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I lift mine eyes, and all the windows blaze

With forms of Saints and holy men who died,
Here martyred and hereafter glorified ;

And the great Rose upon its leaves displays
Christ's Triumph, and the angelic roundelays,

With splendour upon splendour multiplied ;
And Beatrice again at Dante's side

No more rebukes, but smiles her words of praises And then the organ sounds, and unseen choirs

Sing the old Latin hymns of peace and love

And benedictions of the Holy Ghost;
And the melodious bells among the spires

O’er all the house-tops and through heaven above
Proclaim the elevation of the Host !



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The glory of Him who moveth everything

Doth penetrate the universe, and shine

In one part more and in another less. Within that heaven which most his light receives

Was I, and things beheld which to repeat

Nor knows, nor can, who from above descends; Because in drawing near to its desire

Our intellect ingulphs itself so far,

That after it the memory cannot go. Truly whatever of the holy realm

I had the power to treasure in my mind

Shall now become the subject of my song. O good Apollo, for this last emprise

Make of me such a vessel of thy power

As giving the beloved laurel asks ! One summit of Parnassus hitherto

Has been enough for me, but now with both

I needs must enter the arena left. Enter into my bosom, thou, and breathe

As at the time when Marsyas thou didst draw

Out of the scabbard of those limbs of his. opower divine, lend’st thou thyself to me

So that the shadow of the blessed realm

Stamped in my brain I can make manifest, Thou'lt see me come unto thy darling tree,

And crown myself thereafter with those leaves

Of which the theme and thou shall make me worthy.
So seldom, Father, do we gather them

For triumph or of Cæsar or of Poet,
The fault and shame of human inclinations,)



That the Peneian foliage should bring forth

Joy to the joyous Delphic deity,

When any one it makes to thirst for it. A little spark is followed by great flame;

Perchance with better voices after me

Shall prayer be made that Cyrrha may respond ! To mortal men by passages diverse

Uprises the world's lamp ; but by that one

Which circles four uniteth with three crosses, With better course and with a better star

Conjoined it issues, and the mundane wax

Tempers and stamps more after its own fashion. Almost that passage had made morning there

And evening here, and there was wholly white

That hemisphere, and black the other part, When Beatrice towards the left-hand side

I saw turned round, and gazing at the sun;

Never did eagle fasten so upon it! And even as a second ray is wont

To issue from the first and reascend,

Like to a pilgrim who would fain return, Thus of her action, through the eyes infused

In my imagination, mine I made,

And sunward fixed mine eyes beyond our wont. There much is lawful which is here unlawful

Unto our powers, by virtue of the place

Made for the human species as its own. Not long I bore it, nor so little while

But I beheld it sparkle round about

Like iron that comes molten from the fire ; And suddenly it seemed that day to day

Was added, as if He who has the power

Had with another sun the heaven adorned. With eyes upon the everlasting wheels

Stood Beatrice all intent, and I, on her

Fixing my vision from above removed, Such at her aspect inwardly became

As Glaucus, tasting of the herb that made him

Peer of the other gods beneath the sea. To represent transhumanise in words

Impossible were; the example, then, suffice

Him for whom Grace the experience reserves.
If I was merely what of me thou newly

Createdst, Love who governest the heaven,
Thou knowest, who didst lift me with thy light!

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