"One Hundred Grievances". A Chapter from the History of Pre-Reformation Days; Being the "Centum Gravamina" of the German Princes Assembled at the Diet of Nuremberg, A.D. 1522-1523: Including the "Ten Grievances" of 1511

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Charles Hastings Collette
1869 - 220 pages
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Page 299 - Servants, be subject to your masters with all fear; not only to the good and gentle, but also to the froward.
Page 142 - Scimus in hac sancta sede aliquot iam annis multa ABOMINANDA fuisse abusus in spiritualibus, excessus in MANDATis et OMNIA denique in perversum mutata; nee mirum, si aegritudo a capite in membra, a SUMMIS PONTIFICIBUS in alios inferiores prelatos descenderit.
Page 146 - Proinde nobis certissimam sententiam esse, etiam si ipsi non requirerent, illis nostri pontificatus tempore penitus abstinere, partim ut unicuique ius suum servemus, partim quia aequitas et humanitas exposcit, ut inclytam nationem nostram non solum non offendamus sed etiam peculiares ei favores impendamus. De processibus vero, quos a Rota avocari et ad...
Page 144 - Quanquam nemo mirari debebit, si non statim omnia errata et abusus omnes per nos emendatos viderit : inveteratus nimium morbus est nee simplex sed varius et multiplex: pedetentim in eius cura procedendum est, et prius gravioribus magisque periculosis occurrendum, ne omnia pariter reformari volentes, omnia perturbemus.
Page 144 - Deo in virga furoris sui iudicari velit. Qua in re, quod ad nos attinet, polliceberis nos omnem operam adhibituros, ut primum curia haec, unde forte omne hoc malum processit, reformetur ; ut sicut inde corruptio in omnes inferiores emanavit, ita etiam ab eadem sanitas et reformatio omnium emanet.
Page 284 - Item in locis plerisque episcopi et eorum officiates non solum tolerant concubinatum dummodo certa persolvatur pecunia, sed et sacerdotes continentes, et qui absque concubinis...
Page 85 - Worms, and required them, if Luther did not instantly retract his errors, to destroy him with fire, as a gangrened and incurable member, in like manner as Dathan and Abiram had been cut off by Moses, Ananias and Sappbira by the apostles, and John Huss and Jerome, of Prague, by their ancestors.
Page 83 - Rome, than that of all his own •works. It was read with wonderful avidity and attention by persons of every rank. They were astonished at discovering how contrary the precepts of the Author of our religion are, to the inventions of those priests who pretended to be his vicegerents ; and having now in their...
Page 142 - Quamobrem necesse est ut omnes demus gloriam Deo et humiliemus animas nostras ei, videatque unusquisque nostrum unde ceciderit, et se potius quilibet iudicet quam a Deo in virga furoris sui iudicari velit.
Page 185 - And honour not his father or his mother, he shall be free. Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition.

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