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I ascend that throne with a deep fested on so many occasions, for the sense of the sacred duties which de- welfare of my people. volve upon me, with a firm reliance “You have wisely removed the on the affection of my faithful subjects, civil disqualifications which affected and on the support and cooperation of numerous and important classes of my Parliament, and with an humble and people. earnest prayer to Almighty God, that “While I declare, on this solemn he will prosper my anxious endeavours occasion, my fixed intention to mainto promote the happiness of a free and tain, to the utmost of my power, the loyal people.

Protestant reformed religion estab“ It is with the utmost satisfaction lished by law, let me at the same time that I find myself enabled to congra- express my earnest hope that the anitulate you upon the general tranquil- mosities which have prevailed on aclity of Europe. This tranquillity it count of religious distinctions may be will be the object of my constant en- forgotten, and that the decision of deavour to preserve; and the assur- Parliament, with respect to those disances which I receive from my allies, tinctions, having been irrevocably proand from all foreign powers, are de- nounced, my faithful subjects will unite clared in a similar spirit.

with me in advancing the great object “I trust that the good understand- contemplated by the legislature, and ing which prevails upon subjects of in promoting that spirit of domestic common interest, and the deep concern concord and peace which constitutes which every state must have in main- the surest basis of our national strength taining the peace of the world, will and happiness. insure the satisfactory settlement of “You have wisely availed yourselves those matters which still remain to be

of the happy opportunity of general finally arranged.

peace and internal repose calmly to “ Gentlemen of the House of Com

review many of the laws and judicial

establishments of the country, and you mons--I thank you for the supplies which you have granted, and for the

have applied such cautious and wellprovisions you have made for the se

considered reforms as are consistent veral branches of the public service

with the spirit of our venerable instiduring that part of the present year

tutions, and are calculated to facilitate which must elapse before a new par

and expedite the administration of liament can be assembled. I cordially justice. congratulate you on the diminution which has taken place in the expendi- the speech, our sentiments on the

With regard to the latter part of ture of the country, on the reduction

subject are too well known to our of the charge of the public debt, and

readers to require any repetition, and on the relief which

have afforded

founded as we trust they are on true to my people by the reduction of some

Christian principles, we cannot and of those taxes which have heretofore

must not alter them; and whilst we pressed heavily upon them. You may

are thaukful for the royal declaration rely upon my prudent and economical

in favour of the Protestant reformed administration of the supplies which

religion, must heartily pray that you have placed at my disposal, and

neither our King nor his people may upon my readiness to concur in every

find that the first and greatest step diminution of the public charges which

towards overthrowing it, as a National can be effected consistently with the

Church, has been already taken. dignity of the crown, the maintenance of national faith, and the permanent

Every personal action of the Soveinterests of the country.

reign since his accession has been

such as was likely to insure his popu“My Lords and Gentlemen,—I can

larity. His affable manners, the not put an end to this session, and take plainness and publicity of his habits, my leave of the present Parliament, and the cordiality which exists bewithout expressing my cordial thanks tween him and the other members of for the zeal which you have mani- the royal family, are well calculated to gain him the affections of his who were shipwrecked at landing people.

were all found safe in the fort. The The country is already busy with Dey has chosen Leghorn as his future electioneering movements. Vast ef- residence; the Moors and Jews are forts are making to influence the desirous to return to Syria, and the boroughs, and buy up the venal por- unmarried Turks wish to emigrate. tion of them, whilst a greater spirit This victory is a triumph to civilizaof independent resistance has been tion, in which all Christendom ought offered than has been ever known, to rejoice ; the piratic powers of and it is calculated that nearly a third Barbary should be wholly crushed, of the late House will not be re- and for ever; their existence down to elected, producing a greater change so late a period has long been a disthan has taken place for a century in grace to Europe, and as for the exthe composition of the house. Almost clusive advantage to be derived by every borough that can be opened France from her conquest, it is of little will be attempted, and it may be importance to us: the French have hoped that the electors will do their never been successful in colonizaduty and return a body of men deter- tion, nor is the territory which their mined to support to the utmost of arms may win in Africa an unpeopled their endeavours, the interests of the waste for them to manage without country.

opposition. The Bey of Titeri, the France.—The French army had southern province of the kingdom of an action with the Algerine forces at Algiers, has indeed offered the subSidi Kali, on the 21st of June, in mission of himself and his people, and which the French were victorious Count Bourmont intimates his expecafter a sharp conflict, losing how- tation that the Beys of the remaining ever upwards of five hundred men in provinces will imitate this example ; killed and wounded. The Algerines but private accounts to the contrary retreated within the walls in great have reached Paris, which agree in confusion, having suffered very se- stating that the Bey of Constantine verely in the engagement; but on alone has an army of fifty thousand Count Bourmont preparing to open

It is therefore very probable batteries upon the town, it surren- that the French army will yet have dered at discretion. The town being to fight and conquer before they can badly provisioned, a sedition broke be masters of the states of Barout among the populace, the Moors bary. and Arabs declaring that they would In France the progress of the elecnot sacrifice their lives and property tions continues very unfavourable to for the Turks; whilst the Turks government: there now appears every hoped by capitulation to save their probability of the liberal opponents of private wealth, with which they could the ministry having a very decided enter into the service of the Sultan; majority in the chambers. This asand both parties agreed in threatening pect of affairs has given rise to reports the Dey in case he continued to hold of immediate ministerial changes, but out. These reasons, combined with the intelligence of the surrender of a continued cannonade from the Algiers must add to the power of the squadron, sufficiently account for the existing administration, and render prompt submission of Algiers. Twelve their continuance in office more cerships of war, fifteen hundred pieces of tain. The French have ever been a brass cannon, together with the mili- people easily dazzled by military tary and naval arsenals well stored glory, and ready to sacrifice every with arms and ammunition, became

thing for it. the prize of the captors; the prisoners




NEW CHURCHES. The foundation-stone has been laid of an intended New Church at Todmorden, in the Parish of Rochdale, Lancashire.

New Churches have been consecrated at the following places :

Bowers Gifford, Essex; Liverpool, St. Augustine in Shaw Street; Netherton, in the Parish of Dudley, Worcestershire.

Grape, Richard
Gunn, John
Hall, H. B.
Hall, T. G.
Hazell, William
Image, John
Smith, Frederick
Wix, Edward..


Chapl. to Berkeley's Hospital, Worcester.
Chapl. to H. R. H. the Duke of Sussex.
Head Mast. of Grammar School, Risley, Derby.
Mathemat. Profess. of King's Coll. London.
Head Mast. of Grammar School at Portsmouth.
Fell. of Dulwich Coll.
Mathemat. Profess. of E. I. Coll. at Haileybury, Herts.
Archd. of St. John's, Newfoundland.

County. Diocese.

Patron. Allwood, Robert Minor Can. in Cath. Church of Bristol D. & C. of Bristol Attwood, Francis T.. Butterleigh, R.

Devon Exeter Lord Chancellor Bathurst, Hon. C. .

Lincoln Lincoln Lord Chancellor ŞLimber, V. to Southam, R.

Warwick Lichfield The King Bliss, Philip, D. C. L. Avening, R.

Gloucest. Gloucest. Heirs of Rev. T.

Brooke Cartwright, S. R. Aynhoe, R.

Northam. Peterb. W.R.Cartwright, Esq. Gleed, George Chalfont, St. Peter, V. Bucks Lincoln St. John's Coll. Oxf. Gwyn, T. Bevan St. Ismael, V.

Caermar. St. David's Lord Chancellor Hay, Rt.Hon.LordT. Rendlesham, R. Suffolk Norwich The King Holroyd, J. John Abberton, R.

Essex London Lord Chancellor (Castle Martin, V. with Flimston, C.

Bp. of St. David's Jones, David

Pemb. St.David's
to Crinow, R.
with LlandewiWelfrey, V.

Lord Chancellor Keppel, W. A. W... Brampton, R.

Norfolk Norwich R. Marsham, Esq. Larking, Lambert Ryarsh, V.

Kent Rochester Hon. J. W.Stratford Lear, Francis.... Preb. in Cath. Church of Sarum

Bp. of Sarum Macalpine, W. H... Kirton, C.

Lincoln Lincoln (Malden, All Saints, V.

London Rev. C. Matthew Matthew, Charles .. & St. Peter, V.

Essex to St. Mary, R.

Canterb. D. & C. of Canterb.
Chilton-on-Poldon, C.
Penn, T. Gordon..

SP.of Glast.

Vic, of Moorlinch and Edington, C.

B. & Wellss
Phipps, E. James .. Stoke Lane, P.C. Somerset B.&Wells Vicar of Doulting
Powell, J.T....... Stretton-on-Dunsmore, V. Warwick Lichfield Rev. H. T. Powell
Tatum, W.Wyndham Salisbury, St. Martin, R. Wilts Sarum W. Wyndham, Esq.
Threlkeld, P....... Milbourne, C.

Westmorl.Carlisle Earl of Thanet
SLockington, R.

Wilts Sarum Rev. J. Turner, &c. Turner, John

to hold by disp. Horton, R. Gloucest. Gloucest. Mrs. Brooke Wilberforce, Samuel. Brixton, R.

I. of Wht. Winchest. Bp. of Winchester Wingfield, E. Oldfield Tickencote, R.

Rutland Peterboro'J. Wingfield, Esq.



Norfolk Norwich

CLERGYMEN DECEASED. On the 9th instant (at the house of his son, the Rev. Stuart Majendie, at Longdon, near Lichfield), the Right Rev. WILLIAM HENRY MAJENDIE, D.D. Lord Bishop of Bangor, in the seventy-sixth year of his age. He was consecrated to the see of Chester in the year 1800, and to that of Bangor in 1809. His Lordship was formerly Fellow of Christ College, B. A. 1776, M. A. 1785, D. D. 1791. Name. Preferment. County. Diocese.

Abbott, T. Jessopp.. Loddon, V.

Norfolk Norwich Bp. of Ely
Barlee, William B..
S Bedingfield, v.

Suffolk Norw.

SJ.J.Bedingfield, Esq. 2 and Wrentham, R.

Miss Buckle
Brock, John Bidborough

Kent RochesterC. Elliott, Esq.
Archd. of Ely

Bp. of Ely
Browne, J. Henry.

& Cotgrave, 1stMediety, R.

2d Mediety, R. Notts York Earl Manyers
and Eakring, R.
Felmingham, V.

Bp. of Norwich Church, Joseph and Frettenham, R.

Lord Suffield with Stanninghall, R. Clapp,

s Long Benton, v. Northum. Durham Balliol Coll. Oxford

f St. Giles on Heath, C. Cornwall Exeter C. Rashleigh, Esq. Clare, Thomas

.... Great Staughton, V. Hunts Lincoln St. John's Coll. Oxf. Clough, R. Butler .. Corwen, V.

Merion, St. Asaph Bp. of St. Asaph Linkenholt, R.

Hants Winchest.Mrs. Worgan

Colson, T. Morton

and Pillesden, R.
with Stratton, C.

and Charminster, C.
Cook, Thomas Wickwar, R.

Gloucest. Gloucest. Rev. T. Cook
Akenham, R.

Rev. G. Drury Drury, George. with Claydon, R.

Suffolk Norw. and Whitton, R.

. (with Thurlton, R. Filmer, William Heyford Purcell, R. Oxford Oxford Corp. Chr. Coll. Oxf. Chickerell, R.

Bristol Lord Bolton Gorton, William

Dorset P.of D.of? and Sherborne, V.

Sarum $

The King
Lloyd, Richard

Llaneugrad, R.
with Llanallgo, C.
Higham Ferrers, V.

with Caldecot, C. Malim, G. W. and Chelveston, C. Northam. Peterb. Earl Fitzwilliam

8 Irthingborough, AllSts.R.

St. Peter, V.
Oakes, Charles
S Kemberton, R.

Lichfield Mrs. Sarah Oakes

S Polehampton, Edw.. Great Greenford, R. Middles. London King's Coll. Camb. Price, William Alderminster, V. Worcester WorcesterLord Chancellor Scott, G. Wyndham. Kentisbeare, R.

Devon Exeter Hon. P.C.Wyndham Townsend, Å. Law- Bishops Cleeve, v.

Gloucest. Pec. Rev. Dr. Townsend rence, D. D..... with Stoke Orchard, C. Whalley, Thomas Ecton, R.

Northam. Peterboro'Rev. T. Whalley Preb. in Cath. Church of Sarum

Bp. of Sarum

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P. of D. } J. Trenchard, Esq.

of Sarum}


} Anglesea Bangor Bp. of Bangor

Whish, J.Kedington { & Gloucester, Chr.Ch. P.C. Gloucest

. Gloucest. Trustees

Ferrers, Proby John
Haviland, James
Hinckes, Josiah
Mackintosh, John Frederick Serle.
Smale, John Irving.

Beddington, Surrey.
Bath, late Fell. of New Coll. Oxford.
Tettenhall Wood, near Wolverhampton.






John Hardwick, Esq. Balliol Coll.


ELECTIONS. The nomination of the Rev. Robert Isaac Wilberforce, M. A. Fellow of Oriel College, as a Public Examiner in Literis Humanioribus, has been approved in Convocation.

Mr. Travers Twiss, B.A. Bennet Scholar of University College, has been elected Fellow on the same foundation.

The Rev. Andrew Bloxam and the Rev. Charles Collyns Walkey, Scholars of Worcester College, have been admitted Fellows of that Society.

Henry John Maddock, of Wadham, and James Fox Longmire, of Worcester College, have been admitted Scholars of Worcester, on the foundation of Mrs. Eaton.

Messrs. Arthur Philip Dunlop and Robert William Browne have been admitted Fellows of St. John's College; and Mr. Henry James Farington, Scholar of that Society.

At the election at Exeter College, Edward Fanshawe Glanville, B. A. of that Society, was elected a Fellow, on the Archdeaconry of Cornwall Foundation ; and Charles Lewis Cornish, Exhibitioner of Queen's, a Fellow on the Devon Foundation.

The following gentlemen have been elected at Wadham College

Probationary Fellows. — William Hill, B. A. of kin to the Founder; Rev. James Peter Rhoades, M.A.; Thomas Vores, M.A. and Tutor; and John Griffiths, B. A. all Scholars of the above Society.

Scholars. — James Philip Keigwin, of kin to the Founder, Cominoner of Wadham College; Thomas Brancker; Charles Maule; Alfred Lloyd; Charles Badham; and Orlando Bridgman Hyman.

Edmund Pepys, Oriel Coll. Grand Comp.
James Corry Connellan, Oriel Coll.
Rev. Thomas Morgan, Jesus Coll.
Samuel Lilley, Jesus Coll.
Rev. Thomas Hutton, Magdalen Coll.
John Malcolm, Christ Church.
Rer. Thomas Woodruffe, St. John's Coll.
Samuel Hingeston, Lincoln Coll.
Rev. Thomas Hand, Trinity Coll.
Ralph Etwall, Trinity Coll.
Rev. W. Ashforby Trenchard, Trinity Coll.
Thomas Tyers, New Coll. Grand Comp.
James C. Dowdeswell, Stud. of Christ Ch.
William M. Du Pre, Christ Church.
William Platt, Brasennose Coll.
Rev. William Bannerman, Brasennose Coll.
Rev. James Maingy, Pembroke Coll.
Rev. W. Henry Landon, Worcester Coll.
Rev. C. Rodwell Roper, St. John's Coll.
W.J. Browne Angell, Queen's Coll.
Rev. St. Vincent L. Hammick, Exeter Coll.
E. F. Glanville, Fell. of Exeter Coll.
Rev. Charles Cutts Barton, Christ Church.
Rev. Percival Bowen, All Soul's Coll.


Alfred Fisher, St. Alban Hall.
John Cunningham, University Coll.
Thomas Lewis Williams, University Coll.
The Rt. Hon. Visc. Grimston, Christ Ch.
Richard Ellison, Christ Church.
John Edwards, Christ Church,
Henry A. Gilbert, Exeter Coll.
George Atkinson, Queen's Coll.
George Burdett, Corpus Christi Coll.
Robert Wells Whitford, St. Edmund Hall.
Rev. R. H. Beaumont Lee, Lincoln Coll.



HONORARY DOCTORS IN CIVIL LAW. General the Lord Viscount Combermere,

G.C.B. &c. &c. Capt. Sir Thomas Fellows, R. N. C. B.

Member of the Legion of Honour, &c. &c. John Shute Duncan, Esq. M. A. and late

Fellow of New Coll.

By accumulation.
The Rev. William Carwithen, of St. Mary

Hail, and Rector of Manaton, Devon.

At St. George's, Hanover Square (by the Rev. Richard Huntley, Rector of Boxwell, Gloucestershire), the Rev. Webster Huntley, M. A. Fellow of All Souls' College, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Richard Lyster, Esq. M. P. of Rowton Castle, Shropshire.

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