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Pembroke, Corporation of, enabled to
convey to the Commissioners of
the Navy the Right of letting
the Stalls, &c. in the Market in
Pembroke Dock - Cap. 36

Pensions and Personal Estates, annual
Duties on - - - 9

Pilots and Pilotage, amending the Law
relating to • -125

Piratical Ships or Vessels, for encour-
aging the Capture or Destruc-
tion of - 49

Poor, extending into Scotland certain
Provisions of an Act for the Re-
lief of, so far as they relate to
the Parochial Relief of Chelsea
and other Pensioners - 27

■ (Settlement of), amending Laws

concerning - 57

Presentments by Grand Juries for Sa-
laries of Treasurers and Public
Officers of Counties, amend-
ing 5 Geo. IV. c. 93. relative to


Prisoners (poor), amending Act relative
to the Aliment of 62

Public Works, rendering more effectual
several Acts authorizing Ad-
vances for - - *35

Quarantine Laws, repealing and mak-
ing other Provisions in lieu
thereof 78

Regent's Park, and the new Street
thence to Pall Mall, extending
the Jurisdiction of the Commis-
sioners for paving, &c. under
5 Geo. IV. c. 100. 38

Registering of British Vessels - 110

Roads and Bridges, repairing and
maintaining - - *101

Rolls Court, rendering valid certain
Decrees and Orders at - 93

Salcey Forest, dividing, alloting and
inclosing - - 132
Sedition, restricting the Punishment of


Serjeants at Law, Persons called to
the Degree of, enabled to take
that Office in Vacation - 95
Sheriff Courts, Regulation of - 23 Recovery of Small Debts in 24

Shipping (British) and Navigation, En-
couragement of Cap. 109

registering of - 110

Silk (Thrown), repealing 2 W. & M. for
discouraging the Importation of


Smuggling, for the Prevention of 108
Societies, regulating the Mode of suing
certain - - - 131

(unlawful), amending certain

Acts relating to - *4
Soldiers, annual Mutiny Act for 5 Rates to innkeepers for quar-
tering 20
Solicitors, annual Indemnity Act for 45

to prevent articled Clerks of,

from being prejudiced by the
Neglect of, in omitting to take
out annual Certificates - 46
Spiritual Persons, amending, &c.
55 Geo. III. for enabling, to ex-
change their Parsonage Houses
or Glebe Lands 8
Stamp Duties payable on Transfer of
Property in Ships, and on De-
bentures, &c. for Excise or
Customs Duties repealing, and
granting other Duties 41
Stewart Courts, Regulation of - 23
Sugar imported, annual Duties on 9

Refined, continuing Duties on


Supplies, Appropriation of 1. 14. 134.

Sweets or Made Wines, &c. Assimi-
lation of the Excise Duties on,
in Great Britain and Ireland,
and continuing them on Sweets
in Great Britain - - 37

Taxes (Assessed), repeal of certain
Duties of, and granting Relief
in certain Cases - 7

Trade of British Possessions abroad,
regulating - - 114

of the Isle of Man, regulating


Transports kept to labour in the Co-
lonies, punishing Offences com-
mitted by - 69

Treasury, Commissioners of, enabled
to advance Money for Payment
of Debts due from the Com-
missioners of Wide Streets, &c.
in Dublin - - - *128

Trustees, being Infants, Idiots, Lunatics, &c. consolidating and amending the Laws relating to the Conveyance and Transfer of Estates vested in Cap. 74

Universities, for better Preservation of the Peace and good Order of 97

Van Diemen's Land Company, granting Powers and Authorities to


Vessels (British), registering of - 110 Vice Chancellor of England, augmenting the Salary of - 84

Warehousing of Goods - Cap. 112 Weights, to prolong the Time of Commencement of 5 Geo. IV. c.74. for Uniformity of, and to amend the said Act - - 12

West Indies, regulating the Trade of


Wheat, the Produce of British America, altering Duty on - 64

Wine, to reduce the Duties on - 13

Workmen, repealing the Laws relating to the Combination of, and to make other Provisions in lieu thereof - - - 129

Writs of Error, preventing frivolous


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