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Bill of Rights. Article 1. All men are born equally free. 2. They have certain inherent

rights. 3. When men enter into a state of

society they surrender up some of their natural rights to that

society. 4. Some are unalienable.- Of this

kind are the rights of con

science. 5. Freedom of religious thought

and worship. 6. The rights of religious societies. 7. The people of this State have

the sole and exclusive right of

governing themselves. 8. All magistrates and officers of

government are accountable to

the people. 9. No office shall be hereditary. 10. The government is instituted for

common benefit. 11. All elections to be free. 12. The rights of every member of

the community. 13. Those who shall not be com

pelled to bear arms. 14. Right and justice to be free and

without denial. 15. No subject shall be held to

answer for any crime until fully and plainly described to

him. 16. No person in jeopardy twice for

the same offense. 17. In criminal prosecutions the

trial shall be in the vicinity where the crime was commit

ted. 18. All penalties ought to be pro

portioned to the nature of the offense.

Article 19. Unreasonable searches and seiz

ures prohibited. 20. The right of trial by jury. 21. None but qualified persons ap

pointed to serve on the same. 22. Liberty of the press. 23. Retrospective laws are highly

injurious. 24. Militia natural defense of the

State. 25. Standing armies prohibited. 26. Military subordinate to civil

power. 27. Quartering of soldiers. 28. In regard to taxes, impost and

duty. 29. The power suspending the laws

or the execution of them only to be exercised by the Leg

islature. 30. Freedom of speech in debate in

the Legislature. 31. The redress of public grievances. 32. The people have the right to

assemble in a peaceable man

ner for the common good. 33. Excessive bail and fines or cruel

punishments not allowed. 34. Court martial. 35. The right of trial by impartial

judge. 36. No pensions should be granted

but in consideration of actual

service. 37. The legislative, executive and

judicial powers to be kept separate from and independent of

each other. 38. Moderation, temperance, indus

try and frugality.


Form of Government. 1. Forming the State.

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Article 2. Supreme legislative power vested 31. In regard to rights, etc., of cerin the Senate and House of

tain inhabitants. Representatives.

32. Election of Governor, etc. 3. They shall assemble biennially, 33. Notifying those Senators elected.

and shall be called the General 34. In case of tie.

35. The Senate shall judge of the 4. The powers and authority of the

election and qualification of its General Court.

own members. 5. A further enumeration of its

36. May adjourn themselves. powers, etc.

37. Shall appoint their officers. 6. There shall be a valuation of

38. They have power of impeachestates within the State at

ment. least once in five years.

39. Removal from office. 7. No member of the General Court

40. If the Governor is impeached, shall take fees, etc. 8. The doors to be kept open, except in certain cases.

Executire Power. 9. Apportionment of members of

41. The Governor. the Legislature.

42. Shall be chosen biennially. 10. Stricken out.

43. The Governor may adjourn the 11. In case of a town, place or city

Legislature in case of disagreewhere having less than


ment. hundred inhabitants.

44. All bills to be signed by the 12. The members shall be chosen bi

Governor. ennially.

45. Every resolve to be presented to 13. Qualifications for voting.

the Governor. 14. Every member of the house shall 46. All judicial and army officers to be chosen by ballot for two

be appointed by the Governor years.

and council. 15. Compensation and mileage.

47. The Governor and council shall 16. Vacancies, how filled.

have a negative on each other, 17. Impeachments to be heard and !

48. Captains and subalterns to be made by the Senate.

commissioned by the Governor. 18. All money bills shall originate,

49. Whenever the chair of the Govwhere.

ernor shall become vacant. 19. Power to adjourn for two days.

50. The Governor and council may 20. What constitutes a quorum.

prorogue the General Court. 21. Privileged from arrest.

51. The Governor to be commander22. The house shall choose their own

in-chief of the army of the

State. speaker, etc. 23. Power of Senate, Governor and

52. The Governor's power of pardoncouncil.

ing offenses, etc. 24. Both houses to keep a journal.

53. Removal of commissioned officers

of the militia. 25. The Senate shall consist of twenty-four members.

54. Appointment of adjutants, etc.

55. Division of militia into brigades, 26. The State to be equally represented.

regiments and companies.

56. No money to be issued out of the 27. Election of Senators.

treasury, except by appropria28. How Senators shall be chosen.

tion. 29. What disqualifies.

57. Certain officers to deliver an ac30. Those qualified to be considered

count of all goods, stores, etc., an inhabitant.

to the Governor.



Article 58. Compensation of the Governor

and council. 59. Permanent and honorable sal

aries for justices of the Su

preme Court. 60. Election of Governor's council

lors. 61. Those having a majority of the

votes to be considered elected. 62. In regard to the refusal or ac

ceptance of an office if elected. 63. The members of the council may

be impeached for bribery, etc. 64. The resolutions, etc., of

the council to be recorded. 65. State may be divided into five

districts, each to elect a coun

cillor. 66. Elections may be adjourned. 67. Choosing of the Secretary, Treasurer

and Commissary-Generai. 68. Records of the State. 69. Secretary of State to have


deputy 70. Secretary shall give bond. 71. Election of county treasurers,

etc. 72. Two districts for registering

deeds. 73. Judicial officers to hold office

during good behavior. 74. May require opinions of the jus

tices of Superior Court. 75. Commissions of justices of the

peace to expire in five years. 76. Marriage, divorce and alimony. 77. Justices of the peace, jurisdic

tion when damages shall not

exceed one hundred dollars. 78. No person to hold office after

the age of seventy. 79. No judge or justice of the peace

to act as attorney, etc. 80. Judges of probate, duties of. 81. May not be counsel or act as

advocate. 82. The judges of the courts shall

appoint their respective clerks


to hold office during their

83. Encouragement of literature,

84. Oath of office.
85. Oath of affirmation.
86. All commissions shall be in the

name of the State of New
Hampshire, signed by the Gov-

87. All writs the same.
88. How indictments, etc., shall con-

89. In regard to suicide.
90. All laws, etc., to remain in

91. Privilege of habeas corpus.
92. The enacting style.
93. No Governor or judge of the

Supreme Judicial Court shall

any office or place of
authority under this State, ex-

| 94. No person shall be capable of

exercising at the same time
inore than one of the following

95. No member of the council shall

have a seat in the Senate or

House of Representatives.
96. Bribery, etc., debars from office.
97. In all cases where sums of

money are mentioned in this
Constitution, the value thereof
shall be computed in silver as
six shillings and eight pence

per ounce,
98. The General Court to fix the

time and alterations when

amendments shall take effect.
99. In regard to the revision of the

100. A convention for revising the

Constitution may be called

every seven years.
101. The form of government shall

be enrolled on parchment and
deposited in the Secretary's

102. Prohibition.


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