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declared duly elected by said State board of supervisors and shall have duly qualified. All such officers shall qualify and enter upon the duties of their respective offices within fifteen days after they have been duly notified of their election.

Sec. 21. Upon the qualification of the officers elected at said election the present incumbents of the offices for which the election is held shall vacate the same and turn over to the officers thus elected and qualified all books, papers, records, money and documents belonging or pertaining to said offices by them respectively held.

1 Sec. 22. The first session of the General Assembly under this Coustitution shall commence on the first Tuesday after the second Monday in November, 1874.

Sec. 23. The county courts provided for in this Constitution shall be regarded in law as a continuation of the boards of supervisors now existing by law, and the Circuit Courts shall be regarded in law as continuations of the Criminal Courts wherever the same may have existed in their respective counties, and the Probate Courts shall be regarded as continuations of the Circuit Courts for the business within the jurisdiction of such Probate Courts, and the papers and records pertaining to said courts and jurisdictions shall be transferred accordingly; and no suit or prosecution of any kind shall abate because of any change made in this Constitution.

Sec. 24. All officers now in office whose offices are not abolished by this convention shall continue in office and discharge the duties imposed on them by law until their successors are elected and qualified under this Constitution. The office of Commissioner of State Lands shall be continued, provided that the General Assembly at its next session may abolish or continue the same in such manner as may be prescribed by law.

Sec. 25. Any election officer appointed under the provisions of this schedule who shall fraudulently and corruptly permit any person to vote illegally, or refuse the vote of any qualified elector, cast up or make a false return of said election, shall be deemed guilty of a felony, and on conviction thereof shall be imprisoned in the penitentiary not less than five years nor more than ten years. And any person who shall vote when not a qualified elector, or vote more than once, or bribe anyone to vote contrary to his wishes, or intimidate or prevent any elector by threats, menace or promises from voting, shall be guilty of a felony, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be imprisoned in the penitentiary not less than one nor more than five years.

Sec. 26. All officers elected at the election provided for in this schedule shall hold their offices for the respective periods provided for in the foregoing Constitution, and until their successors are elected and qualified. The first general election after the ratification of this Constitution shall be held on the first Monday of September, A. D. 1876. Nothing in this Constitution and the schedule thereto shall be so construed as to prevent the election of Congressmen at the time as now prescribed by law.

Sec. 27. The sum of five thousand dollars is hereby appropriated out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appro priated to defray the expenses of the election provided for in this schedule, and the Auditor of State shall draw his warrant on the Treasurer for such expenses not exceeding said amount on the certificate of the State Board of Supervisors of Election.

Sec. 28. For the period of two years from the adoption of this Constitution, and until otherwise provided by law, the respective officers herein enumerated shall receive for their services the following salaries per annum:

For Governor the sum of $3,500.00; for Secretary of State the sum of $2,000.00; for Treasurer the sum of $2,500.00; for Auditor the sum of $2,500.00; for Attorney-General the sum of $2,000.00; for Commissioner of State Lands the sum of $2,000.00; for judges of the Supreme Court, each, the sum of $3,500.00; for judges of Circuit and Chancery Courts, each, the sum of $2,500.00; for prosecuting attorneys, each, the sum of $400.00; for members of the General Assembly the sum of $6.00 per day and twenty cents per mile for each mile traveled in going to and returning from the seat of government over the most direct and practicable route.

Done in convention at Little Rock the seventh day of September,

in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sev. enty-four, and of the Independence of the United States the

uinety-ninth. In witness whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our names.


President of the Convention,

And Delegate from the County of Hempstead. THOMAS W. NEWTON,

Secretary. A. M. RODGERS, delegate from Benton county. HORACE H. PATTERSON, delegate from Benton county. W. W. BAILY, delegate from Boone county. JNO. R. HAMPTON, delegate from Bradley county. JOHN W. CYPERT, delegate from Baxter county. BRADLEY BUNCH, delegate from Carroll county. JESSE A. ROSS, delegate from Clark county. H. F. THOMASON, delegate from Crawford county. W. D. LEIPER, delegate from Dallas county. WM. J. THOMPSON, delegate from Woodruff county. JAMES A. GIBSON, delegate from Arkansas county. HENRY W. CARTER, delegate from Pike county. DANIEL F. REINHARDT, delegate from Prairie county. ELIJAH MOSELEY, delegate from Ouachita county. STEPHEN C. BATES, delegate from Polk county. G. P. SMOOTE, delegate from Columbia county. D. L. KILLGORE, delegate from Columbia county WILLIAM S. HANNA, delegate from Conway county. JOHN S. ANDERSON, delegate from Craighead county. J. G. FRIERSON, delegate from Cross county. E. FOSTER BROWN, delegate from Clayton county. JAS. P. STANLEY, delegate from Drew county. JOHN NIVEN, delegate from Dorsey county. WILLIAM W. MANSFIELD, delegate from the county of

Franklin. JOHN DUNAWAY, delegate from the county of Faulkner. DAVIDSON D. CUNNINGHAM, delegate from the county of


BEN. H. CROWLY, delegate from the county of Greene.
H. M. RECTOR, delegate from Garland county.
JOHN R. EAKIN, delegate from Hempstead county.
W. C. KELLY, delegate from Hot Spring county.
J. W. BUTLER, delegate from Independence county.
JAMES RUTHERFORD, delegate from Independence county.
RANSOM GULLEY, delegate from Izard county.
FRANKLIN DOSWELL, delegate from Jackson county.
JNO. A. WILLIAMS, delegate from Jefferson county.
SETH J. HOWELL, delegate from Johnson county.
PHILIP K. LESTER, delegate from Lawrence county.
J. H. WILLIAMS, delegate from Little River county.
J. P. EAGLE, delegate from Lonoke county.
REASON G. PUNTNEY, delegate from Lincoln county.
MONROE ANDERSON, delegate from Lee county.
JOHN CARROLL, delegate from Madison county.
S. P. HUGHES, delegate from Monroe county.
NICHOLAS W. CABLE, delegate from Montgomery county.
CHARLES BOWEN, delegate from Mississippi county.
R. K. GARLAND, delegate from Nevada county.
HENRY G. BUNN, delegate from Ouachita county.
W. H. BLACKWELL, delegate from Perry county.
JNO. J. HORNOR, delegate from Phillips county.
JNO. R. HOMER SCOTT, delegate from the county of Pope.
JOHN MILLER, JR., delegate from the county of Randolph.
SIDNEY M. BARNES, delgate from the county of Pulaski.
JABEZ M. SMITH, delegate from Saline county.
BEN. B. CHISM, delegate from the county of Sarver.
J. W. SORRELS, delegate from Scott county.
W. S. LINDSEY, delegate from Searcy county.
R. P. PULLIAM, delegate from Sebastian county.
W. M. FISHBACK, delegate from Sebastian county.
B. H. KINSWORTHY, delegate from Sevier county.
LEWIS WILLIAMS, delegate from Sharp county.
JOHN M. PARROTT, delegate from Saint Francis county.
WALTER J. CAGLE, delegate from Stone county.
HORATIO G. P. WILLIAMS, delegate from Union county.
ROBT. GOODWIN, delegate from Union county.
A. R. WITT, delegate from Van Buren county.

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R. P. POLK, delegate from Phillips county.
T. W. THOMASON, delegate from Washington county.
BENJAMIN F. WALKER, delegate from Washington county.
M. F. LAKE, delegate from Washington county.
JESSE N. CYPERT, delegate from White county.
J. W. HOUSE, delegate from White county.
JOSEPH T. HARRISON, delegate from Yell county.
MARCUS L. HAWKINS, delegate from Ashley county.
EDWIN R. LUCAS, delegate from Fulton county,
BENJAMIN W. JOHNSON, delegate from Calhoun county.
RODERICK JOYNER, delegate from Poinsett county.

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