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Wentworth, Lady Harriet (Marquis of Whaley, Dr., reference to, ii. 159.

Rockingham's sister) marries her / Wharton, R., advice as to educating
footman, iii. 183.

his son at Eton, iii. 86-87, 106-107.
embarks for America, iii. 185.

death of, iii. 167.
West, Gilbert, reference to On the Wharton, Thomas, M.D., Fellow of
Abuse of Travelling, by, ii. 90.

Pembroke College, his MSS. of
his contribution to Dodsley's Mis- Gray, i. xiv.
cellaneous Poems, ii. 180.

Gray's Epitaph on his infantson, i. 126.
note on, ii. 180.

note on, ii. 61.
West, Richard (the Favonius of Gray), Gray dubs him Sir Thomas and

effect of his criticism of Agrippina, wishes him a great career, ii. 118.
i. 101.

influence solicited on behalf of Tut-
Sapphic Ode sent to, i. 174.

hill, ii. 145, 185.
Sapphics sent to, i. 176-177.

asked' his opinion of Thucydides, ii.
Carmen ad C. Favonium Zephyrinum

sent to, i. 177.

Gray requests a small loan, and its
fragment of a Latin poem on The repayment, ii. 156, 176, 177.
Gaurus sent to, i. 179-181.

Gray asks the loan of twenty guineas,
Farewell to Florence sent to, i. 181. ii. 195.
biographical notes on, i. 110; ii. 1. contemplated marriage of, ii. 157.
his personal appearance, ii. 45. reference to his marriage, ii. 176.
loss of his companionship regretted Gray sends him the Ode on Walpole's
by Gray, ii. 2.

cat, ii. 164 ; i. 10.
advised by Gray to learn Italian, ii. 7. interest sought on behalf of C. Smart,
his Latin Elegy Ad Amicos, ii. 8.

ii. 179.
writes an Elegy in reference to the sympathises with Gray on the loss

Venus de Medicis of Florence, ii. 55. of his house in Cornhill, ii. 181-182.
assured of Gray's unalterable friend- congratulated on the christening of
ship, ii. 96-97.

his daughter, ii. 185.
his fragment of the Tragedy of Par- Gray asks his opinion of Stonehewer,
sanias, ii. 103.

ii. 187.
sends Gray some hexameters on a Gray sends him The Alliance of Edu-
cough, ii. 106.

cation and Government, ii. 187.
his translation of Tacitus com- asked to obtain the influence of Dr.
mended, ii. 111.

Keene on behalf of Stonehewer, ii.
praise of his Ode on May, ii. 112.

his death, and its cause, i. 2; ii. 113. contemplates a change of practice, ii.
Gray's Sonnet on his death, i. 110. 202-203.
reference to, ii. 167.

Gray sends him a copy of the Elegy,
note as to the publication of his ii. 228.
poems, ii. 171.

Gray directs that two copies of his
his Monody on the death of Queen Poems should be sent to, ii. 237.
Caroline, ii. 180, 222.

birth of a son, ii. 238.
Westminster Abbey, fragment of an Gray proposes to visit him at Studley,
Act of Parliament relative to; one

ii. 240.
of the lost pieces by Gray, i. 142. desires to change his residence, ii.
Westminster Hall, Gray's account of 252-253.

George III.'s coronation in, iii. 110- the Progress of Poesy submitted to

him, ii. 260 ; i. 2.
Westminster Theatre, reference to, iii. reference to his politics, ii, 259, 261.

requested to pay the fire policies on
Duke of York, Lady Stanhope, the Gray's property, ii. 263.

Delavals, etc., play parts in, iii. 270. Gray asks to be entertained as an
Weymouth, Thomas, third Viscount, invalid at Wharton's house, ii. 273.

his marriage to Lady Elizabeth reference to his profession, ii. 274.
Bentinck, iii. 395.

Gray asks him to procure a rope
presents living of Frome to Dr. Ross, ladder to be used in escaping from
iii. 32.

drunken visitors, ii. 276.
offered Spain (Ambassador ?), iii. 255. his desire that Mr. Hurd should treat
reference to, iii. 294.

Dr. Akenside leniently, ii. 299.

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Wharton, Thomas, told that Gray's Odes Wharton, Thomas, desires a drawing-
are not at all popular, ii. 323.

master for his daughters, iii, 283.
Gray mentions the criticisms on the Gray sends books requested, also
Odes to, ii. 330-331, 341.


presents, who are mentioned
congratulated upon recovery of his by nickname, iii. 291-292.
family, ii. 340.

what does he think of Mason's plans
Gray condoles with him on the death for his grounds ? iii. 292.
of his son, ii. 361.

Gray hopes the asthma has not re-
his dejection, ii. 365.

turned, iii. 294.
residing at Hampstead, ii. 377. Gray, consulted in a tythe dispute,
purchases a picture believed to be by endeavours to dissuade Wharton
old Fran[C]k, ii. 384.

from pursuing it, iii. 314-317.
Gray troubles him to accommodate Gray relates the manner of his ap-
some baskets of china, ii. 385.

pointment to the Chair of Modern
Gray sends him same with inventory, History, iii. 321.

and asks that they may be insured, his nephew admitted to Pembroke
ii. 387-389.

College, iii. 340.
complimented upon owning а will visit Mason at York, on horse-
“ Pieta," ii. 389.

back, from Old Park, iii. 349.
once lived in Southampton Row, ii. Gray hopes he got safe home after his

troublesome night of asthma, iii.
removes to his paternal estate of 350.

Old Park, ii. 397; iii. 17, 21, 49, 133. Gray writes the Journal of the Lakes
keeps record of temperature for July for his amusement, iii. 350.
1759, ii. 398.

sends Gray an object atural his-
Gray unable to purchase old tapestry tory, iii. 352.
for, iii. 10.

illness of his daughter, iii. 21, 368.
proposes to have a painted window, Gray tells him of his journey through

Gray's proposal for same, iii. 17. the western counties, iii. 379-380.
birth of a son, iii. 49.

MS. of Impromptu on Lord Holland's
has recovered his hearing, iii. 64. house, i. 135.
illness and death of his sister-in-law, Whateley, Thomas, his. Observations on
iii. 82, 121.

Gardening and account of the Wye,
Gray's advice on an Eton education iii. 380.

for his nephew, iii. 86-87, 106-107. Wheeler, J., has returned from Lisbon,
Gray advises him upon coloured

iii. 238.
glass, iii. 102-103.

Whitehead, William, Gray's opinion of
Gray advises him upon Gothic wall- his Ode on a Tent, etc., ii. 220.

paper and its cost, iii. 110, 118-121. Birthday Ode for 1758, ii. 390, 391.
visited by Gray at Old Park, iii. 133. Ode for the New Year, ii. 394.
Gray buys him some rout-chairs, their his School for Lovers, iii. 128.
price, iii. 137.

Gray pleased with his Charge to the
confinement of Mrs. Wharton, iii. 138. Poets, iii. 128.
condolement on the death of R. Elegy against Friendship, iii. 128, 131.
Wharton, iii. 167.

Gray would rather steal his verse
protection of his sister Ettrick from than his sentiment, iii. 138.

a brutal husband, iii, 199-200, 245. Whithe[a]d, Francis, reference to, ii.
entertains Gray, Dr. Hallifax, and 125, 136, 137, 207.

Dr. Louth at Old Park, iii. 208. biographical note, iii. 205.
entertains Gray and Dr. Brown, iii. Whitworth, Lord, his Account of Russia,

printed at Strawberry Hill, ii. 373.
they accompany him to Barnard Wilkes, John, speech by, iii. 39.

Castle, Rokeby, and Richmond, his pursuit of Lord Halifax, iii. 39.
iii. 277.

likely to be chose for the city of Lon-
contemplates with Gray a tour don, iii. 317.

through Westmoreland and Cum- like to lose his election (in 1771, but
berland, iii. 277.

returned top of the poll), iii. 406.
taken ill wi sthma hile on a Wilkinson, Mr., reference to, ii. 177.

visit to the Lakes with Gray, his his influence at Pembroke College,
return home, iii. 281, 351.

ii. 228.

Wilkinson, Miss, about to marry Mr. Wollaston, Miss, marries Dr. Heber.
T. Pitt, iii. 406.

den, iii. 29.
Wilkinson,' Mrs., reference to, iii. Wolsey's, Cardinal, villa at Esher, ii.

William of Sens, built the choir of Women, frailties of, the favourite
Canterbury Cathedral, iii. 316.

theme of conversation, i. 403.
William Shakespeare to Mrs. Anne, a Wood, Rev. John, curate to Mason, ii.
poem by Gray, iii. 205-206.

Williams, Bishop, portrait as lord reference to, ii. 395.
keeper, i. 311.

Mason engaged to, iii. 328.
Williams, Mr., friend of Gray and Wal- Wood, Robert, author of Ruins of Pal-
pole, iii. 11.

myra, disappointed at Gray's pro-
Williams, Sir Charles Hanbury, has he ductions, ii. 328, 331.
gone to Berlin ? ii. 227.

Duke of Bridgewater's companion in
death of his daughter Lady Essex, ii. Italy, ii. 328.
401, iii. 3.

gone to Chatsworth, iii. 124.
Williams, Sir William Peers, about to Woodhouse, Tytler, Lord, his Essay on

take part in a secret expedition, Petrarch against the Abbé de Sade,
iii. 68.

iii. 235.
Montagu one of his executors, iii. Woodville (Widville), Elizabeth, wife

of Edward IV., i. 95.
Gray requested to write his Epitaph, Wormius, Olaus, his preservation of
iii. 109.

the Anglo-Saxon poem of Ransom
Gray's first thoughts for an Epitaph, of Eigil, i. 362.
iii. 109.

Wren, Sir Christopher, his opinion
Epitaph on, i. 128.

that Gothic architecture is thc
Walpole's description of, i. 128.

Saracen or Moorish, ii. 255.
Williamson, Mr., friend of Dr. Beattie, rebuilt Warwick church, ii. 257.
reference to, iii, 278.

Writing, Gray on good, ii. 199.
visits Gray at Cambridge to which he Wroxton, residence of Duke of Guild-

walked from Aberdeen, iii. 280. ford, ii. 258.
Willis's Mitred Abbies, reference to, ii. Wyat, Sir J., Gray's transcript of his

defence offered to H. Walpole, i.
Willoughby's Book of Fishes, iii. 291. 312.
Book of Birds, prices realised for Wyatt, Sir Thomas, his verse, i. 334.
copies, iii. 291.

Wyatt, Rev. William, Fellow of Pem.
Wilson, Benjamin, portrait painter, broke, reference to, and note on,

Dr. Plumptre and Gray sit to, iii. iii, 353.

Wye, River, Gray's account of, iii.
Wilson, Dr. Christopher, Bishop of 380.

Bristol, his fortunate acquirement Gilpin's Observations on the river
of wealth, iii. 75.

submitted to Gray, iii. 380.
King George III.'s reproof to, iii.

biographical note on, iii. 75.

YARMOUTH, Lady, her son christened
Wilson, Colonel, his house in Kendal, by Mason, ii. 354.
i. 269.

George II.'s bequest to, iii. 71.
Wilson, Thomas, Fellow of Pembroke Yonge or Young, Philip, Bishop of
College, iii. 384.

Bristol, Duke of Newcastle's re-
Winstanley, Mr., private tutor to Lord mark to, ii. 371.
Richard Cavendish, iii. 331.

reference to a caricature of, by
Winston, reference to, iii. 152.

Mason, iii. 55.
Winter of 1763-4 hot and unseason- translated to Norwich, iii. 105.
able, iii. 169.

York, Mrs. Charles, death of, and one
Winter of 1771, iii. 391-392.

of her children, ii. 401.
Woburn, residence of Duke of Bedford, attended by Drs. Heberden and
ii. 258,

Taylor, ii. 401.
Wollaston, Wm., quotation from his York, Duke of, his popularity, iii. 89.

Religion of Nature Delineated, i. 90.

anecdote concerning: iii. 90.

York, Duke of, speaks in Opposition Yorkshire, Gray's journey through part

on the American question, iii. 270. of, iii. 133-134.
his private theatricals, iii. 270. see Lakes, Journal of.
York Minster, ruin of a Gothic chapel Young, Professor, author of a satirical

in precincts of, Gray's opinion of criticism on the Elegy, i. 208.
its being the chapel of St. Sepul-

chre, iii. 140-144.
period and style of its construction ZEPHYRINUM, Carmen ad C. Favonium,
and architecture, iii. 145-147.

i. 177-178.
Yorke, James, succeeds to the deanery Zilettus of Venice, publisher of Trac-
of Dr. Greene, iii. 105.

tatus universi juris, ii. 368.


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