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Preferment. Ward, Bernard J. · Peterchurch, V. Watson, J.Hewlett Tyd, St. Giles, R:

Charlton Kings, C. Williams, Robert

to Aber, R.

County. Diocese. Patron.
Hereford Hereford Guy's Hospital
Camb. Ely Bp. of Ely
Gloster. Gloster. Jesus Coll. Oxf.

Trustees under the
Carnaer. Bangor Will of the late Lord

Viscount Bulkeley

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{and Tarporley, R.

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ChesterChester {

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On Thursday, January 21, at the Palace of St. Asaph, after a few days' illness, in the
seventy-fourth year of his age, the Right Reverend John Luxmore, D. D. F.S. A. Lord
Bishop of St. Asaph. In him his family have to deplore an affectionate parent; the
Clergy of his Diocese, a warm friend and a kind adviser; and the poor of his neighbour-
hood, a liberal and compassionate benefactor.

County. Diocese. Patron.'
Brown, Thomas Conington, R.


Bp. of Ely Buckley, Thomas Measham, P. C.

Derby Lichfield W. Wollaston, Esq. Clifton, William Clifton, R.

Notts York Sir R. Clifton, Bart.
Cockayne, T. D.D. Dogmersfield, R. Hants Winchest. Lady Mildmay
Coleman, Francis.. Humber, R.

Hereford Hereford Lord Chancellor
Farlington, P. C.

N. York York
and Marton, P.C.

Abp. of York Dawson, Major and Rand, R.

Lincoln Lincoln H. Hudson, Esq.
with Fulnetby, C.

Chapl. in Ordinary to His Majesty
and Preb. in Cath. Ch. of York

of York
Drummond, E.A.H. and Preb. in Coll. Ch. of Southwell
and Dalham, R.


Norwich Sir J. Affleck, Bart. and Hadleigh, R.

Canterb. Abp. of Canterbury

Mrs. Egerton Egerton, Sir P.G.Bt.

Rev.SirP.G.Egerton, Bt.
Hughes, John Fifield, R.

Hants Winchest. Lord Chancellor
Kerr, N.
Tilbrook, R.

Bedford Lincoln Lord St. John
May, Nathaniel Leigh, near Lyghe, V. Kent Rochester Rev. N. May.

Minor Can. in Cath. Ch. of Chester Molineux, William and Fenton Kirk, V.

S Preb. of Fenton
and Sherburn, V.

R. in C.C. of York
Preb. in Cath. Ch. of Worcester

Salop Hereford Rev. H. Oakeley
Parson, John West Lyn, R.

Norfolk Norwich H.H.Townsend, Esq.
Lichfield, St. Chad, C.
St. Mary, V.

Spec. of

Stafford D. & C. D.&C. of Lichf.

St. Michael, C.
Proby, Baptist J.

of Lichf.
with Statfold, C.
and Brewood, V.

Stafford Lichfield Dean of Lichfield
with Featherstone, C.
Rawlins, Edmund . Dorsington, R.

Gloster Gloster W. Rawlins, Esq.

R.B.W.Bulkeley, Esq.
and Clocaenog, R.

S Welford, R. Sawbridge, Henry

Berks of Sarum Rev.H.Sawbridge
with Wickham, St.Swithin, C.

Dean of Cath. Ch. of Chichester

The King
Slade, Samuel
and Felpham, sin. R.

Sussex Chichest.

D.&C.of Chichest. and Hartfield, R.

Earl of Thanet and Staverton, V. Northam. Peterboro' Chr. Ch. Oxf Tanner, T. Sampford Brett, V. Somerset B.&Wells Mr. Tanner Templer, John.... Cullumpton, V.

Devon Exeter Rev. W. Grey Webster, Robert .. Ripponden, C.

W. York York Vicar of Halifax Wilde, John...... Pontesbury, 3d Portion, R. Salop Hereford W. E. Owen, Esq.

}W.York Pec.of D.&c.

Oakeley, Herbert And Lydham, R.

Reynolds, Owen.. {Alberto

Cemiet.} Bangor {

{bi Salupa


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OXFORD. The following gentlemen have been Rev. Charles Parker, Queen's Coll. elected Students of Christ Church; the Rev. George Wood, Lincoln Coll. first four from Westminster :- Mr. Ralph Thomas Gladstone, Christ Church. Barnes; Mr. Alexander John Sutherland; Rev. John Wordsworth, New Coll. Mr. Stephen Fox Strangways; Mr. William Rev. William Henry Parson, Magd. Hall. Archibald Biscoe; Mr. William Ewart Rev. Thomas Sanderson, Magdalen Hall, Gladstone; Hon. Charles John Canning; Rev. Peter Hall, Brasennose Coll. Mr. Mayow Wynall Mayow; Mr. Richard Rev. H. Thorpe, Fell. of St. John's Coll. Steele; Mr. William Edward Jelf. Mr. George Edwards Heathcote has

BACHELORS OF ARTS. been admitted Actual Fellow of New Col

C. R. Littledale, Student of Christ Church. lege. - Rev. John Menzies, M. A. and

W. E. Page, Student of Christ Church. Scholar of Corpus Christi College, has Frederick Biscoe, Student of Christ Church. been admitted Probationary Fellow of that

John Robert Hall, Student of Christ Church. Society.

HenryPartington, Student of Christ Church, Congregations will be holden for the

John Dryden Pigott, Christ Church. purpose of granting Graces and conferring Matthewman Manduell, Queen's Coll. Degrees, on the following days in the

Thomas Tyssen Bazely, Queen's Coll. ensuing Term ;'viz.

Thursday, Jan. 14; Thursday, Jan. 21; The Venerable Samuel Butler, Arch-
Thursday, Jan. 28; Thursday, Feb. 4; deacon of Derby, and D. D. of St. John's
Thursday, Feb. 11; Thursday, Feb. 18; College, Cambridge, has been admitted
Thursday, Feb. 25; Thursday, March 4; ad eundem in this University,
Thursday, March 11; Thursday, March
18; Wednesday, March 24; Saturday,
April 3.


At St. Botolph's Church, Bishopsgate, DEGREES CONFERRED,

London, the Rev. Benjamin Robert PerMASTERS OF ARTS.

kins, M. A. Chaplain of Christ Church, W. Burge, Wadham Coll. Grand Comp. to Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. Clode, of Rev. R. D. Cartwright, Queen's Coll. Bishopsgate Street.

CAMBRIDGE. Thomas Scott, Esq. B. A. of Queen's examination in the last week of the Lent College, has been elected a Foundation Term, 1831:Fellow of that Society; and Frederick 1. The Acts of the Apostles. Dusautoy, Esq. B. A. of Queen's College, 2. Paley's Evidences of Christianity. , a Fellow on Mr. Edwards's Foundation, 3. The Prometheus of Æschylus.

4. The Fifth Book of the Histories of Tacitus.


Lord George Thynne, son of the Marquis of Bath, has been admitted of St. Peter's College.


The Hulsean Prize has been adjudged to Thomas Myers, Scholar of Trinity College, for his Essay on the following subject :-" What was the extent of the knowledge which the Jews had of a Future State at the time of our Saviour's appearance?”

The following is the subject of the Hulsean Prize Dissertation for the present year:~" On the Futility of Attempts to represent the Miracles, recorded in Scripture, as Effects produced in the ordinary course of Nature."

The subject of the Seatonian Prize Poem for the present year is “ The Ascent of Elijah.”

The following will be the subjects of


Jan. 3. Mr. E. Wilson, Cath.

10. Mr. Brett, Corp.
17. Mr. Fowke, Cai.
24. Coll. Regal.

31. Coll. Trin.
Feb. 7. Coll. Joh.

14. Mr. Law, Pet.
21. Mr. Fry, Regin.

28. Mr. Punnett, Clar.
Mar. 7. Mr. Drake, Emm.

14. Coll. Regal.


son, Clar.

Mar. 21. Coll. Trin..

Jun. 6. Mr. Porter, Cat. 28. Coll. Joh.

11. Fest. S.BARN. Mr.Dewe, Regin. Apr. 4. Mr. Porter, Chr.

13. Mr. A. Browne, Joh. 11. FEST. PAsch.

20. Mr. C. B. Tayler, Trin. 18. Mr. Backhouse, Clar.

24. Fest. Nat. Joh. BAPT. Mr. 25. Mr. Gore, Emm.

Smalley, Joh. Mai. 3. Coll. Regal.

27. Mr. Stanley, Joh. 9. Coll. Trin.

29. Fest. S. Pet. Mr. Thorp, Trin, 16. Coll. Joh.

Jul. 4. COMMEM. BENEFACT. 23. Mr. Paley, Pet.

11. Mr. Gul. F. Mansel, Trin. 30. FEST. PENTEC,

18. Mr. Boutflower, Joh. Jun. 6. Mr. Sewell, Sid.

25. Fest. S. Jac. Mr. Lumb, Joh. 13. Mr. Foley, Emm. 20. Coll. Regal.

Resp. in Theolog. Oppon. 27. Coll. Trin.

(Coll. Trin. Jul. 4. COMMEM. BENEF.

Mr. Matthew, Trin. Coll. Joh. 11. Coll. Joh.

Mr. Melvill, Pet. 18. Mr. Adcock, Pet.

Mr.Egremont, Cath.. 25. Mr. Birch, Cath.

Mr. Feachem, Joh. Mr. Atkinson, Sid.

Mr. Ramsay, Jes.

Coll. gal. Jan. 1. Fest. CIRC. Mr. G. Clive, Joh.

Mr. Otter, Jes..... Coll. Trin. 3. Mr. Thirlwall, Trin.

Coll. Joh. 6. Fest. EPIPH. Mr. White, Jes.

Mr. A. Veasey, Pets 10. Mr. Brown, Regin.

Mr. Lucas, Cai. Mr. Turney, Pemb. 17. Mr. G. C. Wilson, jun. Trin.

Mr. Hankinson, Cor. 24. Mr. Dugmore, Cai.

Mr. Harrison, Jes.. 25. Conv. ST. PAUL. Mr. Hopkin

Mr.Hankinson, Trin. Coll. Regal.

Coll. Trin. 31. Mr. Harrison, Jes.

Coll. Joh. Feb. 2. FEST. PURIF. Mr. Monson, Trin.

Mr. Hurst, Clar Mr.Johnston, Magd. 7. Mr. Dewe, Joh.

Mr. Evans, Pemb. 14. Mr. Williamson, Clar.

Mr. Blake, Corp.Ch. 21. Mr. E. H. G. Williams, Joh.

Mr. Drake, Jóh... Mr. Porter, Cai. 24. FEST. S. MATTH. DIES CINE

Coll. Regal

Coll. Trin.
28. Mr. Todd, Joh.

Mr, Morris, Joh. .. Coll. Joh. Mar. 7. Mr. Gwyther, Trin.

Mr. Perkins, Pet. 14. Mr. Thompson, Pemb.

(Mr. Durham, Cath. 21. Mr. Jones, Trin.

Mr. Oakes, Trin... Mr.Gooch, Corp.Ch. 25. Fest, Mr.C.G.Wilkinson, Jo.

Mr. Brougham, Jes.

Coll. Regal. 28. Mr. Symonds, Joh.

Mr. Brandling, Joh. Coll. Trin.
Apr. 4. Mr. H. Hatch, Regal.

Coll. Joh.
9. Pass. Domini. Mr. Smith, Regal.
11. Fest.Pasch. Mr.Pickford,Regin. Resp. in Jur. Civ.

12. Fer. 1ma. Mr. Hallewell, Chr.

Mr. Dugmore, Cai. 13. Fer. 2da. Mr. Fisher, Trin.

Mr. Doughty, Cai. 18. Mr. Gul. H. Roberts, Regal. 25. Mr. Russell, Joh.

Resp. in Medic.

Oppon. Mai. 1. Fest. SS. Phil. et JAC. Mr.

Mr. Mair, Jes. ....

SMr. Stockdale, Pem... Cooper, Joh.

Mr. White, Emm. 2. Mr. Cape, Clar. 9. Mr. Richardson, Joh.

MARRIED. 16. Mr. Gul. F. Wilkinson, Corp. The Rev. Henry Melvill, M. A. Fellow 20. Fest. Mr. Ash, Chr.

and late Tutor of St. Peter's College, to Ascens. Mr. J. Wood, Trin. Margaret Alice Jennings, eldest daughter 23. Mr. Holroyd, Cath.

of the late Captain Jennings, R. N. 30. FEST. PENTEC. Mr. G. Atkins At East Dereham, the Rev. John Birson, Regin.

kett, M. A. Fellow of St. John's College, 31. Fer. 1ma. Mr. Smith, Pet. to Sally, second daughter of the late. Charles Jun. 1. Fer. 2da. Mr. Wale, Joh. Browne, Esq. of Lowestoft.

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS.-Will “ M.” the writer of the article on “Disembodied Spirits,” in our Number for September last, oblige us with his address ? An account of “ Devonshire College,” and an article on the Surnames of the Bishops, have been received. -- -We agree with “ T.C." on the subject of Sunday Skaters.


ANKU.} Mr. C. Atbilagi


Mr. Clarkson, Jes. .}




MARCH, 1830.

REVIEW OF NEW PUBLICATIONS. Art. I. - Sermons preached in the Parish Church of St. Botolph,

Bishopsgate. By CHARLES James BLOMFIELD, D.D. Rector, now Bishop of London. London: Fellowes and Rivingtons.' 8vo. 1829. Price 12s.

This excellent volume needs no Imprimateur of ours to recommend it to the notice of the public. It is inscribed, with peculiar felicity of phrase, and most affectionate piety, to the parishioners of St. Botolph's, Bishopsgate, “as a record of" the author's “thankfulness to Him, who inclined them to hear the word with affection, and as an evidence of his continued desire to promote their spiritual welfare." Deeply as the flock must regret the removal of a pastor, by whose assiduous care they have been so abundantly fed “ with knowledge and understanding;" doubtless, they will rejoice at an event, which has so greatly increased the sphere of his usefulness, and raised him to a situation of honour, which his merits as loudly challenged, as the crisis of the Established Church confessedly needs. “ The signs of the times," to the prophetic eye of a Christian —(for we meddle not with that “ distress and perplexity” of the political world, " which have made men's hearts fail them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming upon the earth")" the signs of the times” are big with portentous augury, and the faith once delivered to the saints must indeed be earnestly contended for, whether we would save it harmless from the rude assaults of infidel liberality, or protect it from the mischievous contact of indifference, enthusiasm, and cant.

The learned author of the Sermons before us “ has studied to show himself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." The doctrines of the gospel have been faithfully expounded, and its precepts impressively enforced. With apostolical “plainness of speech" the venerable Prelate has united an awful solemnity of style, which bespeaks a heart thoroughly imbued with the feelings of a Christian, and alive to the



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measureless responsibility of his office. The uncompromising spirit of a Christian warrior, encouraging his followers to the battle of the cross, hath taught him to assume the attitude of one, who would summon men to “ endure hardness, as good soldiers of Jesus Christ;"' yet his most zealous exhortations are but “ the words of soberness and truth ;” and the spirit of benevolence and love with which they are uttered, makes an indelible impression upon our hearts. " Quanta illa fuit gravitas! Quanta in oratione majestas ! ut facile Ducem, non comitem diceres."

The volume, which we have thus introduced to our readers, contains twenty-two sermons, upon the following topics:-1. A Godly Disposition necessary to the hearing of the Word. 2. Infidelity caused by Ignorance and Ungodliness. 3. The Mysteriousness of some parts of a Divine Revelation no ground of Objection. 4. The Help of the Spirit. 5. The Gifts of the Spirit. 6. The Creation. 7. The gener Deluge. 8. Pharaoh's Heart hardened. 9. Choice of a Religion. 10. Dispositions for, and grounds of confidence in Prayer. 11. Humility and Contrition, 12. Christian Courage and Consistency. 13. Christian Improvement. 14. Christian Purity. 15. Constancy in our Christian Profession. 16. The Christian interpretation of signal Calamities, 17. Penance and Penitence. 18. The good Shepherd. 19. The Cross of Christ. 20. Resurrection of the Body. 21. Athanasian Creed. 22. A Farewell Sermon.

To analyze these Sermons, in the usual space allotted to our review of single volumes, would be an almost impossible task, and, without doubt, a very fruitless undertaking. We purpose, therefore, to favour our readers with some extracts from the most interesting portions of them, by which they may learn to admire both the matter and the manner of the work upon our table. Yet, where all is so good, how shall we make partial selections ? and where there seems little motive for preference, how shall we fix our choice? We will begin, dr dpxñs. The first discourse shall have our first regard. The doctrine of an assisting and preventing grace has been an abundant source of heresy and dispute. Whether a man, by his own natural strength, can turn and prepare himself to faith and calling upon God; what is the efficacy of preventing grace; whether it ever fail of converting those to whom it is offered ; and whether its recipients may finally resist it;'are points about which there have been “great searchings of heart.” How to solve the difficulties which embarrass our reasonings, when we attempt to reconcile the notion of preventing grace with that of free-will, has been the vain endeavour of men, who would be wise above what is written. “ Our necessary ignorance of what may


* Cic. de Amicit. 20.

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