The History of Miss Greville, Volume 1

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P. Byrne, 1787 - English fiction

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Page 290 - Perhaps he is gone to that place " where the wicked ceafe from troubling, and the weary are at reft...
Page 255 - ... cannot extend. Reflect, my beloved friend, with humble gratitude reflect, how far you are yet from reaching the verge of that frightful gulph.
Page 211 - ... may betray you into error, and even danger. The children of misfortune have a claim, not only to fympathy and relief, but to refpect ; becaufe they are peculiarly fenfible to the wounds inflicted by care^flhefs or neglect.
Page 240 - ... anticipate; and which fhall be the portion of the truly good, through ages that fhall never end.
Page 247 - With-hold even from my prayers the means of vice,' Nor let my wifh fulfill'd procure my woe.
Page 238 - But, though cheerfulnefs cannot always be maintained, amidft the unavoidable evils of life, there is a peace that may be ours, even while...
Page 239 - ... the plan of his divine government to complete perfection ; if we believe, that he...
Page 236 - The too" great indulgence of the tender feelings, however, proves often prejudicial to the exercife of the focial virtues. It is only when the former are properly regulated, that they become refpecliable, by leading to the due difcharge of the latter.
Page 18 - Admire that fimplicity of manner, which needs no ornament to render it attra&ive j that affability, which flows directly from the heart ; that humility, which is equally...
Page 230 - Confole yourfelf with the u> nocence and integrity of your heart ; and truft that Being, who is not only powerful to protect, but merciful to fupport fuffering virtue, and who will, at laft, eternally reward it.

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