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Trustees of the said Charity, and for enabling them to grant
Leases of the said Estates, for the Purposes of erecting or
repairing Buildings, and also to sell Part of the said Estates,
and to lay out the Monies arising thereby in the Purchase of
other Estates; and for enlarging the Power given by the
Founder to appoint new Trustees of the said Charity.

[5th July 1825.]

Cap. 57.

An Act for vesting the Manor, Rectory and Isle of Hayling, in
the County of Southampton, Part of the Settled Estates of the
Duke of Norfolk, in William Padivic/e the younger, Esquire, his
Heirs and Assigns, and for applying the Money thence arising
in the Purchase of other Estates to be settled to the same Uses,
and for other Purposes. [5th July 1825.]

[See 3 Car. 1. cA. Pr. 37 G.3. cAO. Pr. 41 G.3. U. K. cxv.
49 G.3. c.clxxiv.]

Cap. 58.

An Act for vesting certain Estates, in the Parish of Greenwich,
in the County of Kent, devised by the Will of the late Isaac
Bristol, deceased, in Trustees, for conveying the same to a
Purchaser. [5th July 1825.]

Cap. 59.

An Act for inclosing Lands, in the Parish of Northolt, otherwise
Noi'thall, otherwise Northaiv, in the County of Middlesex.

[5th July 1825.]
[Allotment to Vicar in respect to Glebe hands, § 25.]




* Signifies that the Act relates exclusively to Ireland.

AMERICA (British Possessions in),
regulating the Trade of Cap. 73
Apothecaries, amending and explain-
ing 55Geo.III. for regulating
the Practice of - - 133
Appropriation of Supplies 1. 14. 134
Army, Annual Act for Payment of 5 Rates to Innkeepers for quar-
tering - 20
Assessed Taxes, Repeal of certain
Duties of, and granting Relief
in certain Cases - - 7
Attornies, Annual Indemnity Act
for 45

to prevent Articled Clerks of,

from being prejudiced by At-
tornies' Neglect in omitting to
take out Annual Certificates 46

Bank of Ireland, preventing the further
Circulation of Tokens issued by,

&c. - - - " *98

Bankers, regulating the Copartnerships
0f *42

Bankrupts, to amend the Lands relat-
ing to 16

Bishops in the West Indies, &c. pro-
viding for the Salaries of - 88

Blasphemy, restricting the Punishment

of - - - . 7 f7
Buckingham House, authorizing the
Application of Part of the Land
Revenue of the Crown to the
Repairs of - - - ?7
Burgh Courts, Regulation of - 16

Caledonian Canal, to explain and amend
43 and 44 Geo. III. for making 15
Canada, to provide for the Extinction

of feudal and seignoria! Right
and Burthens on certain Lands
in, &c. - - Cap. 59

Canada Company, enabling His Ma-
jesty to grant Lands to - 75

Chancery, amending 4 Geo. IV. for the
better Administration of Justice
in - *30

Chelsea and other Pensioners, extend-
ing into Scotland certain Pro-
visions of an Act for the Relief
of the Poor, for the Payment
of - - - - 27

Children (deserted), amending Laws
respecting - *102

Church Rates, amending the Law re-
lating to *130

Civil Offices, amending 57 Geo. III. for
recompensing the Services of
Persons holding - 90

Clergy, amending, &c. 55 Geo. III., en-
abling to exchange Parsonage
Houses or Glebe Lands - 8

— placing Clerks in Orders on the

same Footing with other Per-
sons as to Felonies, and limit-
ing the Effect of the Benefit
of - - - - 25

Cocoa Paste, repealing so much of an
Act as requires Excise Stamps
to be fixed on 118

Coffee, to reduce the Duties on - 13

Common Pleas (Court of), abolishing
Sale of Offices in, and making
Provision for Lord Chief Justice
of - - - - 83

authorizing the Purchase of

certain Offices in - 89

Companies, repealing Part of 6Geo.L

and conferring additional Powers
on His Majesty, with respect to
the granting of Charters of In-
corporation to - Cap. 91

Consuls (British) at Foreign Courts,
Payment of Salaries of - 87

Convicts (Capital) receiving Pardon,
defining the Rights of, and of
Convicts after having been
punished for Clergyable Fe-
lonies 25

Copartnerships, regulating the Mode
of suing - - 131

Cordage, altering Bounty on - 104

Corn, Grain and Wheaten Flour, ware-
housed for Home Consumption,
allowing the Entry of, on Pay-
ment of Duty - - 65

Cotton Mills and Factories, Regulation
of - - - - 63

Courts of Justice, to facilitate the Pro-
ceedings before the Commis-
sioners of Inquiry relating
to - *10

providing for the Erection of 86

regulating the Forms of Pro-
cess in - - 120

Regulation of the Sheriff,

Stewart and Burgh Courts 23

Recovery of Small Debts in

the Sheriffs' - - 24

— in Westminster Hall, augment-
ing the Salaries of the Puisne
Judges and Barons of • 84

Creditors, to continue 54 Geo. III. for
rendering the Payment of, more
equal and expeditious 11

Cumberland (H.R.H. the Duke of),
granting an annual Sum to, for
the Support and Education of
the Prince of Cumberland 71

Currency, and Monies of Account
througluut Great Britain and
Ireland, Assimilation of 79

Customs, repealing the several Lawrs
relating to - 105

for the Management of 106

for the general Regulation

of - - - - 107

Debts (Small), Recovery of, in the
Sheriffs' Courts - - 24

amending 39 & 40 Geo. III. for

the Recovery of - - 48

Distresses, amending and rendering
effectual lOCar.L for impound-
ing of - - Cap. *43

Dublin to Howth, extending Powers of
Act relative to the Harbours of
Dublin and Holyhead, and the
Road from 100

Duties of Customs, repealing certain,
and granting others - 104

granting - - - 111

Bounties and Allowances, grant-
ing - - - 113

on Spirits distilled in England,

and on Licences for distilling,
repealed; and others granted
in lieu thereof 80

on Sugar imported, annual 9

on Wheat, the Produce of

British America, altering 64

on Wine, Coffee and Hemp, to

reduce - - - 13

East India Company, amending Two
Acts of 58 Geo. III. regulating
the Payment of Regimental
Debts, &c. of Soldiers in the
Service of, and of 4 Geo. IV. for
punishing Mutiny and Desertion
of Soldiers in their Service 61

East Indies. — Regulating the Payment
of Salaries and Pensions of
Judges of His Majesty's Courts
in India, and the Bishop of
Calcutta; authorizing the Trans-
portation of Offenders from
St. Helena; and providing for
the more effectual Administra-
tion of Justice in Singapore and
Malacca, &c. - - 85

Exchequer Bills, raising c£20,000,000
by 2

raising =£10,500,000 - 70

Exchequer (Court), regulating the Pro-
ceedings as to the sealing of
Writs in - - - *55

amending 4 Geo. IV. for better

Administration of Justice on the
Equity Side of - *60

augmenting Salaries of the Chief

Baron of - - 84

Excise. — Duties on Beer, Malt and
Spirits made in Scotland, pro-
viding equivalent Rates of, ac-
cording to the Measure of the

new Imperial Standard Gal-
lon - - - Cap. 58

Excise Flint Glass (Duties and

Drawbacks on) in Great Britain
repealed, and others granted
throughout the United King-
dom, &c. - - 117

— Gold and Silver Plate (Duties

on) transferring the Collection
of, and also on certain Licences
in Great Britain and Ireland,
from the Commissioners of Ex-
cise to the Commissioners of
Stamps - - - 118

Licences, repealed, and others

granted in lieu thereof - 81

Sweets or Made Wines, &c.

Assimilation of Duties on, in
Great Britain and Ireland, and
to continue the Excise Duty on
Sweets or Made Wines in Great
Britain 37

Glebe Lands, amending, &c. 55Geo.IIL
for enabling Spiritual Persons
to exchange their Parsonage
Houses or Glebe Lands - 8

Hemp, to reduce the Duties on - 13
Holyhead, Road from London to, ex-
tending Act for improving,
&c. - - - 100

House of Commons, establishing a Tax-
ation of Costs on Private Bills
in, and prohibiting the Sale of
certain Offices under the Ser-

jeant at Arms of - - 123

Indemnity Act, annual - - 3

Innkeepers, Rates to, for quartering

Soldiers 20

InsolventDebtors'Court enabled to dis-
pense, for a limited Time, with
the Necessity of Prisoners' re-
siding within the Walls, in cer-
tain Cases - - - 121

Ireland, repealing 5 Geo. IV. for the
Survey of - - - *99

Juries (Special), amending the Laws
with respect to - *51

, (Grand), amending 5 Geo. IV.

c. 93. relating to Presentments
by, for Payment of Salaries of
Treasurers and Public Officers
of Counties - *52

Jurors, regulating the Qualification,
Manner of enrolling, and choos-
ing of - - - Cap, 22

and Juries, consolidating and

amending the Laws relative
to - - - - - 50

Justices of Peace in and near the Me-
tropolis, amending Act for the
more effectual Administration of
the Office of - - 21

enabled to borrow Money on

County Rates - - 40

Kent (IT. R. H. the Duchess of), grant-
ing an annual Sum to, for the
Support and Education of the
Princess Alexandrina Vic-
toria 72

King (The), to extend the Provisions
of ,59 Geo. III. concerning cer-
tain Real and Personal Property
of - - - - 17

King's Bench (Court of ), abolishing
the Sale of Offices in, and mak-
ing Provision for the Lord Chief
Justice of - - - 82

authorizing the Purchase of

certain Offices in 89

Land Revenue of the Crown, authoriz-
ing the Application of Part of,
to the Repairs of Buckingham
House 77

Land Tax, to provide for the Applica-
tion of Monies arising in certain
Cases of Assessment of - 32

Leasing-making, restricting the Punish-
ment of 47

Letters, granting Rates of Postage for
the Conveyance of, between
Great Britain and Ireland, by
Way of Liverpool - 28

granting Rates of Postage for

the Conveyance of, to and from
Columbia and Mexico - 44

(Threatening), Amendment of

the Law relative to the Offence
of sending of - - 19

Levant Company, repealing Acts re-
lating to, and transferring their
Possessions and Property to the
Public Service - - 33

Licences (Excise), Duties on, repealed,
and others granted in lieu there-
of - - - - 81

Linen and Hempen Manufactures, re-
gulating - - Cap. *T22

London to Holyhead, improving Road
from, &c ... 100

Lunacy, Idiotcy and Non Compos
Mentis, limiting the Time within
which Inquisitions of, may be
traversed - - 53

Lunatic Poor, amending 1 & 2 Geo.IV.
for establishing Asylums for *54

■ ■ Trustees, &c. consolidating and

amending the Laws relating to
the Conveyance and Transfers
of Estates and Funds vested
in - 74

Malicious Shooting, Prevention of 126

Man (Isle of), empowering the trea-
sury to purchase a certain An-
nuity in respect of Customs le-
vied there, and any reserved
Rights therein belonging to
John Duke of Atholl - 34

regulating the Trade of 115

Marine Forces on Shore, annual Act
for regulating 6

Marriages, solemnized in Churches and
Public Chapels, in which Banns
have not usually been published,
rendered valid 92

Mary-le-bone (Saint), making the
Four Districts in the Parish of,
District Rectories for certain
Purposes - - 124

Master of the Rolls, augmenting the Sa-
lary of - - 84

Mauritius (Island), the Duties and Re-
gulations relating to the British
West India Islands extended to


Measures, to prolong the Time of
Commencement of 5 Geo. IV.
c.74. for Uniformity of, and to
amend the said Act - 12

Merchants' Propert}^ Protection of,
who may enter into Contracts
or Agreements in relation to
Goods, &c. intrusted to Factors
or Agents - - 94

Militia, annual Act for the Pay and
Clothing, &c. of - - 31

Mines, amending Two Acts for re-
moving Difficulties in convicting
Offenders stealing Property in


Mutiny Act, annual - Cap. 5

Naturalization, altering, &c. 7 Jac. I.
requiring that Persons to be na-
turalized or restored in Blood
shall first receive the Sacra-
ment, and take the Oaths of
Allegiance and Supremacy 67

Naval Asylum, Consolidation of, with
Greenwich Hospital - 26

Navy, to make further Provisions for
Payment of the Crews of 18

Commissioners of, enabled to

acquire Land, &c. at Leith, for
a Naval Yard - - 103

Commissioners of, the Corpor-
ation of "Pembroke enabled to
convey to, the Right of letting
Stalls in the Market of Pem-
broke Dock - - 36

New South Wales, regulating the
Power of Justices of Peace in 69

Newspapers, regulating the Convey-
ance of, by Packet Boats, be-
tween Great Britain and Ireland,
and the British Colonies, and
also in the United Kingdom 68

allowed to be printed on larger

Paper, and the Stamp Duties on
Supplements to, reduced 119

Offices and Employments, annual In-
demnity Act for Persons not

duty qualifying for - 3

annual Duties on - 9

Orchards, Gardens and Nursery
Grounds, Protection of Pro-
perty in - - 127

Parliament, regulating the Conveyance
of the printed Votes and Pro-
ceedings in, by Packet Boats
between Great Britain and Ire-
land and the British Colonies,
and also the United Kingdom


Parsonage Houses, amending, &c,
55 Geo. III. for enabling Spi-
ritual Persons to exchange 8

Passengers, regulating the carrying of,
to Foreign Parts - 116

Peers, explaining and amending 6 Anne,
so far as relates to the Trial of,

! for Offences committed in Scot-

t land - - 66

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