Black Terror White Soldiers: Islam, Fascism & the New Age

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David Livingstone, Jun 16, 2013 - History - 620 pages
Far too ignorant of the histories of the rest of the world, being aware of only the accomplishments of Greece, Rome and Europe, Westerners have been made to believe that their societies represent the most superior examples of civilization. However, the Western value system stems from a misconception that, as in nature, human society too is evolving. The idea derives from the hidden influence of secret societies, who followed the belief in spiritual evolution of the Kabbalah, which taught that history would attain its fulfillment when man would become God, and make his own laws. Therefore, the infamous Illuminati gave its name to the Enlightenment of the eighteenth century, which claimed that human progress must abandon "superstition," meaning Christianity, in favor of "reason." Thus the Illuminati succeeded in bringing about the French and American revolutions, which instituted the separation of Church and State, and from that point forward, the Western values of Humanism, seen to include secularism, human rights, democracy and capitalism, have been celebrated as the culmination of centuries of human intellectual evolution. This is the basis of the propaganda which has been used to foster a Clash of Civilizations, where the Islamic world is presented as stubbornly adhering to the anachronistic idea of "theocracy." Where once the spread of Christianity and civilizing the world were used as pretexts for colonization, today a new White Man's Burden makes use of human rights and democracy to justify imperial aggression. However, because, after centuries of decline, the Islamic world is incapable of mobilizing a defense, the Western powers, as part of their age-old strategy of Divide and Conquer, have fostered the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, to both serve as agent-provocateurs and to malign the image of Islam. These sects, known to scholars as Revivalists, opposed the traditions of classical Islamic scholarship in order to create the opportunity to rewrite the laws of the religion to better serve their sponsors. Thus were created the Wahhabi and Salafi sects of Islam, from which were derived the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been in the service of the West ever since. But, the story of the development of these Islamic sects involves the bizarre doctrines and hidden networks of occult secret societies, being based on a Rosicrucian myth of Egyptian Freemasonry, which see the Muslim radicals as inheritors of an ancient mystery tradition of the Middle East which was passed on to the Knights Templar during the Crusades, thus forming the foundation of the legends of the Holy Grail. These beliefs would not only form the cause for the association of Western intelligence agencies with Islamic fundamentalists, but would fundamentally shape much of twentieth century history.

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When reading this book, be sure to identify the passages that are based on FACT, vs. those that are based on hypothesis, opinion. This author - with shady allegiances himself, takes the liberty of selectively quoting organizations and people, then slyly superimposing his pro-radical Islamic viewpoints across them all. The Muslim Brotherhood, with a century long avowed agenda of seeing America fall from within (which the author agrees is their goal) - suddenly in his opinion, became a scapegoat for 9/11. The book's premise is that "America falling from within", suddenly became the goal of White Americans, by cunningly cut-and-pasting from this and that. He quotes 9/11 investigators completely our of context, takes their facts, twists them to fit conclusions totally opposite the original researchers', but presents as though his opinion is the same as the researchers' conclusion. Which is scurrilous. He opines: PNACer George Bush funded by the Saudi's was forced to blame 9/11 on the Saudi's because the PNACers and Saudi's made him do it. That's the sort of twisted bizarre stuff in here.  

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Sorry buddy, haven't read it, but page 182 you make a mistake that is hilariously bad - Shakti is the representative of the coiled Kundalini energy at the base of the spine, not Shiva. You also use parentheses way too much. This is not a sophomore college essay, but a published book. This book showed up on my google search for something entirely unrelated. Again, haven't read it but..... doesn't look to enticing. 


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