The American Journal of Forestry, Volume 1

Front Cover
Franklin Benjamin Hough
Robert Clarke & Company, 1883 - Forests and forestry - 589 pages

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Page 539 - Smith offered the following resolution, which was adopted : Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed by the...
Page 94 - Tables for Earthwork, for Setting out Curves, and for various Calculations, etc., etc., etc. Saws : the History, Development, Action, Classification, and Comparison of Saws of all kinds. By ROBERT GRIMSHAW. With 220 illustrations, 410, cloth, 12s.
Page 94 - THE ELEMENTS OF FORESTRY. Designed to afford Information concerning the Planting and Care of Forest Trees for Ornament or Profit, with Suggestions upon the Creation and Care of Woodlands. By FB HOUGH. Large crown 8vo, IDS.
Page 98 - When of proper size the trees may be taken from the seed-bed and planted in rows four feet apart, and two feet apart in the rows. When transplanted the trees should be trimmed to a single straight stem, and as they grow it will be proper to see that they do not fork, and shorten or remove any side branches that take too much of the growth of the main stem.
Page 6 - One seldom -beholds a drearier sight than a dead and deserted lumber region. The valuable trees were all felled years ago, and the lumberman moved on to fresh spoils, leaving behind an inextricably confused mass of tree tops, broken logs, and uprooted trunks. Blackberry canes spring up everywhere, forming a tangled thicket, and a few scattering poplars, birches-, and cherries serve for arboreal life, above which tower the dead pines, bleached in the weather and blackened by fire, destitute of limbs,...
Page 191 - ... shall be punished by fine not exceeding one hundred dollars or by imprisonment in the county jail not more than six months, or by both fine and imprisonment in the discretion of the court.
Page 306 - ... to an amount not exceeding the sum actually expended for the purchase or taking of lands for a park or parks, bonds or certificates of debt, to be denominated on the face thereof the
Page 304 - The state board of agriculture shall act as a board of forestry, without pay, except for necessary travelling expenses, and shall have the supervision and management of all such public domains, and shall make all necessary regulations for their care and use and for the increase and preservation of the timber, wood and undergrowth thereon, and for the planting and cultivating of trees therein. The said board shall appoint one or more persons, to be called keepers, to have charge, subject to its direction,...
Page 304 - ... file and cause to be recorded in the registry of deeds for the county or district in which such land lies, a description thereof sufficiently accurate for identification.
Page 463 - I move in the sphere of experience with more certainty. I remember when the forests were hardly broken here that springs of water were very frequent and perennial. The rivulets and creeks and rivers had a perpetual flow ; these have now changed. The rivulets and creeks are now dried up in summer, and the fish so often caught by me in earlier years are now gone. Not one spring in a thousand remains.

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