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Ford, James...... { to Navestock, v.


. Coll. Oxf.

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Name. Preferment.

County. Diocese. Patron.
Manningford Abbotts, R.

Wilts Sarum Sir J. D. Astley, Bt.
Best, Hon. Samuel.. Blandford, St. Mary, R. Dorset Bristol
Boultbee, Charles
Blackborough, R.

Devon Exeter Hon.P.C.Wyndham and Bondleigh, R. . Boultbee, Thomas . { and Prior's 'Salford, V.

Warwick WorcesterLady Skipwith
Burn, Edward ....

Birmingham, St. Mary, C. Warwick Lichfield Trustees
to Smethcott, R.

Salop Lichfield
Clare, G. Boodle Wolverhampton, St. George, C.Stafford Lichfield D. of Windsor
Clarke, Joseph
Ilkley, V.

W. York York L. W. Hartley, Esq.
S Stockwell, C.

Surrey Winchest. R. of Lambeth Clissold, Henry

to Chelmondiston, R. Suffolk Norwich Lord Chancellor Davies, Joshua.

s Llanybydder, V. Carmarth.St.David's Lord Chancellor { to Preb. in Coll. Church of Brecon

Bp. of St. David's Davies, Thomas Llanfihangel-Wchwily, C. Carmarth. St.David'sV. of Abergwilly Dowker, Edmund Willerby, V.

E. York York Lord Chancellor ,

Somerset B. &Wells to

Essex London S Gilbee, William .... St. Issey, V.

Cornwall Exeter D. & C. of Exeter Gilbert, George Syston, v.

Lincoln Lincoln Sir J.H. Thorold, Bt. Greswell, William Duloe, R.

Cornwall Exeter Balliol Coll. Oxf. Hayes, Charles North Stoke, R. Somerset B. &Wells Lord Chancellor Hensman, J. ... Clifton, Trinity, C. Gloster Bristol Rowbarrow, R.

Somerset B. &Wells Bp. of Bristol Hesse, J. Legrew

to Knebworth, R. Herts Lincoln Mrs. B. Lytton Hughes, Edward Hardwick, R.

Northam. Peterboro'Rev. E. Hughes Jarratt, John ...... North Cave, V.

E. York York Barton, Esq. Jenkins, John.. Llangua, R.

Monm. Llandaff J.L.Scudamore, Esq. Wimbledon, P.C. Lindsay, Henry

D.&C. of Worc.

Surrey of Worc. to Croydon, V.

Cant. Abp. of Canterbury Lowther, Ponsonby · Corhampton, P. C. Hants Winchest.H.P.Wyndham, Esq.

SD. & C. of Norwich Mann, Charles to Fordham, P.C.

E.R. Pratt, Esq. Morton, James Stockley Pomeroy, R. Devon Exeter The King, this turn Parry, Frederick Boughton, St. Paul, c. Chester Chester

South Stoneham, V.
Richards, C. jun...

Prec. of St. Mary,

Winch. Southampton to Chale, R.

I. Wht.

Rev. C. Richards Richardson, A. H... Llanrythian, P. C. Pemb. St.David's Vic. Chor. of St.Day. Royce, N. Thomas.. Dunterton, R.

Devon Exeter Rev. N. T. Royce

D. & C. of Ely to Loddon,

Norfolk Norwich Bp. of Ely
Stedman, J.
Gosfield, v.

Essex London E.G. Barnard, Esq. Theobald, T. John.. Nunny, R.

Somerset B.&Wells C. Theobald, Esq. Thring, J. G. ...... Bishops Stow, R. Wilts Sarum Sir J. D. Astley, Bt.

Somerset B.&Wells Earl of Egremont Tripp, Charles, D.D. (South Bradon sin. R. {to Kentisbeare, R.


Exeter Hon.P.C.Wyndham Preb, in Cath. Church of Lincoln

Bp. of Lincoln and Gimmingham, R.

with Trunch, R. Turton, Thos. D.D.{ and Somersham, R.

Annexed to Regius with Colne St. Helen,C.8 Hunts Lincoln Prof. of Divinity in Pidley, c.

Camb. (to Preb. in Cath. Church of Peterborough Bp. of Peterborough

Akenham, R. Tyley, James

Suffolk Norwich Miss E. Drury with Claydon, R. Tyrwhitt, James Claines, St. George, C. Worcester WorcesterP. C. of Claines Vaughan, Thomas .. Llandafilog, R.


St.David's Lord Chancellor Whitcombe, Chas. Great Sherston, V.

Wilts Sarum D. & C. of Gloster with Alderton, C.



{ibiston, c.

Norfolk Norw.


}Norfolk Norwich Cath. Hall, Camb.


Wood, William

Preferment. County. Diocese.

Preb. in Cath. Church of St. Pauls
and Fulham, R. & V.
to Coulsdon, R.

Surrey Winchest. Abp. of Canterbury


. London Bp. of London


CLERGYMEN DECEASED. Annesley, Hon. Wm. North Bovey, R. Devon Exeter Tr.of Visc. Courtenay Beachcroft, R. P.. ..Blunham, R.

Beds Lincoln Countess de Gray Boycatt, William.... Beeston, St. Andrew, R. Norfolk Norwich F.R.Reynolds, Esq. Baddingham, R.

Rev. C. Chevallier Chevallier, Clement and Cransford, V. Suffolk Norw. and Ellough, R.

Earl of Gosford (Cley near the Sea, R.

J.W.Tomlinson, Esq. Collyer, Charles .. and Gunthorpe, R. Norfolk Norw.

Rev. C. Collyer with Bale, R. Darke, Richard .... Grafton Flyford, R. Worcester WorcesterEarl of Coventry Eveleigh, William Aylesford, v.

Rochester D. & C. of Rochester and Lamberhurst, V. Gale, George N..... Corfe, P. C.

Somerset B.&Wells F. G. Cooper, Esq. Darlington, P.C. Durham Durham Marq. of Cleveland Gordon, William .. and Speldhurst, R.

Kent Rochester Robt. Burgess, Esq. with Groombridge, C.

Bristol Bristol Lord Chancellor Grevile, E. Colston Bristol, St. Stephen, R.

and Clevedon, V. Somerset B.&Wells Bp. of Bristol Holdsworth, Wm. Ilkley, V.

W. York York L. W. Hartley, Esq. (Preb. in Cath, Church of Peterborough Bp. of Peterborough Lockwood, Richard

and Kessingland, V.
with Lowestoff, V. Suffolk Norwich Bp. of Norwich

? Kent

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Mounsey, William .. Thoresway, R.

Lincoln Lincoln Lord Chancellor Chanc. of Diocese of Chester

Bp. of Chester Parkinson, T. D.D. and Archdeacon. of Leicester

Bp. of Lincoln

with Isley Walton, c. } Leicester Lincoln Christ Coll Camb.


Powell, George Duloe, Ř.

Cornwall Exeter Balliol Coll. Oxf. Price, Morgan S Knebworth, R.

2 und Letchworth, R.

Lincoln R. W. Lytton, Esq. Rees, J. T. A....... Leckhampstead, R. Bucks Lincoln J. Beauclerc, Esq. Royce, William Dunterton, R.

Devon Exeter Rev. W. Royce Preb. in Cath. Church of. Wells

Bp. of Bath & Wells and Henbury, V.

Ld Middleton, Sir J. Trevelyan, Walter . { with Aust. C.

Gloster Bristol Smyth, Bt. E. Coland Northwick, C.

ston, Esq. & Rev.

C. Gore, in rot. and Nettlecombe, R. Somerset B.&Wells Sir J. Trevelyan, Bt. Wise, John S Lillington, V.

Mat. Wise, Esq.

Warwick Lichf. and Marton, V.

{ T.W.Knightley, Esq. Chapl. to Lord Palmerston Wodsworth, Wm. & Sandwich, St. Pet. R. Kent Cant.

SLd Chanc. & Corp.

of Sandwich alt.


Appointment. Bradley, Thomas ............. Fell. of Queen's Coll. Oxf. on the Old Foundation. Eyre, William Urmstone...

Fell. of New Coll. Oxford. Tuckfield, Richard Charles Hippisley Fell. of All Souls' Coll. Oxford




Mr. Henry Edward Wall has been admitted Fellow of New College, being of kin to the Founder,

Brooke William Boothby, B. A. has been admitted Actual Fellow, and Thomas Garnier, S.C. L. (late of Worcester College), Probationary Fellow of All Souls' College.

Rev. John Griffith, Jesus Coll.
John Horne, Exeter Coll.
Francis Forster, Fellow of Wadham Coll.
Rev. John Foley, Fellow of Wadham Coll.
Rev. Henry Brown, Balliol Coll.


The Rev. Joseph Maude, M. A. has been elected a Fellow of Queen's College, on the Michel or New Foundation.

William Edward Naien, Commoner of Queen's College, and John Piggott Munby, Commoner of Lincoln College, have been elected Scholars of Lincoln College ; and Thomas Lewis Trotter has been elected one of Lord Crewe's Exhibitioners in the same Society


Thomas Henry Whipham, Trinity Coll.
Edward Thrupp, Wadham Coll.
Henry Ker Seymer, Christ Church.
Henry Hutton, Wadham Coll.
John Henry Moran, Magdalen Hall.
Wm. Atkinson, University Coll. gr. comp.
Viscount Boringdon, Christ Church.
Griffith Williams, Jesus Coll.
Reginald Smith, Balliol Coll.
Robert Alfred Cloyne Austen, Oriel Coll.
John Thos. Graves, Oriel Coll. incorporated

from Trinity Coll. Dublin.
William Bingham, St. Mary Hall, gr. comp.
Richard Morgan, Jesus Coll.
Henry Crofts, Scholar of University Coll.
Benjamin Harrison, Student of Christ Ch.
Thomas Tancred, Christ Church.
William Cureton, Christ Church.
Septimus Cotes, Wadham Coll.
Samuel Grimshaw, Brasennose Coll.
Edward Owen, Worcester Coll.
John Carter, Fellow of St. John's Coll.
John Wyndham Bruce, Exeter Coll.
Richard Hardy Blanchard, Lincoln Coll.
Peter Barlow, Queen's Coll.
John Campbell, Pembroke Coll.
Harford Brydges, Merton Coll.
Hon. Francis Bernard, Oriel Coll.
Henry William Wilberforce, Oriel Coll.

The Rev. James Carne, Oriel Coll. gr. comp.


With License to practise.
Philip Lovell Phillips, Exeter Coll.

George Cary Elwes, Fell. of All Souls' Coll.
William Mac Ivor, Brasennose Coll.
Rev. Sampson Harris, Exeter Coll.
Nathaniel Goldsmid, Exeter Coll.
William Ellis Wall, Trinity Coll.
Rev. Tullie Cornthwaite, Trinity Coll.
Thomas Collett, Trinity Coll.
Rev. Jasper Peck, Trinity Coll.
Rev. Hugh Robert Thomas, Jesus Coll.
Rev. William Annesley, University Coll.
Rev. Edward Barlee, St. John's Coll.
Rev. John Matthew, Balliol Coll.
Rev. John Ryle Wood, Christ Church.

The Rev. Edward Bourchier, M.A. of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Rector of Bramfield, Herts, has been admitted ad eundem.


and Tutor of Christ College, has been unaThe Rev. George Thackeray, D.D. Pro- nimously elected Master of that Society, vost of King's College, has been elected on the resignation of the Right Rev. Dr. Vice-Chancellor of this University, for the Kaye, Lord Bishop of Lincoln. year ensuing.

Mr Charles Lesingham Smith, B.A. and The Rev. John Graham, B. D. Fellow Mr. Midgely John Jennings, B. A. have

College, Mr. Lodington of Clare Hall, and Mr. Baines of Christ's College, Examiners for the Classical Tripos, 1831.

To appoint Mr. J. Heath of King's College, Mr. Calthrop of Corpus Christi College, Mr. Biley of Clare Hall, and Mr. Baines of Christ's College, Examiners of the Previous Examination, in Lent Term, 1831.

To appoint Mr. Harding of King's College, and Mr. Calthrop of Corpus Christi College, Pro-Proctors for the ensuing year.

To empower the Vice-Chancellor to purchase, of Mr. Gee, a house in Trumpington Street, to complete the site for the Pitt Press.

To affix the University Seal to a petition to the High Court of Chancery, to authorise

alteration in the terms and itions imposed on the Hulsean Lecturer.



H. J. Hayles Bond, C. C. Col. one of the

Physicians to Addenbrooke's Hospital.


The Hon. F. Jarvis Stapleton, Trin. Coll.

son of the Rt. Hon. Lord Le Despencer.


William Hutt, Trinity Coll.
Robert Andrew Riddell, Christ's Coll.
Wm. Geo. Parks Smith, Trinity Coll.
Thomas Bros, St. John's Coll.
Gervas H. Woodhouse, St. John's Coll.

LICENTIATE IN PHYSIC, Edward Augustus Domeier, Trinity Coll.

BACHELORS IN CIVIL LAW. Edward St. John, Downing Coll. Arthur Tozer Russell, St. John's Coll.

been elected Fellows of Christ's College, on the foundation of Sir John Finch and Sir Thomas Baines.

The Rev. Alexander Thurtell, B.A. of Caius College, has been elected a Senior Fellow of that Society.

The Rev. S. B. Dowell, M. A. of St. Peter's College, has been elected a ByeFellow of that Society.

Robert Wm. Bacon, and James Wanklin Dowell, Scholars of King's College, have been admitted Fellows of that Society.

William Hardman Molineux, Esq. B.A. has been elected a Fellow of Clare Hall.

George Robert Tuck, B.A. Scholar of Emmanuel College, has been elected a Foundation Fellow of that Society.

The 'following gentlemen of St John's College have been elected Scholars of that Society : Gaskin Campbell Sandford Jerwood Kennedy, G. J. Sulivan Mann Fearon

Hellyer Vawdrey Francis, H. R. Dixon Earnshaw Johnes

Sherard Bromby Lawson

Cross Potchett Cotterill, C. Golightly. Trentham Hey


The Seatonian Prizes for the present year have been adjudged to the Rev. Richard Parkinson, M. A. of St John's College, and Winthrop Mackworth Praed, Esq. M. A. Fellow of Trinity College. Subject of the poem-The Ascent of Elijah.

The subject of the Norrisian Prize Essay for the ensuing year is— The Proof of the Divine Origin of the Gospel derived from the Nature of the Rewards and Punishments it holds out.

GRACES. Graces to the following effect have passed the Senate :

To appoint Mr. Hanson of Caius College, and Mr. King of Queen's College (Moderators of last year), Mr. Birkett of St. John's College, Mr. Tinkler of Corpus Christi College, Mr. Cape of Clare Hall, and Mr. Currie of Pembroke College, Examiners of the Questionists, in Jan. 1831.

To appoint Mr. Jarrétt of Catharine Hall, and Mr. King of Corpus Christi College, Examiners of the Classical part of the Examination of the 5th and 6th Classes of Questionists.

To appoint Mr. J. Heath of King's College, Mr. Shelford of Corpus Christi

BACHELORS OF ARTS. James Lendrum, Trinity Coll. Rev. Charles Longhurst, Queen's Coll. Rev. Wm. Mason Dudley, Catharine Hall. Stephen Westbrook, Catharine Hall. Gerald Carew, Downing Coll. Alex. H. Fownes Luttrell, Pembroke Coll. Robert Hinde, St. John's Coll. Thomas Bury Wells, Trinity Hall. Cuthbert Orlebar, Christ Coll.

William John Law, M. A. of Christ Church, and Henry Jenkyns, M. A. of Oriel College, Oxford, have been admitted ad eundem of this University.


The first meeting of the Philosophical the organic productions of that island, of Society for the present term was held on which Mr. Lowe has drawn up a systeMonday evening, November 15, the Rev. matic description. After the meeting, Dr. Turton, the President, being in the Professor Whewell gave an account, illuschair. A variety of presents were notified, trated by models, of a mode of constructparticularly the following additions to the ing stone vaults with no centering except Society's collection of birds : specimens of for the diagonal ribs. This process has the Roseate Tern, the Sooty Petrel, and a been revived by Mr. De Lassaux, of Conew species of Swift, from Madeira, pre- blentz, architect to the King of Prussia, sented by the Rev. R. T. Lowe; a Red- and is shewn to have been practised in the necked Grebe, killed in Cambridgeshire, vaulting of churches, &c. by the architects from the Rev. L. Jenyns; a variety of the of the 15th century. Mr. De Lassaux Blackbird, from Dr. F. Thackeray; and a calls it free-handed vaulting (“ aus freier British-killed Spoonbill, from W. Yarrell, hand"), and shews it to be much cheaper, Esq. Also the young of the Kangaroo in lighter, and stronger, than vaulting on a the pouch, attached to the teat, from J. boarded centering. He finds it described M'Arthur, Esq. The following commu- by a French architect, Philibert de L'Orme, nications were made to the Society :- who wrote about 1568; and it is by him A memoir on the equation to curves of the called “ voutes modernes, et à la mode second degree, by Augustus de Morgan, Françoise, que les maistres maçons ont Esq., of Trinity College, Professor of accoustumé de faire aux eglises et logis des Mathematics in the London University ;- grandes Seigneurs." Observations on the Wourali Poison used At a meeting of the Fellows of Christ's by the Macoushi Indians of Demerara, by College, to elect a Master, in the room the Rev. W. Okes, of Caius College, who of the Right Rev. Dr. Kaye, Lord Bishop exhibited a quiver of the arrows, and a of Lincoln, who recently resigned that blow-pipe nine feet long, used in shooting situation, it was unanimously agreed by them; a notice, communicated by Pro- them to present his Lordship with a piece fessor Cumming, from Mr. Edwards, of a of plate, of the value of 5001. from private substance resembling cannel coal, dis- contributions amongst themselves, as covered in digging a canal near Norwich. testimony of their respect, and to mark There was also read the beginning of a their sense of the great advantages which series of observations by Mr. Lowe, on the the Society derived from his Lordship's Natural History of the Island of Madeira; talents and virtues during the time that he the result of an attentive examination of presided over it.

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS. We are sorry to have stirred the bile of “H. A. W.But we must entreat him to consider before he ventures a second attack. “ It surely is a strange objection for a Protestant to urge against a religious rite, that it is not used on occasions where Scripture does not authorise it." True: but we never urged any such objection. We are not of opinion that the rite of extreme unction is authorised by Scripture at all. The unction mentioned by St. James was so far from extreme," that the recipient always recovered. The Romanist, having changed the grounds and nature of the rite, was bound to change the application also. A viaticum is a very different thing from a medicine, natural or miraculous. If necessary, for a person in danger of death, it could matter little whether the scene was the chamber or the battle-field. The ghost in Hamlet speaks correctly (we mean, like “ H. A. W.”. “according to the opinions of the Church of Rome”), when he says he was sent to Hades

“ Unhousell’d, UNANOINTED, unanneal'd,

WITH ALL HIS IMPERFECTIONS ON HIS HEAD;" yet did not Hamlet's father die on a sick-bed, but by the hand of an assassin; nor does it appear why a sudden death by poison should be more perilous to the soul than an exit by the sword of the enemy.

The Life and Writings of Justin Martyr being of sufficient importance to occupy two or three numbers, it is deemed expedient to commence with them in January.

“A Subscriber to the fund in aid of the Clergy Mutual Assurence,” if possible, in our next.

The suggestions of “ Scottish Episcopal Presbyter,” and “J. S.” nearly upon the same subject, shall be taken into consideration.

“ C. S.”-has not been forgotten. We have such opposite documents before us, that must refer him to those who are more skilled in legal points.

A“ Constant Reader" and a “ Middlesex Clergyman" have been received.
We have not yet seen “ Dr. J. W.” or his “ Brother Tom."
R. P. will oblige us in any way that will gratify himself.
The General Index and Title-page will be given in our next Number.


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