Annual report of the registrar-general of births, deaths, and marriages in England. v. 54-56, 1891-93, Volumes 54-56

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Great Britain General Registrar Office, 1892

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Page ix - SIR, — I have the honour to submit to you the following report on the surveys I performed in the Province of Manitoba, under your instructions of the 20th May, 1898.
Page ix - Deaths, and Marriages. England and Wales. The Registrar-General's estimate of the population in the middle of each year is based on the assumption that the rate of increase which prevailed in the intercensal period immediately preceding, has since been maintained.
Page ix - ... of precise information on these points the estimated populations published in the Annual Reports are based on the assumption that the rate of increase which prevailed in the last intercensal period has since been maintained — a method which, as has been shown (see pp.
Page xxv - ... and Seamen, who furnishes certified copies of such returns to the Registrars-General of Births and Deaths for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Irish Free State. Similar returns are furnished to the Registrars-General of Births and Deaths by Officers in command of His Majesty's ships. These returns of births and deaths at sea constitute the
Page 96 - Deaths of persons, males and females, at different ages, in: — Registration divisions and counties.
Page xii - From this it can be gathered that the mortality is highest in the first day of life, and then falls rapidly, though still high in the remaining days of the first week. The mortality falls enormously in the second week, remains at nearly the same level through the third, and shows a considerable decline in the fourth week. In the second month the mortality is only a small fraction of that in the first month...
Page v - Emigration and immigration cannot, however, be disregarded in an estimate of the population, and, in the absence of sufficiently full information on these...

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