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Section 6. The people shall be secure from

any unreasonable searches or

seizures. 7. In all criminal prosecutions, the

accused has a right to be

heard for himself. 8. No person shall be accused, ar

rested or detained, except. 9. No person shall, for any indict. able offense,


1. Declaration of rights.
2. State and county boundaries.
3. Distribution of powers of gov-

4. Legislative department.
5. Executive department.
6. Judicial department.
7. Impeachments.
8. Suffrage and elections.
9. Representation.
10. Exempted property.
11. Taxation.
12. Militia.
13. Education.
14. Corporations.-- Private corpora-

tions. 15. Oath of office. 16. Miscellaneous provisions. 17. Mode of amending the Constitu

tion. Schedule. Preamble.

proceeded against criminally by informa

tion, except. 10. No person shall be put in jeop

ardy iwice for the same of

fense. 11. No

person shall be debarred from prosecuting or defending any civil cause to which he is

a party. 12. The right of trial by jury shall

remain inviolate. 13. In prosecutions for investigating

conduct of officers, the truth may be given in evidence.- In

regard to indictments for libel. 14. All courts shall be open, and

justice shall be administered

without delay or denial. 15. The State of Alabama shall

never be made a defendant in

any court of law or equity. 16. Excessive fines shall not be im

posed nor cruel punishment

inflicted. 17. All persons shall be bailable be

fore conviction, except. 18. The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall

not be suspended by the authorities

of the State. 19. Treason against the State de



Declaration of Rights. Section 1. All men are free and independ

ent. They have certain in

alienable rights. 2. Qualifications necessary

to become residents of the State. 3. All political power is inherent in

the people. 4. No religion shall be established

by law.- No preference given to any religious sect.- No person compelled by law to attend

any place of worship. 5. Any person may speak, write

and publish his sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that liberty.


Section 20. No person shall be attainted of 37. The sole object of the governtreason by the General As

ment. sembly.

38. No educational or property quali21. No person shall be imprisoned

fication for suffrage or office, for debt.

nor any restraint upon the 22. No power of suspending laws

same on account of race, color shall be exercised, except.

or previous condition of servi23. No ex post facto law shall be

tude shall be made by law. passed.

39. This enumeration of rights shall 24. The exercise of the right of emi

not impair others retained by nent domain shall never be

the people.
abridged. — Private property
shall not be taken nor applied

for public use, except.

State and County Boundaries. 25. All navigable waters shall re

1. The boundaries of the State shall main forever public highways.

be as follows. 26. The citizens have the right to

2. In regard to the boundaries of assemble together peaceably

the counties of the State.
to consult for the common

ARTICLE III. 27. Every citizen has a right to bear

Distribution of Powers of Government. arms in defense of himself and State.

1. The powers of the State shall be 28. No standing army shall be kept

the legislative, the executive without the consent of the

and judicial. General Assembly.

2. No person or persons shall exer29. No soldier shall, in time of peace,

cise any powers belonging to be quartered in any house

any others, except.
without the consent of the

owner, nor in time of war, ex-

Legislatice Department. 30. No title of nobility, etc., shall 1. The legislative power of this ever be granted.- No office

State shall be vested in a shall be created, the appoint

General Assembly, which shall ment of which shall be for a

consist of a Senate and House longer time than during good

of Representatives. behavior.

2. The style of the laws shall be. 31. Immigration shall


3. The Senators and Representaaged; emigration shall not be

tives shall be elected by qualiprohibited, and no citizen shall

fied electors. be exiled.

4. Qualifications of the Senators 32. Temporary absence from State

and Representatives. shall not cause forfeiture of 5. The General Assembly shall meet residence once obtained.

biennially at the capital, ex33. Slavery shall not exist in this

cept. State; no involuntary servi

6. The pay of the members of the tude.

General Assembly. 34. The right of suffrage shall be

7. Of whom the General Assembly protected by law.

shall consist. 35. There can be no secession of any | 8. The Senate at the beginning State from the Federal Union.

of its regular session shall 36. Foreigners who may hereafter elect one of its members presibecome bona fide residents.

dent, and the House of Rep




resentatives shall elect one of its members speaker.-Term of office of president of Senate and speaker of the House of

Representatives. 9. When Senators shall be elected;

their term of office. - Election of the members of the House of Representatives.- When vacancy shall occur in either

house. 10. A majority in each house shall

constitute a quorum. 11. Each house shall have the power

to determine the rules of its proceedings and to punish members or other persons for

contempt. 12. In regard to a member of either

house being expelled. 13. Each house shall keep a journal

of its proceedings. 14. Members of the General As

sembly shall be privileged from

arrest, except. 15. The doors of each house shall be

open, except. 16. In regard to adjournment. 17. No Senator

or Representative shall be appointed to any other

civil office during his term. 18. No person convicted of embez

zlement of the public money, bribery, perjury, etc., shall be capable of holding any office of

trust or profit in this State. 19. No law shall be passed except by

bill. 20. No bill shall become a law until

it shall have been referred to a committee of each house and

returned therefrom. 21. Every bill shall be read on three

different days in each house, and no bill shall become a law,

unless. 22. In regard to amendments. 23. No special or local law shall be

enacted for the benefit of individuals corporations, in cases which are or can be provided for by general law, or where the relief sought can be


given by any court of this

State. 24. No local or special law shall be

passed on a subject which can not be provided for by a gene

ral law, unless. 25. The General Assembly shall

pass general laws under which local and private interests shall

be provided for and protected. 26. Lotteries illegal. 27. The presiding officer of each

house shall sign all bills and resolutions passed by the Gene

ral Assembly. 28. The number, duties and compen

sation of the officers and eniployes of each house; no payment to be made from the

State treasury, except. 29. Extra compensation to any pub

lic officer, servant or employe after the services shall have

been rendered. 30. Stationery, printing, paper and

fuel used in the Legislature and other departments of the

government, 31. Bills for raising revenue shall

originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate

may propose amendments. 32. The general appropriation bill. 33. No money shall be paid out of

the treasury except by appro

priation. 34. To whom no appropriation shall ,

be made. 35. In regard to the investment of

any trust fund to executors,

etc. 36. The power to change the venue

in civil and criminal cases. 37. When the General Assembly

shall be convened in special session, there shall be no legislation upon subjects other than those designated in the proclamation of the Governor

calling such session. 38. There shall be no State offices

for the inspection or measur. ing of any merchandise, manu



facture or commodity, but any! county may appoint such offi.!


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39. General Assembly shall

not change the seat of government. 40. Corrupt solicitation; shall be

guilty of bribery. 41. Bribery defined. 42. Corrupt solicitation of members

of the General Assembly, or public officers of this State punished by fine and imprison

ment. 43. No member shall have a personal

or private interest in any bill. 44. All votes of thie General Assem

bly shall be viva voce. 45. Differences may be decided by

arbitrators. 46. The public statutes, both civil

and criminal, to be revised by the General Assembly every

ten years. 47. It shall pass such penal laws as

may be deemed expedient to

suppress due g. 48. Salaries of public officers; de

ducted from for neglect of

duty. 49. The General Assembly shall re

quire the counties of this State

to provide for the poor. 50. It shall not have the power to

authorize municipal corporations to pass laws inconsistent

with general laws. 51. In the event of annexation of

any foreign territory to this

State. 52. The General Assembly shall not

tax the property, real or personal, of the State, counties and other municipal corpora

tions. 53. To ascertain the value of real

and personal property. 54. The State shall not engage in

works of internal improvement nor lend its credit, nor shall the State be interested in any

corporation. 55. The General Assembly shall have

power to authorize any county, city or other sub-di


vision of this State to lend its

credit. 56. There shall be no law in this

State impairing the remedy for the enforcement of contracts.


Executice Department. 1. Of whom the executive depart

ment shall consist. 2. The supreme executive power to

be vested in the Governor. 3. Election of State officers. 4. Election returns. 5. Terms of office of State officers. 6. Qualifications for Governor. 7. Qualifications for the other State

officers. 8. Governor shall take care that the

laws are faithfully executed. 9. The Governor may require infor

mation in writing under oath. 10. The Governor may on extraordi

nary occasions convene the

General Assembly. 11. The Governor shall give the

General Assembly information of the State of the government,

etc. 12. Governor shall have the power to

remit fines and forfeitures and grant reprieves and pardons,

except. 13. In regard to bills that have

passed both houses. 14. Governor to have power to dis

approve of any item or items

of any bill. 15. In case of impeachment of the

Governor.- His removal from office, etc.- The president of the Senate shall exercise all

power. 16. Compensation of the president of

Senate and the speaker of the

House of Representatives. 17. Governor shall not hold any

other office during his term. 18. Governor to be Commander-in

Chief of the militia, except. 19. Qualifications necessary to hold

the office of Secretary of State, State Treasurer, etc.


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