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by the Governoi, no more State bonds shall thereafter be issued to said company, and the Governor shall proceed in such manner as may be prescribed by law, to sell the bonds of the defaulting company or companies, or the lands held in trust, as above, or may require a foreclosure of the mortgage executed to secure the same: Provided, that if any company so in default, before the day of sale shall pay all interest and principal then due and all expenses incurred by the State, no sale shall take place, and the right of said company shall not be impaired to a further loan of State credit: Provided, if any of said companies shall at any time offer to pay the principal together with the interest that may then be due upon any of the Minnesota State railroad bonds which may have been issued under the provisions of this section, then the Treasurer of the State shall receive the same, and the liabilities of said company or companies in respect to said bonds shall cease upon such payment into the State treasury of principal, together with the interest as aforesaid: Provided, further, that in consideration of the loan of State credit herein provided, that the company or companies which may accept the bonds of the State, in the manner herein specified, shall, as a condition thereof, each complete not less than fifty miles of its road on or before the expiration of the year 1861, and not less than one hundred miles before the year 1864, and complete four-fifths of the entire length of its road before the year 1866; and any fail. ure on the part of any such company to complete the number of miles of its road or roads, in the manner and within the several times herein prescribed, shall forfeit to the State all the right, title and interest of any kind whatsoever in and to any lands, together with the franchises connected with the same not pertaining or applicable to the portion of the road by them constructed and a fee simple to which has not accrued to either of said com. panies by reason of such construction which was granted to the company or companies thus failing to comply with the provisions hereof, by act of the Legislature of the Territory of Minnesota vesting said lands in said companies respectively. (Expunged by amendment to section 10, article 9.) (Adopted April 15, 1858.)






Section 8. Those who are citizens of this

State. 9. The military shall be subordi

nate to the civil power. 10. Treason against the State de

fined. 11. The people have the right to as

semble peaceably to consult

for the common good. 12. The right to bear arms. 13. Freedom of speech and of the

press. 14. No person shall be deprived of

life, liberty or property except

by due process of law. 15. There shall be neither slavery

nor involuntary servitude except as punishment for Section 28. Cruel punishment shall not be

1. Distribution of powers.
2. Boundaries of the State.
3. Bill of rights.
4. Legislative department.
5. Executive.
6. Judiciary.
7. Corporations.
8. Education,
9. Militian
10. The Penitentiary and Prisons.
11. Levees.
12. Franchise.
13. Apportionment.
14. General provisions.
15. Amendments.



Distribution of Porcers.
1. Shall be divided into three dis-

tinct departments, the Legisla-
tive, Judicial and the Execu-

2. They shall not exercise the

duties of each other's depart-

16. No ex

post facto law to be passed. 17. Private property shall not be

taken for public use without

just compensation. 18. No religious test as a qualifica

tion for office shall be required. 19. Duelling prohibited. 20. The term of all officers will be

for some specified period. 21. The writ of habeas corpus shall

not be suspended. 22. No person shall be put in jeop

ardy twice for the same of

tense. 23. Unreasonable seizures and

searches prohibited. 24. All courts shall be open and

right and justice administered

without sale or delay. 25. The right to defend in any civil

court. 26. Excessive bail shall not be re

quired. 27. How a person shall be proceeded



Boundaries of the State.
3. The boundaries of the State.
4. The Legislature shall have the

power to take additional terri-
tory for the State.


Bill of Rights. 5. All political power vested in the

people. 6. The people have the inherent

right to regulate the internal

government. 7. The State is inseparable from

the Union.

inflicted nor excessive fines im

posed. 29. Excessive bail shall not be re

quired. 30. No imprisonment for debt. 31. The right of trial by jury. 32. The enumeration of rights in this

Constitution not to impair others retained by the people.


Legislative Department. 33. The power of the same is vested

in the Legislature. 34. Members of the Legislature

chosen every four years. 35. Senators the same. 36. The first regular session of the

Legislature, when to be. 37. Elections for members to be held

in the counties and districts

provided by law. 38. Each house shall elect its own

officers and judge of the quali

fications of its members. 39. The Senate shall choose a presi

dent pro tempore. 40. Members of the Legislature

shall take the following oath. 41. To be eligible for member of the

house. 42. To be e'igible to be a Senator. 43. No person liable as principal for

public moneys unaccounted for shall be eligible to a seat in

either house. 44. Bribery, perjury, etc., debar

from office. 45. Members of the Legislature not

eligible for any other office, etc. 46. The pay of the same. 47. They may not take fees or re

wards. 48. In certain cases they are privi

lleged from arrest. 49. The House of Representatives

shall have the sole power of

impeachment. 50. Those liable to impeachment. 51. Judgment in such cases not to

extend further than removal from office.

Section 52. The Chief Justice to preside

when the Governor is tried. 53. Judges of the Supreme Court

may be removed from office. 54. The majority of each house to

constitute a quorum. 55. Each house to determine the

rules of its own proceedings. 56. The style of the laws shall be. 57. Neither house shall adjourn for

more than three days. 58. Sessions to be open except in

certain cases. 59. Bills may originate in either

house. 60. No law shall pass except by

bill. 61. No law

shall be revised or amended by reference to its

title only. 02. How bills shall'be voted for in

the Legislature. 63. Appropriation bills to fix a defin

ite sum to be drawn from the

treasury. 64. Appropriation bills passed after

adoption of this Constitution shall not remain in force for

more than six months. 05. In regard to the final passage of

a measure. 66. In regard to granting a dona

tion or gratuity. 67. New bills not to be introduced

during the last three days of

the session. 68. Appropriation and revenue bills

shall have precedence. 69. General appropriation bilis shall

contain, etc. 70. Revenue bills, etc., to become a

law must have at least a threefifths vote of the members of

each house. 11. Every bill shall have a title. 72. Every bill to be signed by the

Governor. 73. The Governor may veto, etc. 74. No bill shall become a law until

referred to a committee of each

house. 75. No general law shall be enforced

within sixty days after its passage.

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