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AuthorHouse, Apr 30, 2004 - Education
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Have you ever contemplated why homosexuals exist, why there are so many religions, why our ancestors became bipedal, why there are so many languages, why humans wage war, why infidelity occurs so often, why there is so much hate in the world? As heterosexual, homophobic, male, I am not unlike most males in this country. However, I have opened my mind, setting aside my instinctual homophobia to decipher what we humans really are, how we became the animal that we are, and what we can do to change. In the spirit of humor, I have dubbed human heterosexual males, Homophobithicus; as for the most part, we are instinctively homophobic. This is a consequence of many millennia of resentment towards homosexual males for their ease of cohabiting with the females of our species. In most present day societies, which are dominated by males, and are predominantly influenced by spiritual beliefs, a.k.a. religion, it is not only the females who suffer, but the homosexuals as well. Though one could say that they both keep the wheels of society spinning, it is the males, more often than not, who impede their progress. This Book is in essence a history lesson in that it explores the origins of humankind, as well as our close association to our relatives the apes. It contains theories that explain the preceding questions, as well as insight to some brilliant men that have paved the way for understanding ourselves. The hypocrisies of society, religion, capitalism, and democracy in the so-called free world are all scrutinized. Alternatively, philosophies are offered that may enrich all of humankind, as the evils of the world are ever-present, and will only prove to become increasingly severe. When contemplating this information, please open your mind as I have; our future depends on it!

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