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Information Systems Division

Organization and Mission

computer systems and information management programs and systems for the Geological Survey.

Earth Science Standards

During fiscal year 1982, the U.S. Geological Survey made several organizational changes that are intended to increase the effective use of computers and information systems throughout the Survey. Among these were the restructuring of the Computer Center Division as the Information Systems Division, the establishment of an Assistant Director for Information Systems, and formation of a Bureau-level Information Systems Council.

Information Systems Division

The Information Systems Division was established in fiscal year 1982. Its functions incorporate those of the former Computer Center Division, including the operation of the Survey's general purpose computers and the provision of customer services to users nationwide. Offices within the new Division are Systems Policy and Management, Data Administration, ADP Services, Acquisition Management and Support, Program Support Services, and Operational Systems Support.

The Office of Data Base Administration has established a comprehensive program for standardizing digital scientific data. In fiscal year 1980, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the National Bureau of Standards giving the Survey the responsibility for developing and maintaining earth science data standards for the Federal Government. To accomplish this, a U.S. Geological Survey Data Standards Committee was established to develop and maintain applicable standards. A Department of the Interior Earth Science Data Standards Council has also been established, chaired by the Survey, to coordinate earth science data standards throughout the Department. Standards for hydrologic unit codes have been published and other standards are in process. This program will benefit not only the Survey and the Federal Government but also various scientific, university, and local government groups.

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