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Section 52. The Chief Justice to preside

when the Governor is tried. 53. Judges of the Supreme Court

may be removed from office. 54. The majority of each house to

constitute a quorum. 55. Each house to determine the

rules of its own proceedings. 56. The style of the laws shall be. 57. Neither house shall adjourn for

more than three days. 58. Sessions to be open except in

certain cases. 59. Bills may originate in either

house. 60. No law shall pass except by

bill. 61. No law shall be revised or

amended by reference to its

title only. 02. How bills shall'be voted for in

the Legislature. 63. Appropriation bills to fix a defin. Section 70. Voting by the Legislature shall

28. Cruel punishment shall not be

inflicted nor excessive fines im

posed. 29. Excessive bail shall not be re

30. No imprisonment for debt.
31. The right of trial by jury.
32. The enumeration of rights in this

Constitution not to impair
others retained by the people.


Legislatire Department. 33. The power of the same is vested

in the Legislature. 34. Members of the Legislature

chosen every four years. 35. Senators the same. 36. The first regular session of the

Legislature, when to be. 37. Elections for members to be held

in the counties and districts

provided by law. 38. Each house shall elect its own

officers and judge of the quali

fications of its members. 39. The Senate shall choose a presi

dent pro tempore. 40. Members of the Legislature

shall take the following oath. 41. To be eligible for member of the

42. To be eligible to be a Senator.
43. No person liable as principal for

public moneys unaccounted for
shall be eligible to a seat in

either house.
44. Bribery, perjury, etc., debar

from office. 45. Members of the Legislature not

eligible for any other office, etc. 46. The pay of the same. 47. They may not take fees or re

wards. 48. In certain cases they are privi

leged from arrest. 49. The House of Representatives

shall have the sole power of

50. Those liable to impeachment.
51. Judgment in such cases not to

extend further than removal
from office.

ite sum to be drawn from the

treasury. 64. Appropriation bills passed after

adoption of this constitution shall not remain in force for

more than six months. 05. In regard to the final passage of

a measure. 66. In regard to granting a dona

tion or gratuity. 67. New bills not to be introduced

during the last three days of

the session. 68. Appropriation and revenue bills

shall have precedence. 69. General appropriation bills shall

contain, etc. 70. Revenue bills, etc., to become a

law must have at least a threefifths vote of the members of

each house. 11. Every bill shall have a title. 72. Every bill to be signed by the

Governor. 73. The Governor may veto, etc. 74. No bill shall become a law until

referred to a committee of each

house. 75. No general law shall be enforced

within sixty days after its passage.

be viva voce. 77. The Governor shall issue writs of

elections to fill vacancies. 78. In regard to the reduction of sal

aries of public officers. 79. Delinquent tax lands to be suld. 80. Law's shall be passed to prevent

the abuse by cities, towns, etc., of their powers of assessment

and taxation. 81. The Legislature shall not au

thorize the permanent obstruction of any of the navigable

waters of the State. 82. In regard to bonds and security. 83. Laws shall be enacted to secure

the safety of persons from fire in hotels and other public

buildings. 84. Non-resident aliens not to hold

land in the State. 85. In regard to public roads being

worked by county prisoners. 86. Care of the insane. 87. No special or local laws shall be

enacted for the benefit of indi

viduals or corporations. 88. General laws shall be passed

under which local and private

interests shall be provided for. 89. There shall be appointed in each

house a standing committee on

local and private legislation. 90. Local or private laws shall not

be passed in any of the follow

ing cases. 91. County laws shall be uniform. 92. The Legislature shall not au

thorize payment to any person of the salary of a deceased officer beyond the date of his

death. 93. It shall not retire any officer on

part pay. 94. No laws to distinguish between

the rights of men and women

to acquire property. 95. State lands not to be donated

directly or indirectly to cor

porations cr private individuals. 96. Extra compensation not to be


granted to any officer, agent,

etc. 97. The Legislature shall have no

no power to revive any remedy which may have

become barred by lapse of time. 98. Lotteries not allowed. 99. The Legislature shall elect cer

tain officers. 100. Obligations and liabilities of

persons, corporations, etc.,

shall not be released. 101. The seat of government. 102. When general elections shall be

held. 103. In cases not provided for in the

Constitution the Legislature may determine the mode of

filling vacancies. 104. The statutes of limitations in

civil causes shall not run

against the State, 105. A census to be taken every ten

years. 106. State librarian.-His duties and

compensation.-Office may be

filled by a woman. 107. In regard to stationery, print

ing, etc. 108. The salary of the officer to

cease with his office. 109. No legislator or public officer

may be interested in any con

tract with the State. 110. Private roads to be provided for. 111. In regard to the sale of lands

in pursuance of a decree of

the court. 112. Taxation shall be uniform and

equal throughout the State. 113. The statement of money ex

pended during a session shall

be published by the auditor. 114. Returns of elections to be made

to the Secretary of State. 115. When the fiscal year shall begin.



116. The executive power of the State

is vested in the Governor, 117. Qualifications for Governor.

Section 143. Election of other State officers

shall be the same as that of Governor.



Section 118. His salary. 119. He shall be commander-in-chief

of militia. 120. He may

require information from the officers of executive

department. 121. He may on extraordinary occa

sions convene the Legislature. 122. The Governor's mesage. 123. He shall see that the laws are

faithfully executed. 124. He may grant reprieves and

pardons. 125. His powers. 126. There shall be a seal kept by

the State. 127. Commissions in the name of the

State. 128. The Lieutenant-Governor. 129. He shall, by virtue of his office,

be president of the Senate, and

give the casting vote. 130. His compensation. 131. When he shall discharge the

duties of Governor. 132. In the case of contested elec

tions. 133. The Secretary of State.-Re

quirements, term of office and

duties. 134. The State Treasurer and Audi

tor.-Their election, qualifica

tions, term of office. 135. Sheriff, coroner, treasurer and

other county officers.-How

elected and term of office. 136. They shall hold their office dur

ing the term for which they

were elected unless removed, 137. The duties of the State Treasu

rer in regard to public money. 138. The sheriff, coroner, etc., shall

be selected in a manner provided for by law in each

county 139. Legislature may empower the

Governor to remove and ap

point officers. 140. The manner of choosing the

Governor. 141. In case of tie, how settled. 142. Members of the Legislature

may not hold any other office

144. The judicial power of the State,

how vested. 145. The Supreme Court shall con

sist of three judges.-Two

shall form a quorum. 146. The jurisdiction of the same. 147. In regard to judgments and de

crees from the Chancery and

Circuit Court. 148. There shall be two terms each

year. 149. Judges shall hold office nine

years. 150. Eligibility to office. 151. Vacancies, how filled. 152. The State shall be divided into

Circuit and Chancery dis

tricts. 153. Judges of Circuit and Chancery

Courts appointed by the Gov

ernor. 154. To be eligible to such judgeship. 155. Judges to take the following

oath or affirmation. 156. The Circuit Court.-Its jurisdic

tion. 157. Causes that may be brought in

the Circuit Court whereof the Chancery Court has exclusive jurisdiction shall be trans

ferred to the latter. 158. A Circuit Court to be held in

each county at least twice in

each year. 159. The jurisdiction of the Chancery

Court. 160. In regard to additional jurisdic

tion heretofore exercised in

the Chancery Court. 161. The Chancery Court shall have

jurisdiction concurrent with

the Circuit Court. 162. Causes that may be brought in

the Chancery Court whereot the Circuit Court has exclusive

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jurisdiction shall be trans

ferred to the latter. 163. In regard to the transfer of

cases. 164. The Chancery Court shall be

held in each county at

least twice a year. 165. No judge shall preside in any

cause wherein he is interested. 166. Compensation of judges of the

Supreme and Circuit Court

and the chancellors. 167. All civil officers shall be con

servators of the peace. 168. Eleotion of the clerk of the Su

preme Court and of other

courts. 169. The style of process shall be. 170. Each county shall be divided

into five districts and a board

of supervisors shall be chosen. 171. Justices of the Peace. Their

jurisdiction. 172. Inferior courts may be estab

lished by the Legislature. 173. The Attorney-General. His

term of office, duties and com

pensation. 174. The District Attorney.-His

term of office, duties and com

pensation. 175. All public officers, for neglect of

duty, etc., may be removed

from office. 176. To be eligible to be a member of

the board of supervisors.
177. Vacancies occurring during the

recess of the Senate may be
Alled by the Governor.

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181. The property of private corper-

ations shall be taxed.
182. The power to tax the same shall

never be surrendered. 183. No sub-division of the State

shall become a subscriber to the capital stock of any cor

poration. 184. Railroads shall be public high

ways and railroad companies

common carriers. 185. The rolling stock belonging to

any railroad company shall be

considered personal property. 186. Laws shall be passed to pre

vent abuses and extortion by

public companies. 187. Railroads must establish a de

pot. 188. Free passes to State officers for

bidden. 189. All charters granted to private

corporations to be recorded in

the Chancery Clerk's office. 190. The right of eminent domain

shall never be abridged. 191. Employes of corporations shall

be protected. 192. The encouragement of manu

factures and other public en

terprises. 193. Employes of railroads shall

have the same right and remedy for Injury as allowed to

other persons not employes. 194. The right of stockholders to

vote in company elections. 195. Express, telegraph, telephone and

sleeping car companies are de

clared common carriers. 196. No corporations shall Issue

bonds except for stock, for

money or labor done. 197. In regard to foreign corpora

tions. 198. The Legislature shall enact

laws to prevent trusts and

combinations. 199. The term corporation defined. | 200. The Legislature shall enforce

the provisions of this article.


Corporations. 178. Corporations shall be formed

under general laws. 179. Tho Legislature shall never re

mit the forfeiture of the fran

chise of any corporation, etc. 180. All

existing charters under which organization has not taken place at the adoption of this Constitution or within one year of the same shall be void.



made for the support of the Education.

Mississippi National Guard. Section

222. The Board of Supervisors of 201. A uniform system of free public

each county may aid in supschools to be maintained.

porting a military company of 202. There shall be a Superintendent

the said guard. of Public Education, 203. The Board of Education to con

ARTICLE X. sist of whom. 204. There shall be a superintendent

Penitentiary and Prisons. of public education in each 223. No penitentiary convicts shall county.

ever be leased or hired. 205. A public school shall be main- 224. Convicts may be employed on tained in each school district.

State work. 206. The common school fund.-To 225. They may be placed on a State consist of what.

farm and work thereon. 207. Separate schools shall be main- 226. Convicts sentenced through the tained for the children of the

county jail shall not be hired white and colored races.

or leased, etc. 208. No religious sect shall ever have control of school or


educational funds.

Lereex. 209. Institutions for the deaf, dumb 227. A levee system shall be mainand blind shall be inaiinncd.

tained in the State. 210. No public officer shall be inter- | 228. The division of alluvial lands ested in the sale of text

made by the State is hereby books, etc.

recognized. 211. In regard to the lands of the 229. There shall be a Board of Levee Choctaw purchase

Commissioners. 212. In regard to the Chii kasaw 230. They shall be qualified voters. school fund.

231. The Governor shall fill vacan213. In regard to certain agricualural

cies for the same. and mechanical colleges of

232. The duties of said commissionthis State.


233. They appropriate private prop

erty. Militia.

234. In regard to the changing of 214. Militia may be composel v

boundaries of districts or atwhom.

fecting taxation. 215. It shall be organized, equipped 235. Each levee board at the end and lisciplinod.

of the fiscal year shall report 216. All except non-commissioned of

to the Governor. ficers shall be appointed by the 236. A uniform tax to be imposed Governor.

for levee purposes. 217. The Governor shail be com

237. The Legislature shall have full mander-in-chief.

power to provide for a system 218. Generals to be nominated and

of taxation for levees as shall commissioned.

seem necessary. 219. The Adjutant-General and other 238. Property which may not be staff officers.

taxed for such purpose. 220. The militia shall be exempt 239. The levee boards are to publish from arrest, etc.

at each session of the Legisla221. An annual appropriaton to be

ture an itemized account, etc.

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