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arisen between the royalist and ultra sary to the security of that part of the royalist parties. The latter are at- state, and that the three Allied Powers tached to M. Villele, to the Jesuits, shall furnish him with pecuniary assisthe inquisition of the press, and are tance till his government shall be warmly opposed to the charter; whilst enabled to devise means for supporting the royalists, of whom M. Polignac is itself. These points have been satisthe leader, are favourable to the charter, factorily arranged, and during the to free institutions, to the liberty of next seven years the Prince is to rethe press, as far as can be possibly ceive from the three powers an annual allowed in France, and to limitations sum, which may enable him to pay on the absolute power of the sovereign, the interest of any loan he may be which the ultra party would willingly necessitated to contract, as well as to bestow on Charles X.

fulfil the conditions of those previously Greece.—Prince Leopold has for- contracted. This sum is estimated at mally notified his acceptance of the a total amount of one million and a sovereignty of Greece, merely stipu- half sterling, a seventh part of which lating that the Allied Powers shall the Prince is to receive annually. undertake to guarantee the new state South AMERICA. - Letters from from aggression by any foreign power, Valparaiso give sanguine hopes of a and in case of such an event, shall speedy restoration to tranquillity. The grant succours to that country; that contending armies had entered into there shall be perfect liberty of con- a treaty, both generals yielding their science allowed in those islands that authority to Freyere, who was to are to be restored to the Porte, to the appoint a junta of three; and this junta Greek inhabitants residing in them; was to summon a delegate from each that the western frontier may be con- district, who should inquire if the tinued along a line which he points former government violated the charout, considering it indispensably neces- ter.


NEW CHURCHES. The foundation-stone has been laid of an intended New Church, at each of the following places :

BRIGHOUSE, in the parish of Halifax, Yorkshire, by the Vicar of Halifax. Under the direction of his Majesty's Commissioners for the building of additional Churches.

CLECKBEATON, in the parish of Birstall, near Leeds, Yorkshire, by the Vicar of Birstall. Under the direction of bis Majesty's Commissioners for the building of additional Churches.

DOWNEND, in the parish of Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire. The building is to contain 1024 sittings, 251 in pews, and 773 free, and to be erected by voluntary contributions, including a donation of 10001. by the Incorporated Society for the Enlargement and Building of New Churches and Chapels.

Halifax, Yorkshire, by the Vicar. Under the direction of his Majesty's Commissioners for the building of New Churches.

HAMPTON, Middlesex, by his Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence.

HeckMONDWICKE, in the parish of Birstall, near Leeds, Yorkshire, by the Vicar of Birstall. Under the direction of his Majesty's Commissioners for the building of additional Churches.

WIDCOMBE, near Bath, by the Bishop of the Diocese.

Name. Atkinson, John Cooper, William Griffith, R. C.


Domestic Chapl. to the Earl of Mexborough.
Chapl. in Ordinary to his Majesty.
Domestic Chapl. to the Marquis of Bath.


PREFERMENTS. The King has been pleased to order a congé d'élire to pass the Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, empowering the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Exeter, to elect a Bishop of that See, the same being void by


the translation of the Right Reverend Father in God, Doctor WILLIAM CAREY, late
Bishop thereof, to the See of St. Asaph; and his Majesty has also been pleased to
recommend to the said Dean and Chapter, the Right Reverend Father in God, Doctor
CHRISTOPHER BETHELL, now Bishop of Gloucester, to be by them elected Bishop of the
said See of Exeter.
Name. Preferment.

County. Diocese. Patron.
Preb. in Coll. Church of Southwell

Ahp. of York
Barrow, W. D.C.L. & Waltham, All Saints', R. Lincoln Lincoln Coll. C. of Southwell

and North Wingfield, R. Derby Lichfield R. Collett, Esq. to Archd. of Nottingham

Abp. of York Brereton, Thomas .. Steeple Morden, V. Camb. Ely New Coll. Oxf. Commins, J. E..... North Shoebury, V. Essex London Lord Chancellor Domville, H. Barry, Pencombe, R.

Hereford Hereford Sir C. Domville, Bt. Estcourt, E. H. B.. Wolford, v.

Warwick Worcester Merton Coll. Oxf. {with Burmington, C. Eyre, W.T. Padbury, V.

Bucks Lincoln Lord Chancellor Hall, John Cecil Offham, R.

Kent Rochest. Lord Chancellor SPreb. in Cath. Church of York

Abp. of York Hawkins, Charles . Zand Kelston, R. Somerset B.&Wells Sir J.C.Hawkins, Bt.

to Can. Res. in Cath. Church of York Abp. of York

Norwich, St. Simon and Norfolk Norwich Bp. of Norwich Holloway, Charles . St. Jude, R.

to Stanford Dingley, R. Berks Sarum Rev. E. Valpy, D.D. Jenkins, Henry .... Stanway, R.

Essex London Magd. Coll. Oxf.

Gloster Gloster V. of Standish Jones, John Fowell (Saul, P. C. to Gwernesney. R. Monm. Llandaff Duke of Beaufort

(Preb. of St. Marg. Irvine, Andrew Leicester, St. Margaret, V. Leicester Lincoln Leicester, in Cath.

Church of Lincoln Lance, John Edwin . Buckland, St. Mary, R. Somerset B.&Wells Lieut.-Gen. Popham Law, P. Comerford

SHawkshead, P. C. Lancaster Chester SChancellor of the D.

to North Repps, R. Norfolk Norwich 7 of Lancaster Mason, Christopher. Bramfield, V.

Suffolk Norwich Lord Chancellor Ness, J. B. Morthoe, V.

Devon Exeter D. & C. of Exeter Reynolds, Charles . Horningtoft, R.

Norfolk Norwich F. R.Reynolds, Esq.
Ito Little Brandon, R.
Rowlandson, John.

SShap, v.
to Mansergh, C.

Chester V.of Kirkby Lonsdale Sherson, Robert Yaverland, R.

I.of Wight Winchest. Mrs. Atkins Wright Shipton, John N. Hinton Blewett, R. Somerset B.&Wells G. Johnson, Esq. Southwell, M. R. St. Alban's, St. Stephen, V, Herts London Alfred Fisher, Esq.

Norfolk Norwich Earl of Winterton Turnour, Hon. A.A. ŞBisthorpe, v.

to Melton Parva Norfolk Norwich Bp. Norwich, by lapse Walford, Ellis Dallinghoe, R.

Suffolk Norwich Edward Moor, Esq. Westeneys, Charles . Babworth, R.

Notts York Hon. J. B. Simpson

Westm. { Carlisle Earl of Lonsdale

Cokburn, L. D. H.. SEtwall

, v.

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W. York York
SBroughton, V.
Bardgett, Joseph.. and Melmerby, R.

Christ Church, Oxf.

Cumb. Carlisle P. Pattinson, Esq. Clark, Isaac Dallinghoe, R.

Suffolk Norwich Edward Moor, Esq.

SThe King, for this and Norton-in-Hales, V. Salop

turn Chancellor of Cath. Church of Hereford

and Preb. in Cath, Church of Hereford Cove, M. D. C. L. .

Pec.of D.

Bp. of Hereford & Bishop's Eaton, R. Heref.

of Heref. Preb. in Cath. Ch. of Sarum

Bp. of Sarum Davis, Thomas.... 3&Fisherton Delamere, R. }

Wilts Sarum

(John Davis, Esq. ŠSalisbury, St. Martin, R.)

H.P.Wyndham, Esq. Helmsley-on-Black - Moor, V.)

Lord Feversham Dixon, George and Kirkby Cold, D.

N. York York and Kirkdale, P. C.

University of Oxf.



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}Bucks Lincoln {
Suffolk Norwich {


Name. Preferment.

County. Diocese. Patron.
Archd. of Nottingham
and Can. Res. in Cath. Church of York Abp. of York

and Preb. of Coll. Church of Southwell
Eyre, John
and Babworth, R. Notts York

Hon. J. Simpson and Beelsby, R.

Lincoln Lincoln Southwell Coll. Ch. and Headon, sin. R. Notts You A. H. Eyre, Esq.

Christ Church, Oxf. Eyre, William and Padbury, V.

Lord Chancellor
Rendlesham, R.

The King
Henley, Cuthbert
Y and Wantesden, P. C.

N.Barnardiston, Esq. Jowett, Henry Little Dunham, R. Norfolk Norwich E. Parry, Esq. Nugent, George

Chapl. in Ordinary to his Majesty and Bygrave, R.

Herts Lincoln Marq. of Salisbury Vachell, John Litileport, V.

Camb. Ely

Bp. of Ely Williams, Harry Goodrich, V.

Hereford Hereford Bp. of Hereford Williams, William .. Llanaelhaiarn, R. Carnarv. Bangor Bp. of Bangor

SEllisfield, R.
Willis, Thiomas 38 Clatford, Upper, R. Hants Winchest. R. Willis, Esq.

and Lower, C.
Stapleford, v.

Leicester Lincoln

Earl of Harborough Wingfield, Thomas. Žand Teign, R.

Rutland Peterb. and Tickencote, R.

J. Wingfield, Esq. Cockington, C.

Rev. R. Mallock Yonge, James S. Stockley Pomeroy, R. Devon Exeter

Bp. of Exeter (and Tormoham, c.

Rev. R. Mallock





Residence or appointment.
Alderson, John...

Curate of Blyton, near Gainsborough.
Delannoy, Thomas

East Langdon, Essex.
Dwarris, Charles Augustus Everton, Beds.
M'Guire, William

Chapl. to Liverpool Parish Workhouse.
Purton, William Christopher .. Curate of Nailstone, Warwickshire.
Williams, W. B.

Minister of Ram’s Chapel, Homerton.




In Convocation, the Proctors of the past

The Rev. Thomas Griffiths, M. A. Fellow

of Wadham Coll. year, Mr. Round, of Balliol, and Mr. Thorp, of Corpus, resigned the insignia of

The Rev. John Henry Newman, M. A. their office into the hands of the Vice

Fellow of Oriel Coll. Chancellor, after which the new Proctors,

The Rev. Frederick Ackers Dawson, M.A. having been presented by the Heads of

Brasennose Coll. their respective Colleges, according to the

The Rev. Richard Harington, M. A. Felform prescribed by the statute, were seve

low of Brasennose. Coll. rally admitted, and took the oaths of office.

Edward Blencowe, B. A. Scholar of

Wadham Coll., and Clement Greswell, B.A. SENIOR PROCTOR.

Scholar of Corpus Christi Coll., have been

elected Fellows of Oriel Coll. The Rev. Joseph Dornford, M. A. Fellow

The following gentlemen have been of Oriel Coll.

elected Fellows of Merton Coll.:--Hon.

James Stuart Wortley, B.A. Christ Church; JUNIOR PROCTOR.

Edmund Walker Head, B. A. Oriel Coll.; The Rev. Thomas Townson Churton, M.A. and Frederick Calvert, B. A. Student of Fellow of Brasennose Coll.

Christ Church.

CONGREGATIONS. Congregations will be holden for the purpose of granting Graces and conferring Degrees on the following days in this Term; viz. April, Wednesday, 21-Thursday, 29.May, Thursday, 6–Thursday, 13—Wednesday, 19—Friday, 28.

Rey. John Usborne, University Coll.
Rey. P. H. Lee, Fell. of Brasennose Coll.
H. Darrell Stephens, Fellow of New Coll.
Rev. Samuel Brett Shirreff, Wadham Coll.
Rev. John Fox, Queen's Coll.



Rev. Thomas Bullock, St. Alban Hall.
Sackville George Casement, Christ Church
John Pearson, Magdalen Hall.
Richard Briscoe, Jesus Coll.
Henry Iltid Nicholl, St. John's Coll.
William Thomas Marychurch, Edmund H.
Thomas Mount Fallow, Edmund Hall.


Rev. Frederick Benjamin Twisleton, Pre-

bendary of Hereford, late Fellow of
New Coll.

Edward Greswell, Fell. of Corp. Chr. Coll.
James Thomas Round, Fellow of Balliol

Coll., and Robert Alder Thorp, Fellow
of Corpus Christi Coll. (the late Proctors.
of the University.)

Rev. George Huddleston, Merton Coll.
Francis Jeune, Scholar of Pembroke Coll.
Other Phillpott, St. John's Coll.
Rev. Henry Wrightson, Queen's Coll.

Grand Comp.
Charles Pocock, Christ Church.
C. P. Golightly, Oriel Coll. Grand Comp.
Rev. William George Dymock, Exeter Coll.

Grand Comp.

At St. George's Church, Hanover Square, London, by the Rev. John Ballard, the Rev. Edmund Hiley Bucknall Estcourt, M. A. Fellow of Merton Coll. son of T. G. Bucknall Estcourt, Esq. M. P. for this University, of Estcourt, in the county of Gloucester, to Anne Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late Sir John Johnstone, Bart., of Westerhall, in the county of Dumfries, and of Lady Johnstone, the wife of Major Weyland, of Woodeaton House, the present High Sheriff of Oxford.


At a Court of Directors of the Hon. Edward Hayes Pickering, B. A. of

East India Company, James Amiraux Trinity Coll., has been admitted a Fellow Jeremie, Esq. M. A. Fellow of Trinity of St. John's Coll., on the nomination of Coll., has been unanimously elected to the Lord Bishop of Ely.

the Professorship of Classical and General John Bailey, John Harrison Evans, Literature, at the East India College, Thomas Lund, John Charles Snowball, Hailey bury, vacant by the death of the Henry Almack, and George Langshaw,

Rev. Edward Lewton. Bachelors of Arts, of St. John's Coll., have been elected Foundation Fellows of that

At a meeting of the Philosophical SoSociety. Bell's. Scholarships. — The election has

ciety, the Rev. Professor Sedgwick, Vicebeen determined as follows:

President, being in the chair, a notice

by Mr. Miller, of St. John's, was read, A. W. Chatfield, Trin. Coll.

on the measurements of certain crystals

found in the slags of furnaces at Merthyr J. H. Howlett, St. John's 2 James Dimock, St. Johu's

Tydvil and at Birmingham. The form

#. Parker Cookesley, Ifial.c.} 3d year.

and angles of these crystals were ascerThe following gentlemen of Trinity Coll.

tained to be the same as those of olivine; have been elected Scholars of that So

and agree, therefore, with those of crystals ciety :

found by Professor Mitscherlish in the Entwisle Blakesley Hamilton

forges of Sweden and Germany. Mr. Cameron Whiston Thompson

Coddington gave a further explanation of Sheppard Walsh

the construction of his newly-invented Colvile Lushington Westm. Schol.

microscope, and of the superiority of its Wormald Alford Macdonald

performance, which was shewn by a comWarren Shilleto Woodfall

parison with a large microscope on the Cookesley Heath Heathcote

usual construction made by Dollond. A

1st year.


paper by H. K. Cankrien, Esq. of Trinity Rev. W. R. Colbeck, Fell

. of Emman. Coll. College, was also read,“ on the calculus of R. J. Bunch, Fell. of Emman. Coll. variations.”—After the meeting, Mr. Willis gave an account, illustrated by models and drawings, of the various organs Thomas Stevens, St. John's Coll. which compose the apparatus of deglutition

Rev. Robert Twigg, St. Peter's Coll. and vocalisation. He explained in parti- Thomas Ramsden Ashworth, Jesus Coll. cular the various muscles of the palate,

Rev. Crosbie Morgell, Trinity Coll. (inpharynx, and tongue, and the forms which

corporated from Dublin.) these parts assume in the course of their various functions were exhibited as drawn

BACHELORS IN CIVIL LAW. from actual measurement. Mr. Willis further explained the distinction of the

Charles Augustus Nott, Trinity Coll. parts which are employed in producing the

James Howell Pattisson, St. John's Coll. musical note of the voice, and those which

BACHELORS OF ARTS. determine its vowel quality. Meetings of the Cambridge Philosophical

Rev. G. H. Langdon, St. Peter's Coll. Society for the present Term :-Monday,

Peter Spencer, St. Peter's Coll. April 26.-May 10.-May 24.-Anniver

Thomas Smithett, Queen's Coll. sary meeting, Tuesday, May 25.

J. N. Glass Lynn, Queen's Coll.
James Peel Cockburn, St. John's Coll.
William Corbould, Emmanuel Coll.

Edward Boor, Emmanuel Coll.
There will be Congregations on the fol-
lowing days of the Easter Term :-

Wednesday .. April 28, at eleven.
Wednesday.. May 12, at eleven.

The following summary of the members Wednesday

26, at eleven. of this University is extracted from the Friday June 11, (Stat.) B. D.

Cambridge Calendar for the present year:Com. at ten. Saturday.. July 3, at eleven.

Trinity Coll..... Monday

1531 5, at eleven.

St. John's Coll.....


1109 Friday 9, (end of term)

Queen's Coll.


365 at ten.

St. Peter's Coll. 87

231 Caius Coll.


230 Emmanuel Coll. 101


Christ's Coll.


218 Inceptors to the Degree of Master of

Corpus Christi Coll. 52

192 Arts :

Jesus Coll.


181 Rev. W. Carus, Fellow of Trinity Coll. Catharine Hall 41

167 Rev. E. Peacock, Fell. St. John's Coll. Clare Hall


155 G. Ash Butterton, Fellow of St. John's Coll. Trinity Hall ... 29

134 Rev.B.H.Kennedy, Fell. of St. John's Coll. Magdalene Coll. 52

128 Charles Yate, Fellow of St. John's Coll. King's Coll.


119 Rev. John Livesey, St. John's Coll.

Pembroke Coll. 51

112 William Hopkins, St. Peter's Coll.

Sidney Coll.. 45

106 H. Percy Gordon, Fell. of St. Peter's Coll. Downing Coll. 21

57 Francis William Anquetil, St. Peter's Coll. Commorantes in Villa 7

7 John Tinkler, Fell. of Corpus Christi Coll. Rev. H. Senhouse Pinder, Fell. Caius Coll.

2179 5263

Members of
the Senate.

Members on the Boards.

..... 700

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NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS. The communications of “ C. G." came too late. A succinct account of the publications alluded to will be acceptable.

We beg“ R. P.” and “ H. R.” to accept our thanks.

The Essay of “ T.” has been received, and for similar ones we shall feel obliged. To insert the P. S. is perhaps unnecessary.

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