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Sec. 6. The term of office for all appointees to fill vacancies in any of the elective offices under this Constitution, shall extend only to the election and qualification of a successor at the ensuing general election.

Sec. 7. In all cases of elections to fill vacancies in office, such election shall be for the unexpired term.

Sec. 8. Upon the ratification of this Constitution, the Commissioner of Lands and Immigration shall assume the office of Commissioner of Agriculture, and his duties as such shall be prescribed by the first Legislature assembled under this Constitution.

Sec. 9. A general election shall be held in each county in this State on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, A. D. 1888, and every two years thereafter, for all elective State and county officers whose terms of office are about to expire, or for any office that shall have become vacant.

Sec. 10. The first election for County Judge, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Sheriff, Tax Assessor, Tax Collector, County Treasurer, County Superintendent of Public Instruction, County Surveyor, Justices of the Peace, Constables and all other elective county officers shall be at the general election in 1888.

Sec. 11. It shall be the duty of the President of this convention immediately on its adjournment to certify to the Governor a copy of this Constitution.

Sec. 12. Upon receipt of such certified copy, the Governor shall forthwith announce the fact by proclamation, to be published in such newspapers in this State as may be deemed requisite for general information, and five printed copies of such Constitution shall be transmitted by the Secretary of State to the Clerk of the Circuit Court, and five to the County Judge of each county, which shall be kept on file in their respective offices for examination by any person desiring the same.

Sec. 13. All courts as now organized and constituted shall continue with their jurisdiction until the Legislature shall conform to the requirements of this Constitution the jurisdiction of such courts as, under this Constitution, are to exercise in whole or in part the jurisdiction of courts now organized.

Sec. 14. The terms of office of all county officers, unless otherwise provided, shall commence on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in January next after their election.


Local Option. Section 1. The Board of County Commissioners of each county in the State, not oftener than once in every two years, upon the application of one-fourth of the registered voters of any county, shall call and provide for an election in the county in which application is made, to decide whether the sale of intoxicating liquors, wines or beer shall be prohibited therein, the question to be determined by a majority vote of those voting at the election called under this section, which election shall be conducted in the manner prescribed by law for holding general elections: Provided, that intoxicating liquors, either spiritous, vinous, or malt, shall not be sold in any election district in which a majority vote was cast against the same at the said election. Elections under this section shall be held within sixty days from the time of presenting said application, but if any such election should thereby take place within sixty days of any State or national election, it shall be held within sixty days after any such State or national election.

Sec. 2. The Legislature shall provide necessary laws to carry out and enforce the provisions of section 1 of this article.


Section 1. This Constitution shall be submitted to the people of the State of Florida for ratification on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, A. D. 1886, and it shall require a majority of the votes cast upon the question to determine its ratification or rejection.

Sec. 2. At such election each qualified elector shall express his assent or dissent, by having written or printed upon the ticket which he shall vote the words, "For the Constitution," to "Against the Constitution;" such election being subject to the same regulations and restrictions as are now prescribed by law. And in case of its ratification by the people, the Governor shall forthwith cause proclamation to be made of the fact, and it shall go into effect on the first day of January, A. D. 1887.


Section 1. Article XIX shall be submitted to the people when the Constitution is submitted for ratification, to become a part of the Constitution, if adopted by a majority of the votes cast upon the question, and the ballots of those voting on this article shall have written or printed on them the words, “For Article XIX," or "Against Article XIX.”


Be it Ordained by the People of Florida, Represented in Con

stitutional Convention: Section 1. The pay of the members of this Constitutional convention shall be a per diem for attendance of six ($6.00) dollars a day in addition to mileage of ten cents a mile, each way, from their places of residence to the Capital and return, estimated by the shortest thoroughfare.

Sec. 2. The pay of the Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the convention, and all the Clerks elected by the convention, shall be six ($6.00) dollars per diem each, allowing the Secretary and Assistant Secretary one day after adjournment to complete unfinished business; all Committee Clerks shall receive five ($5.00) dollars per diem for the number of days certified by the Chairman of the Committee; the pay of the Sergeant-at-Arms shall be six ($6.00) dollars per diem, and the Assistant Sergeantat-Arms shall be five ($5.00) dollars per diem; the pay of the Messengers of the convention shall be four ($4.00) dollars per diem each; the pay of the Pages shall be three ($3.00) dollars per diem each; the pay of the Janitor shall be two ($2.00) dollars per diem; the pay of the Chaplain shall be one hundred dollars. The Recording Clerk shall complete his work after the adjourn. ment of the convention, under the supervision of the Secretary of State, and shall be paid for the same fifty dollars when his work is completed. Eighteen dollars shall be paid W. R. Carter for services as Assistant Secretary for three days. Messrs. Dorr & Bowen shall be paid for printing the amount approved by the Committee on Printing, certified by the President and Secretary of the Convention.

Sec. 3. The Comptroller is required to draw his warrant on the Treasurer in favor of the officers and employees of this convention for the full amount allowed them by section two, and to each delegate of this convention for his pro rata share of the amount appropriated by the Legislature, after deducting from said amount the amount due said employees and all other expenses, including mileage of members, incurred by this convention,

Sec. 4. The President is authorized on behalf of this convention to issue certificates signed by himself and countersigned by the Secretary, to each of the members, payable to himself or his order, bearing interest at the rate of eight per cent per annum from date, for the amount remaining due on account of the deficiency of the legislative appropriation for expenses of this convention.

Sec. 5. The Legislature shall make an appropriation at its next session to pay said certificates.

Sec. 6. Be it further enacted, that the Secretary of this convention be and he is hereby authorized to audit the accounts of the members and all other expenses.

Done in open convention, at Tallahassee, this third day of August, A. D. eighteen hundred and eighty-five, and of the independence of the United States the one hundred and tenth year.


President. J. E. YONGE, First Vice-President. WM. H. REYNOLDS, Secretary Convention.

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