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Roberts's, Gray asks Mason to procure Roman Senate, Chapman's Essay on the,
him lodgings at, ii. 251, 284.

ii. 163.
Robertson, Dr. William, author of Life Romances, purpose of, i. 338.

of Charles V., Gray sups with him, Romans, foundation of their religion,
iii. 209.

ii. 173.
History of Mary Stuart and her Son, Ronsard's Art of Poetry, reference to,
ii, 396.

i. 333.
Robinson, Rev. Wm., Impromptu on Roper, Mr., his opinion of The Odes,

Lord Holland's house, written by ii. 330.
Gray at his rectory of Denton, i. Ross, John, Bishop of Exeter, ii. 193.

his Epistles of Tully, ii. 193.
at Cambridge, ii. 163.

Ross, Mr., of Cambridge, reference to,
biographical note on, iii. 15.

ii. 232-233.
Gray makes a list of wild plants Ross, Mr., murder of, iii. 339.

native to the neighbourhood of Ross, Dr., obtains the living of Frome,
Denton, iii. 15.

iii. 32.
his marriage to Miss Richardson, iii. Gray remembers his kind invitation
57, 63.

and in better days hopes to accept
proceeds to Naples for his honey. it, iii. 161.
moon, iii. 57.

his contentment, iii. 161.
Gray hopes to see him in many new said to be made Dean of Ely, iii.335,337.
lights, iii. 161.

succeeds Dr. Law as prebend of Dur-
Gray hopes to be better known to ham, iii. 338.
Mrs. Robinson, iii. 162.

Rousseau, his characters do not inter-
visited by Gray at Denton, iii. 237, est Gray, ii. 329.

Gray has not seen, ii. 389.
description of Mrs. Robinson, iii. 265. his Nouvelle Heloise, Walter Savage
Robinson of Faseley,his house in Killie- Landoron, iii, 79; Mason and
crankie Pass, iii. 218.

Hurd admire it, iii. 83.
Rochefort, unsuccessful expedition on, everybody that has children should
ii. 342.

read his Emile, iii. 151.
Rodney, Admiral, his bombardment of Gray sets his religious discourses at
Havre, ii. 402.

nought, iii. 152.
Roger, Archbishop of York, founder resides near Neufchâtel, iii. 174.

of St. Sepulchre's Chapel, iii. 140- publishes at the Hague and realises

considerable sums, iii. 174.
Rogers, Jonathan, uncle to Gray, Ode venerated by the people of his dis-

to Spring written at his house, trict, iii, 174.
i. 2.

his Lettres de la Montagne, except the
his funeral, i. 72.

Contrat Social, of the dullest, iii.
Rogers, Mrs. Jonathan, receives 187-188, 192.
paralytic stroke, ii. 245, 250.

in Derbyshire with Mr. Davenport,
her illness, ii, 366, 377, 381.

iii. 243.
recovers her speech after years of quarrels with David Hume, iii. 243.
unintelligibleness, ii. 382.

quits England, iii. 271.
her death, ii. 383.

writes letters to the Lord Chancellor
reference to, ii. 185.

and Mr. Conway, iii. 271.
Rogers, Samuel, gave eighteen guineas Voltaire's Guerre de Geneve a satire
for a letter of Gray's from the

on, iii 271.
Bindley and Reed collections, ii. Rovezzano, Beneditto da, painter and

architect, i. 320.
Roi, Histoire du Cabinet du, by Buffon Rowe, Mrs., letters of the dead to the
and D'Aubenton, ii, 199.

living, ii. 6.
Rolfe, Mr. Wm.J., of Cambridge, Mass., Rowe, Nicholas, poet laureate, his
i. xvii.

flowers of eloquence, ii. 167.
Rolle, Mr., contributes to Dodsley's reference to, i. 345.

Miscellaneous Poems, ii. 221. origin of his ballad of Colin's Com-
Romaine, Archbishop of York, built plaint, ii. 367.

north transept of York Minster, Rowley, Mr., insulted by an Irish
iii. 146.

mob, iii, 26.


Royal family, their frequent visits in St. Sepulchre's Chapel, York Minster,
society, ii. 89.

Gray's attempt to identify its site,
Royston, Lord (second Earl of Hard- iii. 140-144.

wick), his State Papers, iii. 6. Salisbury music-meetings, reference
Russia, Account of, by Lord Whitworth, to, iii. 343.

printed at Walpole's Twickenham Sandby, Paul, R.A., exhibits at the
press, ii. 373.

first exhibition of artists, iii. 65.
MS. purchased from Mr. Zolman's biographical note, iii. 65.

library and given by R. O. Cam- preparing a great picture of Snowdon.
bridge, Esq., ii. 373.

iii. 65, 68.
Rutherford, Dr. Thomas, mathema- Sandwich, John, Earl of, squib on, i.
tician, ii. 163.

candidate for the Mastership of St. his remark to Cradock on Gray's
John's, iii. 190.

aversion to himself, i. 131.
Rutherford, Mrs., her opinion of his boyish days, ii. 115.
Mason's Elegy V., iii. 139.

and the High Stewardship of Cam.

bridge, iii. 168.

Dr. Brook, Mr. Brockett, and Dr.
SACKVILLE, Lord George, his conduct Long, his agents, iij. 168-171.
at Minden, iii. 8.

hires à scribbler to write a weekly
arrival in England, anticipates paper, the Scrutator, iii. 171.
court-martial, iii. 14.

whatever seems against him is popu.
reference to, iii. 25.

lar, iii. 201.
Law-officers declare him amenable to

engages the Bishop of Chester's in-
court-martial, iii. 28.

terest, iji. 201. ;
his trial and demeanour: the result, joint postmaster, iii. 294.
iii. 31, 34, 35.

Sangallo, Bastiano Aristotile da, paint-
Sade, Abbé, his Petrarch, iii. 235.

er, i. 320.
St. Andre, Dr. Nathaniel, who married Sapphic Ode, i. 174-176.

Lady Betty Molyneux, resides at Sardinian Ambassador's chapel and
Southampton, iii. 175-176.

stables in Lincoln's Inn Fields
St. Augustinē, hymn of, its rhyme, i. burnt, iii. 22.

marriage of his son to Miss Speed,
St. Bruno, his retirement at Char- iii. 83.
treuse, ii. 36, 45.

Satire upon the Heads; or never a barrel
St. Cecilia's Day, remarks on Dryden's the better herring, i. 134.
i. 36.

editorial note on, i. 134.
Dryden's Ode compared with Pope's, Satyrical prints, their popularity, circa
i. 36.

1746, ii. 134.
St. Cloit, Pierre de, his joint poem of Saxe-Gotha, Princess of, reference to,
La Vie d'Alexandre, i. 357.

iii. 70.
St. Francis, his early attempt to write Saxon Architecture, see Architecture.

an ode without rhyme, i. 344. Sayer, Mr., elder brother of Mr. Pal-
St. Germain, Count, ex-French general, grave, reference to, iii. 284.

his visit to England, iii. 50-51. Scaliger, Julius Cæsar, The Propertius
St. Giles, broad, reference to, iii. 4.

of Gray influenced by the writings
St. Helen's, Fitzherbert, Lord, his of, ii. 112.

recollections of Gray and the great Sceptic, a professed, can only be
respect held for the poet at the guided by his present passions, iii.
university, iii. 385.

a pensioner of St. John's College, iii. Schaub, Lady, i. 82.

Schoolmistress, Wm. Shenstone's poem
biographical note of, iii. 385.

of the, ii. 219.
St. John's College, Cambridge, founded Scotch, Character of the, lost piece by

by the Countess of Richmond, i. Gray, i. 142.
96; her portrait in, i. 310.

Scotland, Gray about to accompany
portraits in library, i. 310-311.

Lord Strathmore and Thomas
St. Margaret, Life of, its age and style, Lyon to, iii. 208.
i. 357.

journey from Hetton to Glamis, iii.
quotation from, i. 366.


Ode on,

Scotland, considers its scenery sub-|Secretary of State, changes in 1766,
lime, iii. 219.

iii. 237.
returned charmed with the High- Sedgwick, Mr., secretary to Anne,
lands, iii. 223.

Countess of Dorset, i. 279.
Italy can hardly excel its scenery, Selby, Bell, her dream of Mason, ii.
iii. 223.

Gray will certainly go again, iii. Selwyn, George, present at the execu-

tion of Lord Lovat, ii. 142.
a country that gave him much plea- Senesino, nicknames of certain Italian
sure, iii. 279.

singers, ii. 65.
Gray's first visit to, iv. 343.

Senhouse, Mr., and his acoustic warm-
Ms. of his journey in the possession ing-pan, ii. 295.

of Mr. John Morris, iv. 342. Sestine, ascribed to Arnauld Daniel,
reference to places mentioned by ii. 350,
Gray in :

Settle, Elkanah, poet laureate, ii. 345.
Arbroath, visit to, iii. 219.

Seven Years' War, the, fear of a French
Blair of Athol, proposes to visit, invasion, iii. 3.
iii. 220.

Prince Ferdinand defeats Contades
Braidalbane's, Lord, description of at Minden, iii. 7.
his estate, iii. 216-217.

conduct of Lord G. Sackville, iii. 8.
Dunkeld, its ruined cathedral, iii. Prussian victory over General

Harsch, iii. 9.
house of Duke of Athol, where expectation of an action between
Gray stayed, iii. 215.

the fleets, iii. 18.
road from, to Inverness, beauty victory of Admiral Hawke, iii. 22, 23.
of, iii. 218.

fear of invasion dispelled, iii. 23.
Edinburgh, visit to the principal proposed great expedition to France,
sights, iii. 209.

iii. 66.
dreads it and the itch, iii. 219. secret expedition, iii. 68.
Fingal, tomb of, iii. 216.

pamphlet against Mr. Manduit, iii. 91.
Forfar, Lord Strathmore engaged treaty of peace,

iii, 137.
in draining the lake of, by Sextus V., built dome of St. Peter's,
widening the little river ii. 79.
Deane, iii. 212.

his obelisk in the great area, ii. 80.
Glames, town built of stone and Seward, Thomas, contributes to Dods-
slated, iii. 211.

ley's Miscellaneous Poems, ii. 221.
castle, its position, approach, Shaftesbury, Lord, how the third earl
etc., iii. 210-213.

came to be a philosopher, ii. 375.
its nurseries, iii. 213.

Shakespeare, creator of poetic lan-
Killiecrankie, Pass of, iii. 218.

guage, ii. 108.
Mr. Robinson's house at foot of, beauty of his language, ii. 109.
iii. 218.

Shakespeare Verses, by Gray, i. 132.
Loch Tay, beauties of, iii. 216. editorial note, i. 132.
Megill, story of Queen Wanders Sharp, Mr., travels into Italy, iii. 256.
buried there, iii. 214.

Shaw, Dr., his work on Architecture,
Perth, stay at, iii. 210.

ii. 255.
Strathmore, valley of, iii. 210. Shelburne, Earl of, likely to join the
Strath-Tay, beauty of, iii. 215.

new ministry, iii. 153.
Tay, the, iii. 210, 214, 215, 216. Shenstone, William, his poem of The
Taymouth or Balloch, scenery in Schoolmistress, ii. 219.
neighbourhood, iii. 215.

admires the Odes of Gray, ii. 327, 331.
Tummell, the, iii. 217, 218.

his contribution to Dodsley's Collec-
Wade's, Marshal, road, iii. 218. tion of Poems, ii. 364.
Scripture Vindicated, by Dr. Waterland, his Letters, Gray's opinion of them
ii. 215.

and the author, iii. 344.
replied to by Dr. Middleton, ii. 215. Shepherd, Miss, reference to, ii. 290.
Seba, Albertus, his Locupletissimi Rerum Sheridan, Mr., advertisement of his
Naturalium Thesauri, iii. 203.

lecture on elocution,
Secker, Bishop, his conduct as a court- Sherlock, Bishop of London, reference
ier, iii. 71.

to, iii, 125,

[ocr errors]

Sherman, William, his daughter mar- Sonnet, its invention ascribed to Fra'
ried to Mason, iii. 198.

Guittone d'Arezzo, i. 349.
Shirley, Mrs., mother of Lord Ferrers, Sopha, Le, de Crebillon, ii. 128-133.

petitions for mercy, iii. 36. Sophonisba to Masinissa, story of, ii.
Sicilian poetry, period of its success, i. 115-116.

Sophonisba to Masinissa, part of an
Sickness makes us better friends and heroic epistle, i. 183.
better men, ii. 206.

Southampton, appearance of the coast
Sictryg, his warfare with the King of in its vicinity, ii, 265.
Dublin, i. 54.

Gray staying in the High Street, iii.
Sidney, Sir Philip, his attempt to in. 177.

troduce the hexameter, i. 341. full of bathers, but Gray knows not
and the park of Warwick Castle, ii. a soul, iii. 178.

no coffee-house, no bookseller, no
Sidney, Le, comedy by Gresset, ii. 184. pastry-cook, and lodgings very
Sigurd, Earl of the Orkney Isles, his dear, iii. 178.
expedition to Ireland, i. 54.

description of, iii. 179-180, 200.
Silver boar, the badge of Richard III., Southampton Row, once the residence
i. 47.

of Dr. Wharton, and afterwards a
Siinms, Mr., Mrs., and Madlle. Nanny, lodging of Gray's, ii. 397.
reference to, ii. 124.

Gray takes up his abode at Mr.
Simons, Rudolph, his portrait in Jauncey's in, iii. 1, 6.
Emanuel College, i. 310.

description of the prospect fron, iii.
Sisters, see Fatal Sisters, an Ode.

Sketchley, Mr. R.F., reference to, i. xvii. its surroundings, iii. 4.
Skinner, John, Fellow of St. John's, Gray about to remove, iii. 102.

candidate for the Mastership of Southcote, Mr., offers his house and
St. John's, note on, iii. 190.

lands to Dr. Wharton, ii. 252.
Skroddles (Rev. Wm. Mason).

Southerne, Thomas, Restoration dra.
Smart, Christopher, the poet, his debts, matist, ii. 11.
ii. 161, 178.

Southwell, Henry, of Magdalen College,
biographical note, ii. 161.

reference to, ii. 76.
his comedy of a Trip to Cambridge, goes to Ireland, ij. 104.
ii. 162.

Southwell, Mr. and Mrs., reference to,
Duke of Cleveland allows him £40 a ii. 287.
year, ii. 179.

Gray sends him a copy of The Odes,
committed to Bedlam, ii, 215.

ii. 320.
not dead, Merope and The Guardian Spain, quarrel with, about logwood,
acted for his benefit, ii. 391.

iii, 116.
collection on behalf of, iii. 162.

and the French, iii. 172.
Messrs. Gordon and Anguish, gentle Spanish War, Gray takes an interest
men interested in him, iii. 163.

in the, iii, 84.
Smith, Dr. Adam, has heard several of Spectacles, Gray's aversion to wear, ii.

the Erse poems repeated from tra- 75-76.
dition, i. 311.

Spedding, Mr., his residence of Ar-
Smith, his print of Derwentwater, i. 259. mathwaite House, i. 262.
visits Maltham and issues an engrav- Speed, Miss (Countess de Viry), refer-
ing of Gordale Scar, i. 278.

ence to her attitude towards Gray,
Smith and Philips, reference to, i. 212. ii. 330.
Smith of Trinity is dead, iii. 303. possessed Gray's MS. of the Amatory
Snowdon, its name, i. 41.

Lines, i. 137.
resorted to by eagles, i. 43.

Gray writes a Song at her request, i.
Somerset, Carr, Earl of, reference to a 138.
letter about, iii. 123.

reference to, i. 82.
Somerset House, John of Padua, its her legacy from Lady Cobham, iii. 37.
architect, i. 307.

Gray's probable visit with her to
Somner's Saxon Dictionary, reference Oxfordshire, her uncertainty of
to, i. 326.

mind, iii. 49.
Song, to an old air of Geminiani, i. 138. public chatter respecting Gray and,
editorial note on, i. 138.

iii. 65.

Speed, Miss, her marriage with the Stillingfleet, Benjamin (Blue Stocking),
Baron de la Peyriere, iii. 83.

the naturalist, iii. 38.
need not change her religion, iii. 83 ; resides with his friend Mr. Marsham,
see also Peyriere.

iii. 88.
Spence, Joseph, his description of a bis observations on the Norfolk
puppet-show in Turin, ii. 44.

birds in 1755, iii. 95-96.
his Polymetis, ii. 170-172.

Stocks, public, are low, ii. 393.
his Essay on Pope's Odyssey, ii. 170. Gray loses £200 by selling, ii. 395.
drowned in his own garden at By- Stoke Pogis, “West End,” residence
field, iii. 329.

of Gray's uncle, Mr. Rogers, after-
Spence, S., his verses on the death of wards of his mother, i. 2.

Frederick, Prince of Wales, ii. 119. Ode to Spring, written at, i. 2.
Spencer elected Fellow of Pembroke, Ode on Distant Prospect of Eton College,
ii. 227.

written at, i. 16.
interests himself for Lord Nuneham, Hymn to Adversity, written at, i. 24.
ii. 309, 311.

Elegy in a Churchyard, chiefly written
Spenser, Edmund, adopted the hexa- at, i. 72.
meter, etc., ii. 341.

Sonnet on the death of Richard West,
Spiletta, portion of a comedy, refer- written at, i. 110.
ence to, iii. 81.

Manor House, Gray's sketch of, i.
Spleen, The, a poem by Matthew Green, 82; ii. 234; the residence of various
ii. 219.

families, i. 83.
Spring, Ode on the, i. 1.

Gray's melancholy reminiscences at,
editorial note on, i. 2.

ii. 250.
Matthew Green's Queen's Hermitage Stone, John, sculptor, reference to, iii.

furnishes Gray with two thoughts 135.
for, ii, 222.

Stone, Nicholas, sculptor, reference to,
Squibb, Dr. Arthur, M.A., chaplain of i. 321.

Colonel Bellasis's regiment, i. 88. Stone, Mr., obtains a political post, ii.
Squibb, James, of Saville Row, i. 88. 290.
Squibb, James, of Stowe, i. 88. Stonehewer, Dr., rector of Houghton,
Squire, Dr. Samuel, Bishop of St. ii. 241.
David's, i. 127.

his death, iii. 351.
biographical note on, ii. 327.

Stonehewer, Richard, Fellow of St.
Dean of Bristol and candidate for Peter's College, and secretary to
St. David's, iii. 78.

Duke of Grafton, ii. 241.
reference to, iii. 103.

Gray enquires of Dr. Wharton his
Staël, Memoires de Madame, ii. 291.

opinion of, ii. 187.
Stamp Act, Bill for the repeal of, gone Gray seeks the interest of Dr. Wharton

to the Lords. “Oh that they and Dr. Keene on behalf of, ii. 197.

would throw it out,” iii. 234. proposes to visit York with Gray, ii.
Stanhope, Mr.,and Mr. Dayrolles, ii.354.

Stanza on Immortality, i. 141.

fragment of the Prophecy sent to,
State Papers, by Dr. Birch, ii. 194.

ii. 268.
Statius,: translations from the The- tutor to the Duke of Grafton, ii. 277.
baïdos of, i. 145-148.

goes to Portsmouth to receive a
when printed, i. 144.

Morocco ambassador, iii. 10.
Stephen, Mr. Leslie, analysis of Dr. attendant on his sick father, Rev.

Middleton's writings in English Dr. Stonehewer, iii. 46.
Thought in the Eighteenth Century, busiest creature on earth, except
ii. 199.

Mr. Fraser, iii. 224.
Sterne, Laurence, his popularity, jii. 36. Gray's oracle of State, iii. 233.
receives £700 for a second edition of living in Queen Street, London, iii.
Tristram Shandy, iii. 36.

his portrait by Reynolds, iii. 36. induced the Duke of Grafton to re-
publication of his sermons, iii. 37. commend Gray for the professor-
Gray's opinion of the sermons, iii. 53. ship of Modern History, iii. 322.
Stevenson, John Hall, humorous poet, health of his father, iii. 350.
friend of Sterne, iii. 37.

Gray's letter of condolence on the
his Crazy Tales, iii. 245.

death of his father, iii. 351.

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