region (w), Lahontan
Region (w), North Coast Region (w), San Fransico Bay Region (w), Santa Ana
Region (w); California Water Resources Control Board (w); Carpinteria County,
Water District (w); Casitas Municipal Water District (w); Coachella Valley, County
Water District (w); Contral Costa County, Department of Health Sciences (w),
Flood Control and Water Conservation District (w); Crestline - Lake Arrowhead
Water Agency (w); Desert Water Agency (w); East Bay Municipal Utility District
(w); East Bay Regional Park District (w); East San Bernardino County Water
District (w); Fresno County, Department of Resources and Development (w);
Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District (w); Georgetown Divide Public Utility
District (w); Goleta County Water District (w); Humboldt Bay, Municipal Water
District (w); Imperial County, Department of Public Works (w); Imperial Irrigation
District (w); Indian Planning Consortium-Central California (w); Indian Wells
Valley Water District (w); Kern County Water Agency (w); Kings River Conserva-
tion District (w); Lake County, Planning Department (w); Los Angeles County,
Flood Control District (w); Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (w);
Madera County, Flood Control and Water Conservation Agency (w); Madera Irriga-
tion District (w); Marin County, Department of Public Works (w); Marin Municipal
Water District (w); Mendocino County, Department of Public Health (w); Merced,
City of (w); Merced Irrigation District (w); Modesto, City of, Department of Public
Works (w); Modoc County, Department of Public Works (w); Mojave Water Agen-
cy (w); Montecito County Water District (w); Monterey County Flood Control and


Adams County, Board of Commissioners (w); Arapahoe, County of (w); Arkansas
River Compact Administration (w); Aspen, City of (w); Aurora, City of (w); Central
Yuma Ground Water Management District (w); Chapel Hills Water and Sanitation
District (w); Cherokee Water District (w); Colorado Department of Health, Water
Pollution Control Division (w), Highways (w), Local Affairs (n), Natural Resources,
Geological Survey (w); Colorado Division of Water Resources, Office of the State
Engineer (w); Colorado River Water Conservation District (w); Colorado Springs,
City of-Department of Public Utilities (w), Office of the City Manager (w); Col-
orado Water Conservation Board (w); Copper Mountain Water and Sanitation
District (w); Delta County, Board of County Commissioners (w); Denver, City and
County, Board of Water Commissioners (w); Denver Regional Council of Govern-
ments (w); Eagle County, Board of Commissioners (w); El Paso County Water
Users Association (w); Englewood, City of (w); Frenchman Ground Water Manage-
ment District (w); Glenwood Springs, City of (w); Grand County Board of
Commissioners (w);
Larimer-Weld Regional Council of Governments (w); Longmont, City of (w); Marks
Butte Ground Water Management District (w); Mesa, County of (w); Metropolitan
Denver Sewage Disposal District No. 1 (w); Mineral County, Board of County
Commissioners (w); Northern Colorado Water Conservation District (w); North-
glenn, City of (w); Pitkin County, Board of Commissioners (w); Pleasant View
Water and Sanitation District (w); Pueblo, City of, Board of Water Works (w);
Pueblo Civil Defense Agency (w); Purgatoire River Water Conservancy District (w);
Rio Blanco County, Board of County Commissioners (w); Rio Grande Water Con-
servation District (w); Sand Hills Ground Water Management District (w);
Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District (w); Southwestern Colorado
Water Conservation District (w); Trinchera Conservancy District (w); Uncompahgre
Valley Water Users' Association (w); Upper Arkansas River Water Conservancy
District (w); Upper Yampa Water Conservancy District (w); Urban Drainage and
Flood Control District (w); Ute Mountain Ute Tribe (w); Yellow Jacket Water Con-
servancy District (w)


Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (g, n, w); Enfield, Town of (w); Fairfield, Town of, Conservation Commission (w); Manchester, Town of, Department of Public Works (w); Meriden, Town of, Department of Public Works (w); New Britain, City of-Board of Water Commissioners (w), Improvement Commission (w); New Haven Water Company (w); Northeast Connecticut Regional Planning Agency (w); Norwalk, Town of (w); Simsbury, Town of (w); Torrington, City of (w)


Big Lost River Irrigation District (w); Butte Soil Conservation District (w); Idaho Department of - Fish and Game (w), Health and Welfare, Bureau of Water Quality (w), Transportation, Division of Highways (w), Water Resources (w); Idaho Water Resources Board (w); Oakley Canal Company (w); Pullman Moscow Water Resources Committee (w); Salmon River Canal Company (w); The Shoshone Bannock Tribes, Fort Hall Indian Reservation (w); Water District No. 01 – Idaho Falls (w); Water District No. 31 – DuBois (w); Water District No. 33– Howe (w); Water District No. 37 - Shoshone (w); Water District No. 37-N-Carey (w); Water District No. 65-K-Lake Fork (w)


Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (w); Geological Survey (n, w); New Castle County, Public Works Department (w)

District of Columbia:

Department of Environmental Services (w)


Bloomington and Normal Sanitary District (w); Cook County, Forest Preserve District (w); Decatur, City of (w); Illinois Department of (w) — Conservation (n), Energy and Natural Resources, State Water Survey Division (w), Transportation, Division of Water Resources (n, w), Division of Highways in, w); Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (w); Illinois State Geological Survey (e, n); Metropolitan Sanitary District of Greater Chicago (w); Springfield, City of (w)


Carmel, Town of (w); Elkhart, City of, Water Works (w); Indiana State Board of Health (w); Indiana Department of - Highways (w), Natural Resources (n, w), Indiana Geological Survey (e), Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs (e)


Big Cypress Basin Board (w); Boca Raton, City of (w); Bradenton, City of (w); Brevard County, Board of County Commissioners (w); Broward County-Environmental Quality Control Board (w), 208 Project (w), Water Management Division (w); Cape Coral, City of (w); Clearwater, City of (w); Collier, County of (w); Cocoa, City of (w); Coordinating Council on the Restoration of Kissimmee River Valley and Taylor Creek -Nubbins Slough Basin (w); Englewood Water District, Board of Supervisors (w); Escambia County-Board of County Commissioners (w), Utilities Authority (w); Flagler County, Board of County Commissioners (w); Florida Department of - Environmental Regulation - Bureau of Water Resources Management (w), Division of Recreation and Parks (w), Natural Resources (n), Transportation (n, w); Florida Institute of Phosphate Research (w); Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (w); Fort Lauderdale, City of (w); Fort Walton Beach, City of (w); Gainesville, City of (w); Hallandale, City of (w); Hernando, County of (w); Highland Beach, Town of (w); Hillsborough County (w); Hollywood, City of (w); Jacksonville, Consolidated City of - Department of Public Works (w), Department of Health and Environmental Services (w); Jacksonville Electric Authority (w); Juno Beach, Town of (w); Jupiter Inlet District (w); Lake County-Board of County Commissioners (w), Pollution Control Department (w), Water Authority (w); Lee County, Board of County Commissioners (w); Leon County-Courthouse (w), Department of Public Works (w); Manatee County, Board of County Commissioners (w); Marion County, Board of County Commissioners (w); Metropolitan Dade County-Department of Environmental Resources Management-Environmental Planning Section (w), Water Management Division (w); Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Authority (w); Northwest Florida Water Management District (w); Old Plantation Water Control District (w); Orange County, Board of County Commissioners (w); Palm Beach County, Board of County Commissioners (w); Pensacola, City of (w); Perry, City of (w); Pinellas County, Board of County Commissioners (w); Polk County, Board of County Commissioners (w); Pompano Beach, City of, Water and Sewer Department (w); Quincy, City of (w); Reedy Creek Improvement District (w); Sarasota, City of (w); Sarasota, County of (w); South Florida Water Management District (w); Southwest Florida Regional Planning Commission (w); Southwest Florida Water Management District (w); St. Johns, County of (w); St. Johns River Water Management District (w); St. Petersburg, City of (w); Stuart, City of (w); Sumter County, Recreation and Water Conservation and Control Authority (w); Suwannee River Authority (w); Suwannee River Water Management District (w); Tallahassee, City of, Underground Utilities (w); Tampa, City of (w); Volusia, County of (w); Walton, County of (w); West Coast Regional Waters Supply Authority (w); Winter Haven Lake Region, Boat Course District (w); Winter Park, City of (w)


Ames, City of (w); Cedar Rapids, City of (w); Charles City, City of (w); Clear Lake, City of (w); Des Moines, City of (w); Des Moines Water Works (w); Fort Dodge, City of (w); Harlan, City of (w); Iowa City, City of (w); Iowa Department of – Transportation -- Highway Division (n, w); lowa Geological Survey (e, n, w); lowa Natural Resources Council (w); lowa State University - Agricultural Experiment Station (w), Department of Agricultural Engineering (w); Marshalltown, City of (w); Ottumwa Water Works (w); Sewage Disposal Plant (w); Sioux City, City of (w); University of lowa - Institute of Hydraulic Research (w), University Physical Plant (w); Waterloo, City of (w); West-Central lowa Rural Water Association (w)


Arkansas River Compact Administration (w); Harvey, County of (w); Hays, City of (w); Kansas Department of - Health and Environment (w), Transportation (w); Kansas Geological Survey (n, w); Kansas State Board of Agriculture, Division of Water Resources (w); Kansas Water Office (w); Kansas-Oklahoma-Arkansas River Commission (w); Southwest Kansas GWMD No. 3 (w); Western Kansas GWMD No. 1 (w); Wichita, City of, Flood Control Maintenance (w)


Elizabethtown, City of (w); Kentucky Department of - Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Water Division (w), Transportation, Division of Design (w); University of Kentucky, Kentucky Geological Survey (e, n, w)


Baton Rouge City-Parish Government (w); Capital-Area Groundwater Conservation Commission (w); Louisiana Department of - Natural Resources - Office of Conservation, Surface Mine Division (w), Office of Environmental Affairs, Water Pollution Control Division (w), Transportation and Development - Office of Highways (w), Office of Public Works (n, w); Louisiana Geological Survey (g); Rapides Area Planning Commission (w); Louisiana State Planning Office (n); Sabine River Compact Administration (w)


Albany, City of, Water, Gas, and Light Commission (w); Bibb County, Board of Commissioners (w); Brunswick, City of (w); Chatham County, Board of Commissioners (w); Clayton County, Water Authority (w); Consolidated Government of Columbus (w); Covington, City of (w); Georgia Department of - Natural Resources – Environmental Protection Division (w), Geological Survey (n, w), Transportation (w); Macon-Bibb County, Water and Sewage Authority (w); Valdosta, City of (w)


Androscoggin Valley Regional Planning Commission (w); Cobbossee Watershed District (w); Maine Department of - Conservation, Geological Survey (n, w), Environmental Protection (w); Wilton, Town of (w)

Guam: (See Hawaii)


American Samoa, Government of (w); Guam, Government of (w); Hawaii Department of - Health (w), Land and Natural Resources - Division of Water and Land Development (w), Transportation (n, w); Honolulu, City and County - Board of Water Supply (w), Department of Public Works (w); Kosrae, State of (w); Micronesia, Federated States of (w); Northern Mariana Islands, Government of the (w); Palau, Republic of (w); Ponape, State of (w); Truk, State of (w); Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (w); Yap, State of (w)


Anne Arundel County Planning and Zoning Office (w); Baltimore County-Department of Permits and Licenses (w), Department of Public Works (w), Office of Planning and Zoning (w); Calvert County (w); Caroline County (w); Carroll County, Board of County Commissioners (w); Howard County, Department of Public Works (w); Maryland Department of - Health and Mental Hygiene, Office of Environmental Programs (w), Transportation, State Highway Administration (w); Maryland Energy Administration (w); Maryland Geological Survey (e, n, w); Maryland Water Resources Administration (w); Montgomery County-Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Environmental and Energy Planning (w), Division of Pollution Control (w); Poolesville, Town of (w); St. Marys County, County Commissioners (w); Upper Potomac River Commission (w)

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