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POLITICAL RETROSPECT. DOMESTIC.-The funds have main- tiplication of crime, which has been tained their high prices during the certified by the magistrates from the past month, and consols remain un- bench, and a corresponding corruption usually elevated; but that this is an of the manners and habits of the lower unnatural price, even at the present orders. The augmented number of moment, when monied men can find suicides, and sudden deaths, traceable no employment for their capital, and to this changed system of policy, is therefore vest it in stock as their only truly awful. resource, must be evident even to the It is a gratification, that however most superficial observer; that such a evil-disposed persons may unite togecircumstance has helped to raise them, ther for a time to work mischief, a is indubitable; but that the full effect period will arrive, in which an overis the result of a manœuvre is beyond ruling Providence causes the hidden all doubt. The expected change of things of darkness to be disclosed. the 4 per cents. to 3 per cent.


be This time is now fast approaching, to either the cause or the consequence of that body, formerly designated as the the present state of the funds; we only Roman Catholic Association; and look to the consequence, which is pro- who, though they renounced the name mised to be one of benefit to the in affected compliance with the mannation. We consider the measure un- date of the legislature, still continued just, and like every other unjust mea- banded together, devising further sure, it will produce injury to the means of ruin to their country. These parties who partake of it, and probably persons have disagreed amongst themto many besides. The holders of the

selves, concerning a large sum of stock proposed to be reduced have money, the produce of the Catholic already received their portion; for Kent, and which the treasurer, in whilst the other funds have risen enor- opposition to the request of the commously, theirs has been kept nearly at mittee, refuses either to give up or par; they have therefore been deprived account for: hence aisunion has of their just and equitable due in the arisen, and, in their hasty discord, they corresponding advance, from whatever have accused each other of misdecause that may have sprung. A larger meanours on various occasions, with quantity of 34 per cent. stock must be many other circumstances, all tending created to meet the reduction, the in- to expose the real characters and interest of which will be of less amount tentions of the parties at the head of than that of the stock reduced; but it the Association; which may be a warnought to be remembered, that this in- ing for the future, to easy incredulous crease, if redeemed at par, the only persons, how they suffer themselves to just way of making the estimate, be imposed upon, and made tools of, would cost a much larger sum to effect by artful men, who hide, under a its redemption.

ready flow of high-sounding words, The effects of the new police esta- designs fraught with unutterable woe blishment


to be beneficial to the to our once flourishing and happy peace and safety of the metropolis, but country; for it is in vain to attempt not so much so as to countervail the

disguising that she is fast losing her increase of crime from the increase of claim to that condition. At the comdram-drinking, which is now extended mencement of the year just closed, to an alarming degree. The policy of how different was her situation to our forefathers was to supply the la- what it is on the present New Year'sbouring classes with a wholesome malt day. Then our manufacturers were beverage, at as moderate a price as employed, our commerce was comtimes and circumstances would permit; paratively active, the agricultural porand to restrain the practice of swal- tion of the community had gathered lowing ardent spirits, by taxing them in a plentiful increase, and every highly. Some acts of later admini- prospect wore a smiling appearance. strators have reversed this, and the The legislature met, and intimidated consequence is, an enormous increase by the idle, though loud and boastful in the consumption of spirits-á mul- threats, of this handful of demagogues,

consented, in an evil hour, to sacrifice their duty to their Creator to their fear of His creatures. What is the consequence ? we have dishonoured God, and he has hid his face from us. Hence our commerce is ruined, our manufactories are closed, our farmers have expended much money and labour on crops, which have proved scarcely worth gathering in; and, with the prospect of a hard winter before us, we have an enormous population without employment of any kind, who must, for months at least, struggle through a miserable existence, on the scanty pittance which may be afforded to them by overburdened parishes. The liberals of the age may, and no doubt will, smile contemptuously at the idea of the Deity's wrath being excited, by what he will term just and necessary policy, or that these calamities are the effects of his anger; they will consider them as arising from other sources, looking only to secondary causes, and forgetful that God is the first great cause and mover of every event on earth. But it behoves the Christian Remembrancer to mark the events of God's providence, according to the rules of his will, not by the misrule of liberalism; and they bid us, when we obey his commands, to watch for his protection and blessing as the reward of our obedience; when we despise and neglect them, to look for wrath and punishment.

Let not Christians forget to pray that repentance may be given to the nation, who, through their rulers, have offended Him, if by any means the heavy judgments suspended over us may be softened into a fatherly chastisement; that the correction may not be after our unrighteousness, but according to His great mercy.

PORTUGAL.—In this kingdom every thing has now been for some time perfectly tranquil. It is rumoured that Prince Polignac intends to acknowledge Don Miguel's government, and that his example will be speedily followed by the British Court.

EASTERN EUROPE.-The illness of the Emperor of Russia, at one period assuming an alarming appearance, has been almost the only event, connected with foreign affairs, which can, during the past month, have excited the

slightest degree of interest in the public mind. The death of his Imperial Majesty might have proved fatal to the stability of his empire, and have materially affected the now general tranquillity of Europe. The empire of Russia is composed of such heterogeneous and unconnected materials, united only by the superintending force of a single mind, who, in his turn, depends for his supremacy on the will of a powerful aristocracy, daily increasing in numbers, and becoming better acquainted with their strength, that a civil war would, at any time, lead to its dismemberment, its strength, manifestly, being vastly disproportioned to its bulk; of what value can Lapland or the Tartarian wastes be as provinces; and how very slight is the tenure by which Finland and Poland are attached to Russia Proper! Should the monarchy fall into feeble hands, or the succession be disputed,—both which events would probably follow the demise of the reigning Emperor, Russia would be divided into two or three states,-possibly a greater number,— each perfectly distinguishable from the other by the total difference in their language, manners, and customs; and who, after they had once come to a settlement, would arrive at civilization by a much more rapid progress than they can ever do whilst they remain the remote dependencies of a court, itself but just emerged from barbarism.

The treaty of peace between Russia and Turkey has been officially signed by both parties. An offer has been made by the Porte to Russia, of a considerable portion of territory, for which the latter should remit in part, or entirely, the military contribution which the Sultan's impoverished treasury would never be able to pay.

The proposed territorial cession would, in Asia, comprise the greater part of Turkish Armenia, westward of Erzerouni ; in Europe, Moldavia and Wallachia are offered, -being, in fact, already lost to the Porte: but these, it has been suggested by the neighbouring Courts, should be erected into a separate state, interposing between Russia, Turkey, and Austria, in the same way as Bavaria and Piedmont lie between the latter power and France.




The Chapel of the Royal Hospital of St. Katharine, in the Regent's Park, London, has been consecrated by the Bishop of London, who preached on the occasion.

A new Chapel, called St. Mary's Chapel, in the parish of Funtington, near Chichester, has been consecrated by the Bishop of the Diocese. It is capable of accommodating 130 persons, and was built under the sanction of His Majesty's Commissioners, at the sole expense of Charles Baker, Esq., of Sennicotts, who, having granted the freehold site, has appropriated a sum in Government Funds as an endowment to provide a permanent income for the Minister, and other expenses. The Bishop of the Diocese, the Dean and Archdeacon of Chichester, have united with the Founder as Trustees of the Establishment.

The foundation-stone of a new Church, to be erected at Coleford, a hamlet in the village of Kilmersdon, Somerset, has been laid by J. T. Jolliffe, Esq., Lord of the Hundred.

Bath & Wells
Durham ........
Exeter ..........

Oct. 4. | Hereford Nov, 29. Oxford
Oct. 4. | Lincoln

Sept. 20. Peterborough
Nov. 8. | Llandaf

Sept. 27. | Rochester
Oct. 25. Norwich

Sept. 27. | Salisbury

Oct. 4.
Nov. 1.
Sept. 27.
Oct. 11


Aislabie, William Jolin
Astley, Henry Milles
Avery, John Symons
Barker, Alleyne Higgs
Barrick, Robert
Bassett, Christopher
Batchellor, Edward William
Beauchamp, James
Betts, John
Bewsher, George
Blencowe, Edward Everard
Bowling, William.......
Bowman, John..........
Brown, James Layton...
Bulmer, William Henry Philip
Butler, Thomas
Chapman, Abel...
Chester, George
Child, Vicesimus Knox
Clarke, Henry Danvers
Clarke, John....
Colbeck, William Royde
Cookesley, John Sparke
Crowley, James Campbell
Dukinfield, Charles Egerton

Degree. College. University. By Bishop of

Camb. Norwich
B.A. Corp. Christi Camb. Norwich
B.A. Magd. Hall Oxf. Exeter
B.A. Christ

Camb. Lincoln
M.A. Fell. of Queen's Camb.' Ely

B.A. Christ Church Oxf. Bath & Wells
B.A. Clare Hall Camb. Oxford
B.A. Queen's

Camb. Bath & Wells
B.A. St. Edmund H. Oxf. Norwich
B.A. St. Alban Hall Oxf. Norwich
B.A. Jesus

Oxf. Salisbury
B.A. Clare Hall Camb. Hereford
B.A. University Oxf. Lincoln
St. Bee's Coll.

B.A. St. John's Camb. Hereford
B.A. Queen's

Camb. Ely
B.A. Queen's

Oxf. Oxford
Sidney Sussex Camb. Lincoln
B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Lincoln
B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Exeter
B.A. Emmanuel Camb. Ely
B.A. St. John's Camb. Exeter
B.A. Wadham Oxf. Exeter
B.A. Magd. Hall Oxf. Peterborough


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Degree. College. University. By Bishop of Foley, Richard..

M.A. Fell. of Emman. Camb.

Ely Gibson, Matthew'.

B.A. Trinity


Salisbury Goodwin, James

B.A. Corp. Christi Camb.

Norwich Gunn, John ....

M.A. Exeter


Norwich Hawker, Robert Stephen

B.A. Magd. Hall Oxf.

Exeter Hill, Thomas Barton

B.A. Wadham Oxf.

Oxford Hodgson, John.....

B.A. Fell. of Trinity Camb. Ely Hodgson, John.

B.A. Jesus

Camb. Norwich Hopper, Edmund Hector

B.A. Christ

Camb. Durham Hutchinson, G. H. Hely

M.A. Caius

Camb. Norwich Innes, George

B.A. Trinity

Oxf. Exeter Jones, Robert

St. Bee's Coll.

Durham Lancaster, Thomas Burne

B.A. Merton

Oxf. Lincoln Ley, John

M.A. Exeter

Oxf. Exeter Martin, Richard Fiennes Wykeham . B.A. Trinity

Camb. Rochester Matthews, John

B.A. St. John's Camb. Salisbury Monney, John Deadley

B.A. Queen's

Camb. Norwich Morse, Francis

B.A. Corp. Christi Camb. Norwich Myers, Charles John

M.A. Fell. of Trinity Camb. Ely Newbolt, William Henry

B.A.. Fell. of New Oxf. Hereford Newby, Mark

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Durham Nind, Philip Henry ·

B.A. Stud. Chr. Ch. Oxf. Oxford Nottidge, Henry Pepys

S.C.L. Trinity Hall Camb. Norwich Parker, Charles ...........:

B.A. Queen's Oxf. Lincoln Parker, Franke..

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Exeter Peacock, Edwards

B.A. St. John's Camb. Ely Platt, George

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Norwich Plummer, Seth Burge

M.A. University

Oxf. Bath & Wells Potter, William.................. B.A. St. Peter's Camb. Ely Price, Rice

B.A. Fell. of New Oxf. Hereford Radcliffe, Charles Delmé...

B.A., Magdalene Camb. Lincoln Raven, Wodehouse Berney Atkins.. B.A. Corp. Christi Camb. Ely Riddell, Thomas

M.A. Fell. of Trinity Camb. Ely Ridsdale, William John

B.A., Cath. Hall Camb. Durhan Rigg, George

B.A. St. Peter's Camb. Peterborough Roberts, Henry

B.A. St. Edmund H. Oxf. Bath & Wells Robinson, George Alington.

B.A. Christ

Camb. Lincoln Rolls, Philip Mills

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Durham Russell, Rt. Hon. Lord Wriothesley . M.A. Trinity

Camb. Lincoln Shelford, William Heard..

M.A. Fell. of Emman. Camb. Smedley, Edward Arthur

M.A. Trinity

Camb. Ely Smith, Roger

B.A. Magdalene Camb. Bath Wells Smith, Samuel

B.A. Magdalene Camb. Salisbury Snowdon, John.

B.A. St. John's Camb. Durham Sprigge, William

B.A. St. Peter's Camb. Norwich Steward, Francis

B.A. Trinity Hall Camb. Norwich Stockham, John Henry

B.A. Pembroke Oxf. Exeter Stratton, Geroge William

B.A. Corp. Christi Camb. Lincoln Stuart, Theodosius Burnett ........

M.A. Fell. of Queen's Camb. Ely Sunderland, Samuel......

.......... B.A. Clare Hall Camb. Durham Tatum, William Wyndham ...... B.A. Queen's Oxf. Salisbury Tharpe, Augustus James .

B.A. Christ

Camb. Norwich Tompson, Matthew Carrier ........ B.A. Trinity

Oxf. Lincoln Trenchard, Walter Ashfordby B.A. Trinity

Oxf. Salisbury Vaughan, Henry ................ B.A. Worcester Oxf. Oxford Walpole, Thomas.

B.A. Balliol

Oxf. Norwich Warre, Francis

B.A. Oriel

Oxf. Bath & Wells Webb, Robert Holden

B.A. Christ

Camb. Lincoln Wellington, William......

B.A. Pembroke Oxf. Exeter Whiting, Robert ..........

B.A. St. John's Camb. Norwich Whitworth, Thomas.

B.A. Christ

Camb. Lincoln Williams, Benjamin Thomas ...... B.A. Clare Hall

Camb. Hereford Williams, Edward Pickering B.A. Trinity

Camb. Bath & Wells


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Degree. College. University. By Bishop of Anderson, Mason ....


Salisbury Arlett, Henry

M.A. Fell. of Pemb. Camb. Ely Arthur, George Frederick

B.A. Trinity

Oxf. Exeter Askew, Joseph

M.A. Queen's

Oxf. Oxford Audland, William Fisher..

M.A. Queen's


Oxford Baldwin, Frederick St. Leger ...... B.A. Queen's

Oxf. Rochester Bates, Edward.

B.A. Clare Hall Camb. Ely Bayly, William Goodenough

B.A. Fell. of New Oxf. Hereford Bell, John

B.A. University


Durhamster Blackett, John Alexander

B.A. Christ Ch. Oxf. Norwich Blower, James


Llandaff Bower, Robert

B.A. Jesus

Camb. Bath & Wells Bradstock, Rowland Thomas M.A. University Oxf. Exeter Brown, James Mellor

B.A. Queen's

Camb. Norwich Browne, Henry

M.A. Lincoln

Oxf. Salisbury Buller, Lionel

M.A. Fell. of King's Camb, Norwich Cape, William

B.A. Corp. Christi Camb. Peterborough Chaplin, William

B.A. Queen's

Camb. Norwich Cogswell, Norris ................ B.A. St. John's

Camb. Lincoln Cooper, T. Jennings.

.............. B.A. Corp. Christi Camb. Norwich Corfe, Joseph ............. B.A. New

Oxf. Oxford Dawson, Edward Henry

.......... B.A. Emmanuel Camb. Lincoln Dodd, William

B.A. Christ

Camb. Durham Dudley, Edward

B.A. Worcester Oxf. Peterborough Escott, George Sweet

B.A. Lincoln

Oxf. Salisbury Farwell, William

B.A. Trinity

Oxf. Exeter Fitzmaurice, James

B.A. St. John's Camb. Salisbury Frere, Edward

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Norwich Frobisher, Joseph James.

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Exeter Gun John

M.A. Exeter

Oxf. Peterborough Hales, John Dixon

M.A. Trinity

Camb. Bath & Wells Hankinson, Thomas Edward B.A. Corp. Christi Camb. Norwich Harding, William

B.A. University Oxf. Peterborough Harrison, James Harwood

M.A. Merton

Oxf. Peterborough Hart, Richard

B.A. Trinity

Dublin Norwich Hayes, Charles.

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Bath & Wells Hogge, George

B.A. Corp. Christi Camb. Norwich Hughes, Jenkin

B.A. Jesus

Oxf. Llandaff Hull, John

B.A. Brasennose Oxf. Lincoln Hutchinson, James

M.A. St. John's Oxf. Bath & Wells Huyshe, John

M.A. Brasennose Oxf. Exeter Johnson, John Munnings

B.A. Queen's

Camb. Norwich Jordan, George Colebrook

M.A. Pembroke Oxf. Salisbury Jowlson, John

B.A. Magd. Hall Oxf. Bath & Wells Keeling, William

M.A. St. John's Camb. Ely Kennaway, Charles Edward

M.A. Fell. St. John's Camb. Bath & Wells Leir, William Marriot ............

B.A. Wadham Oxf. Bath & Wells Llewellin, William


Llandaff Manning, Alexander

B.A. Cath. Hall Camb. Lincoln Maude, Joseph

B.A. Fell. of Queen's Oxf. Lincoln Millard, Edward

B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Norwich Morgan, David


Llandaff Morgan, Frederick .......

B.A. St. John's Oxf. Lincoln Morgan, Theophilus..


Llandaff Morgan, Thomas


Llandaff Morshead, William

B.A. Sidney Sussex Camb. Exeter Neate, Arthur

B.A. Trinity

Oxf. Oxford Palairet, Charles

M.A. Fell. of Queen's Oxf. Oxford Philpot, William Doveton

B.A. Lincoln

Oxf. Peterborough Pinneger, Richard Broome.

M.A. Pembroke Oxf. Lincoln VOL. XII. NO. I,


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