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Certificate from George H. Mumford, Esq., Counsellor at Law, and late Supervisor of the

City of Rochester. I have examined the “Supervisor's Book,” compiled by Ephraim Goss, Esq., for the use and guidance of Supervisors, in the discharge of their various duties. All the statutes bear ing upon the subject, are carefully and judiciously arranged, and the practical directions and forms are calculated to render great assistance to this class of public officers. I have no doubt it will be found to be a useful and valuable book, not only to Supervisors, but to the bar and the public generally.

G. H. MUMFORD. Rochester, September 26, 1849.

Certificate from H. Humphrey, Esq., Counsellor at Law, and one of the Supervisors of the

City of Rochester,
I have examined the above work and fully concur in the foregoing views.

H, HUMPHREY. Rochester, September 26, 1849.

From Hon. Samuel L. Selden, one of the Justices of the Supreme Court. Having given the work above referred to a basty examination, I concur in the opinion expressed by Mr. Mumford.


From N. T. Rochester, Esq., who is now, and has been for the last twelve years, Clerk of

the Board of Supervisors of Monroe County. I have examined the above work of Mr. Goss, and concur in the statement of Mr. Mumford, and would further say that it will be found to be particularly useful to the Clerks of boards of Supervisors, and to new members of such boards.


Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of Monroe County. Rochester, September 26, 1849.

From Isaac R. Elwood, Esq., Counsellor at Law, and late Clerk of the Senate of this state.

From a hasty examination of the Supervisor's Book, prepared by E. Goss, Esq., I believe it will prove to be a convenient book of reference, and very useful to an important class of officers.

ISAAC R, ELWOOD. Rochester, September 26, 1849.

I concur in the above.

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Oath of Office. I do solemnly swear, (or affirm,) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of New York, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of Supervisor of the town of

, and County of according to the best of my ability.

. 1. R. S. 345. Every person chosen or appointed to the office of Supervisor, before he enters on the duties of his office, and within ten days after he shall be notified of his election or appointment, shall take and subscribe before some Justice of the Peace or Commissioner of deeds, the oath of office prescribed in the sixth article of the Constitution of this State. Act of 1838, p. 133.

This oath may also be taken before the Town Clerk. 1. R. S., p. 631, Sec. 76.

It shall be the duty of the Supervisors of every town Reports by in those Counties where all the poor are not a county to the Clerk charge, to report to the Clerk of the Board of Super- of visors, within fifteen days after the accounts of the Overseers of the poor have been settled by the Board of Town Auditors in each year, an abstract of all such accounts for the preceding year, which shall exhibit the number of paupers that have been relieved or supported in such town the preceding year, specifying the number of County paupers and of town paupers, the whole expense of such support, and specifying the allowance made to Overseers, Justices, Constables or other officers, and any other items which shall not comprise any part of the actual expense of maintaining the paupers.

The said abstracts shall be delivered by the Clerk Duty or of the board of Supervisors to the County Superintendents, to be included by them in their report aforesaid.

of the Board.

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Penalty for neglect.

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1. R. S., p. 632, 978. Any Supervisor who shall neglect or refuse to make such reports, abstracts, or copies aforesaid, or who shall wilfully make any false report, shall forfeit one hundred dollars.

Note.-References herein made to the R. S. mean the 1st edition.

Poor Report by Supervisor. The Supervisor of the town of Sweden, in the county of Monroe, reports to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors under sec. 76, title 1, of chap. 20, as follows:

The number of paupers relieved or supported in said town during the year preceding the day of 18 as appears from the accounts of the Overseers of the Poor, was

; of the persons thus relieved the number of County paupers was

; the number of
Town paupers was,
The whole expense of such support was
Allowance to Overseers for support of Coun-

ty paupers,

do. Do.

do. for their services,

do. for transportation of
Do. made to Justices,

to Physicians for medi-
cine and attendance,
Of the whole number of paupers relieved by the
Overseers during the year, they report that there

foreigners ; lunatics; idiots, and mutes. The number of paupers under their charge at the time of auditing their accounts, is stated

of which were males, and females.

Town paupers,



I hereby certify that the foregoing is a correct abstract of the accounts of the Overseers, (or overseer, if there be but one of the Poor, of the town of Sweden, for the year ending on the 18 as the same have been settled by the board of Town Auditors. Dated this day of 18


day of

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