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Mason, Rev. William, inventor of a May, Dr. Samuel, reference to, ii. 280.

musical instrument called date of his death, iii. 164.

zumpe"or" celestinette,'' iii. 267. May, Thomas, precedes Gray as a
his derivation of "zumpe," iii, 267. drainatiser of Agrippina, ii, 106.
Dr. Brown and Gray the guests of, Maynard, Lord, his seat near Dunmow,
iii. 272.

iii. 139.
Gray criticises an Epitaph written at patron of Richard Forrester, iji. 139,

the Archbishop's request, iii. 274. Mead, Dr. Richard, his corpulence, i.
275, 278.

remonstrated with upon withdrawal Méchant, Le, comedy by Gresset, ii. 183.
of the Epitaph, iii. 276.

Villemain's praise of, ii. 183.
reference to another Epitaph that Gray recommends it, ii. 184.

inoved Dr.Wharton to tears, iii. 276. Mediocrity, Gresset's Ode on, ii. 184.
Cambridge society anxious to see Melara, a favourite of Benedict XIV.,
him, iii, 296-297.

ii. 93.
with Stonehewer at Queen Street in Melbourne, first Lord, a son of Sir
London, iii. 317.

Matthew Lamb, ii. 346.
informed of Gray's appointment as Melmoth, William, author of Sir Thos.

Professor of Modern Languages, Fitzosborne's Letters, ii. 222.
iii. 322-323.

Melpomene, an Ode, Gray enquires who
rectory of Oddington in his gift, iii. wrote it, ii. 338.

Gray thanks Mason for the history of,
reported to be married, iii. 331.

ii. 338.
complaint of his circulation of Gray's Melton, Archbishop of York, built the

lines on Lord Holland's seat, iii. 334. Minster nave, iii. 147.
Gray cannot visit him from Old Park Memoires, Duclos's, ii, 291.

owing to difficulty of road to de la Porte, ii. 291.
York, iii. 348.

de Madame Staël, ii. 291.
Gray tells hiin of his travels in the Memoirs, Ludlow's, ii 128.
western counties, iii. 381.

Memoirs of a celebrated Literary and
passes the winter in Curzon Street, Political Character, ii. 293.
iii. 404.

Memory, half a word written on or
references to, ii. 251, 260, 261, 262, near the spot worth a cartload of

283, 285 ; iii. 1, 15, 50, 63, 65, 97, recollection, ii. 380.

131, 149, 150, 282, 296, 297, 303. Merope, by Aaron Hill, acted on behalf
see also Caractucus.

of C. Smart, ii. 391.
Materialism, discourse on, ii. 373-375. Merveille, Arnauld de, his metre, i. 334.
Mathematics, Gray's aversion to, ii. 5. Message-cards, paper in Museum on, by
Mathias, T. J., first publishes the Essay H. Walpole, ii, 143.

on Norman Architecture, i. 294. Metaphysics, Gray's dislike of, ii. 5.
observations on English metre, i. 324. Methodism, Pembroke College owes
his 4tc edition of Gray forms the its preservation from tire to, iii. 301,

basis of Mr. Morris's Graiana, iv. Methodist singing-man, reference to a,

iii. 297.
Mattei, Colomba, her success a Metre, observations on English, i. 323-
singer, iii. So.

409; editorial note, i. 324.
Maty, Matthew, M.D., librarian of use of the Anglo-Saxon prefixes, i.
British Museum, iii. 6.

Maurus, Rhabanus, Archbishop of use of final syllable of verbs, i. 326-
Mentz in 847, his Glossary of the

Bible, i. 363.

termination of "an or "eon" omit-
May, Odeon, Gray praises Richard ted after settlementof Danes, i. 327.
West's, ii. 112.

insertion or omission of initial or
May 29th, Latin poem on the, i. 166. final letters intended to perfect
May, N., quarrels with Dr. Long, ii. the measure, i. 327.

use of the Cæsure, i. 329-330, 332, 333.
interests himself on behalf of C. example from Milton, i. 332.
Smart, ii. 178.

example from Lord Surrey, i. 333.
May, Dr. Samuel, Fellow of Pembroke, Ryme Dogrell, i. 330, 339.
ii. 288.

examples from Fabian, i. 330.



Metre Alexandrines, i. 331, 357. Miller, Philip, gardener and botanist,
the decasyllabic measure, i. 333.

iii. 363.
example froin Wyatt, i. 334. Milton, best example of an exquisite
example from Surrey, i. 334.

ear, i. 332.
example from Spenser, i. 341. his versification, i. 333.
heroic measure of the Italian, i. 334. creator of poetic language, ii. 108.
Riding Rhyme, i. 335, 336, 339.

his use of the relative pronouns, ii.
example from Chaucer, i. 335.

example from Spenser, i. 339. Minden, French storm, ii. 402.
attempt to introduce the hexameter, victory at, iii. 8.

sapphic, etc., in the reign of Eliza- Mingotti, famous singer, ii. 282, 305 ;
beth, i. 341.

iii. 20, 21.
Measures of Verse, i. 343-360.

Ministry, probable change of, iii. 153.
Rime Plate of the French, i. 343. their narrow majorities, iii. 168.
Versi Sciolti of the Italians, i. 343. altogether by the ears, so are the
Ottava Rima of the Italians, i. 347. Opposition, iii, 181.
Terzetti, or Terza Rima, its invention, subversion of, on its last legs, iii.
i. 348.

Sonnet, its invention, i. 349.

position of, in Dec. 1767, iii. 293, 294.
Sestine, i. 350.

Minorca, reference to its loss by
Canzoni of the Italians, i. 351.

Admiral Byng, ii. 284.
Octosyllabic, i. 353.

Miraculous Powers in the Church, Free
Couwe, i. 354.

Inquiry into the, by Dr. c. Mid-
of the Vision of Pierce Plowman, i, dleton, ii. 164.

Miraculous Powers, Warburton on, ii.
Metre of Lydgate's time uniform to

the ear, it not to the eye, i. 393. Mirepoix, Madame de, daughter of
Michell, Mr., an acquaintance of Dr. Prince Craon, ii. 85.
Wharton, i. 202.

Mirror of Magistrales, a supplement to
Middleton, Mr., his residence near The Fall of Princes, i. 409.
Burnley, i. 280.

Mitford relates the cause of R. West's
Middleton, Dr. Conyers, his Cicero, death, ii. 113.
ii. 128.

Mob Grammar, The. Lost piece by
his work on the Roman Senate, ii. Gray, i. 142.
163, 175.

Modena, Duke of, his collection of
presented with a sinecure by Sir J. paintings at, ii. 50.
Frederick, ii. 163.

Modern History and Languages, Gray
his Inquiry into the Miraculous Power appointed to the Chair of, iii. 318.
of the Church, ii. 163.

Professorship unsolicited by Gray,
his income, ii. 164.

iii. 319.
Gray laments his death, and the loss of his competitors for, iii. 320.

an old acquaintance, ii. 199; iii. 151. Gray's feelings on kissing hands for,
his writings analysed by Mr. Leslie iii. 323.
Stephen, ii. 199.

worth £400 a year, iii. 326.
Thomas Asheton writes against, ii. Money, its effect, ii. 155.

Mongon, Abbe de, Memoires of, ii. 200.
opposes Dr. Waterland's Doctrine os Monosyllables, their prevalent use in
the Trinity, ij. 215, 216.

rhyme, i. 396.
his Miscellaneous Works, ii. 215. Montagn, Duke of, his preservation of
his influence on the Essay on the Kirkstall, i. 281.

Philosophy of Lord Bolingbroke, i. Montagu, Frederick, Gray in town with,

ii. 284.
Midridate, Prince, reference to, ii. 227. Gray sends him a copy of The Odes,
Milbourne, Mr., Fellow of Pembroke, ii. 320.
ii. 288.

proposed visit with Gray to Cam-
Mildmay, Sir Anthony, his portrait in bridge, iii. 104.
Emanuel College, i. 310.

obtains the Residentiary of York for
Mildmay, Sir Walter, founder of Mason, iii, 82.

Emanuel, his portrait in that Col. appointed an executor to Sir William
lege, i. 310.

Williams, iii, 104.

Montagu, Frederick, induces Gray to Musgrave, J., his verses on the death

write an Epitaph on Sir William of Frederick, Prince of Wales, ii.
Williams, i. 128; iii. 109.

Montagu, Frederick, of Paplewick. Music, Mason's Essays on Church, ii. 242.

Did he write Melpomene? ii. 338. Music, MS., enumeration of the valu-
Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley, public able collection made by Gray in
opinion of her poems, ii. 222.

Italy, and sold at Mitford's sale,
story of her fictitious gift to Com- iii. 164.

modore Barnet, iii. 91, 100. Musical composition, English language
story related by Lord Camelford as not adapted to, iii. 158.
to her parsimony, iii. 99-100.

Expression, Avison's Essay on, iii.
her Dialogues of the Dead, iii. 42.

Montagu, Wortley, his death, iii. 90. glasses, see Glasses, water, iii. 125.
his wealth and testamentary be-

quests, iii. 90-91, 99.
Montesquieu's L'Esprit des Lois, its NARES, Archdeacon, his opinion of

effect on Gray, i. 113; ii. 191, 193, Lady Hervey, iii. 62.

Natural history, Gray's keen observa-
his Voix du Sage et du Peuple, ii. tions in, iii. 383.

Needham, Mr., tutor to Lord Gormans-
Monthly Review, matter relative to G. town, his discovery and interpreta-

Colman, Mason, and Gray, ii. 57. tion ofan ancientinscription, iii. 85.
Moore, Edward, his comedy of Gil Netley Abbey, references to and de-
Blas, ii. 213.

scription of, ii. 266 ; iii. 177-178,
Moorfields, penny literature sold on 180.
the rails of, ii. 258.

Nevelois, Jean li, his poem of La Vie
Mora, Madame de, at Miss Chudleigh's d'Alexandre, i. 357.
ball, iii. 62.

Neville, F., his verses on the death of
Moral and Political Dialogues, by Hurd, Frederick, Prince of Wales, ii. 119.
ii. 325.

Neville, Thomas, of Jesus College,
Morceau, first part of Gray's Bard, ii. Gray shows him the Bard, ii. 314.

biographical note on, ii. 314.
Mordaunt, Sir John, to take part in a Gray sends him a copy of The Odes,

secret military expedition, ii. 320. ii. 320.
his part in the attack on Rochefort, he and the old musicians do not
ii. 342.

appreciate Carlo Bach, iii. 164.
Morley, his proposed marriage, ii. 165. New Bath Guide, by C. Anstey, iii. 240,
Morrice, Gil, or Child Maurice, the old 245.
ballad of, ii. 316.

Newcastle, Gray and Dr. Wharton visit,
Morris, Mr. John, description of his iii. 281.

fine collection of Graiana from the Newcastle, Duke of, his journal going
Dawson-Turner and Dillon collec- to Hanover, one of the lost pieces
tions, iv. 339-343.

of Gray, i. 142.
Morris, Lewis, on ancient British installation as Chancellor of Cam-
poetry, i. 382.

bridge University, ii. 195.
Mortimer, Edmond de, i. 42.

laying a foundation-stone at Cam-
Morton, Dr. Charles, of British Museum, bridge, and Gray's desire to avoid

reference to, and note on, iii. 117. him, ii. 259,
Muffs worn by the countrymen in probable interest on behalf of Mr.
France (1739), ii. 19.

Addison, ii. 288.
Mugherino tree, reference to a, ii. 126. called by Gray the fizzling Duke, and
Müller, J. S., engraver of the initial by Dr. Warner Hubble-bubble, ii.
letters in Gray's Elegy, ii. 234.

Murdin's, William, Collection of Eliza- probable visit to Cambridge to open
bethan State Papers, ii. 396.

a new library, ii. 368.
Murray, Mr. John, possessor of the Gray does not stay to receive him at

MS. of Gray's Journal in France, i. Cambridge, ii. 370.
xvii., 236.

his remark to Bishop Yonge, ii. 371.
Murray, William, Solicitor-General, and effect of his sister's death

upon the,
Lord Balmerino, ii. 142.

ii. 402,

Newcastle, Duke of, attends divine ser-, Nicholls, Rev. Norton, Gray congratu.

vice since the death of his sister, lates him on his rectory, iii. 284.
Lady Castlecomer, iii. 3.

Gray advises him as the mediator
his fear of spirits, iii. 3.

between Lord Lisburne and Mr.
Lord Holland's character of, iii. 42. Temple, iii. 287-289, 332-333.
Gray calls Cambridge “old Fobus's Gray's opinion of the dispute, iii.
owl's nest,” iii. 45.

reference to, as Fobus, ii. 353; iii. 50, offered a travelling companionship
63, 76, 105.

by Mr. Barrett, iii. 324.
talks of resigning, iii. 76.

invitation and acceptance to visit
references to, ii. 193, 204.

Cambridge, iii. 330, 337, 382-383.
Newcombe, Dr. John, Master of St. congratulated by Gray on having a
John's College and Dean of

garden, ii. 342.
Rochester, his death and bio-

agrees to visit Wales with Gray in
graphical note, iii. 189.

the summer of 1770, iii. 363.
Gray sends him a copy of The Odes, invited by Gray to go a tour in mid-
ii. 320.

land counties, iii. 375.
Miss Kirke and Richard Beadon his accompanies Gray thither, iii. 380.
executors, iii, 189.

Gray advises him of the French
New Legation, by Dr. Warburton, ii. classics, iii. 389.

intention to visit Bonstetten in
Newmarket, tapestry of the marriage Switzerland, iii. 394.

of Henry VI. in the Red Lion Inn urged to curb Bonstetten by his
at, iii. 307.

counsel, iii. 401.
Gray and the King of Denmark at, Gray asks for minute details of his
iii. 330.

travels, iii. 406.
Duke of Cumberland at, iii. 66.

his MS. Recollections of Gray, in the
Newnham, Lord, in ill health, iii. 224 ; possession of Mr. John Morris, iv.
see also Nuneham.

Newspapers in London of 1761, iii. 123. Mr. John Morris possesses Gray's
Newton appointed Bishop of Bristol MS. letters to, iv. 340.

and residentiary of St. Paul's, iii. Niiheimr, the hell of Gothic nations,

i. 61.
offered the Archbishopric of Armagh, Niphausen mentions that the King of
iii. 201.

Prussia will issue an account of
Niccolina (opera singer), her justness his campaign, ii. 372.

of ear, vivacity and variety of ges- Noble, Mr., reference to, ii. 294.
ture, iii. 157.

Nonius, Marcellus, his couplet on a
her victory over a prejudiced audi- dimple, ii. 113.
ence, iii, 157.

Noontide, an Ode (Ode on the Spring),
Nicholls, Dr., expelled from Cambridge i. 3.
for stealing books, iii. 245.

Norden, Frederick Ludvig, his Voyage
Nicholls's, Rev. Norton, verses on birds d'Egypte et de Nubie, ii. 194; iii. 1.

composed in his hearing, i. 139. tutor to Count Daniskiold, ii. 194.
thanks Gray for Mason's hospitality Norfolk, History of, reference to Blome-
at York, iii. 191.

field's, ii. 377.
illness and recovery of his mother, Norman architecture, see Architecture.
iii. 238.

Norris, Thomas, soprano, took part in
at Studley, iii. 240.

the Installation Ode, iii. 343.
Gray's letter of sympathy on loss of Northamptonshire, crops later than

his uncle, Governor Floyer, iii. 248. in Buckinghamshire, ii. 258.
his probable succession of Dr. Rid- Northington, Earl of (Lord Chancellor),
lington, iii, 251.

gives a sinecure to Mason, iii. 139.
advice as to obtaining occupation, Norton, Sir Fletcher, Solicitor-General,

and his interim acceptance of a political opponents shrink under
curacy, iii. 254.

his brazen hand, iii. 172.
presented by his uncles to the anecdote of his parsimony, iii. 176.

rectories of Sound and Bradwell, Notredame, Jean de, reference to his
Suffolk, iii. 260.

Lives of the Provençal Poets, i.
rents a seat at Blundeston, iii. 260.


Nourse, Peter, of St. John's College, Onley, Charles, agrees to become tutor

Gray sends him a copy of The Odes, to young Ponsonby, iji. 67.
ii. 320.

Onslow, Mr. (the Speaker's son), Groom
Nova Acta Eruditorum, reference to, ii. of the Bedchamber, ii. 290.

Opera house, popularity in 1761, iii. 80.
Noveinber 5th, Latin poem on, i. 167. success maintained by a few par-
Nugent, Robert Craggs, Earl, his

ticular voices rather than by
elegiac verse, ii. 180.

genuine love for Italian music, iii.
his Ode Pulteney, ii. 220.

Nuneham, Lord, Gray's opinion of, ii. opens with Manzuoli, iii. 181.

Opera in Paris (1739), account of, ii.
sent by Stonehewer to Gray, ii. 310. 21-22, 56.
his appearance and conversation, ii. Oroonoko, tragedy by T. Southerne, ii.

reference to, ii. 328.

Orthography of the text, i. xvi.
Nunziata, Zoto del, painter, i. 320. Osborn, reference to, iii. 69.

Ossian, Poems of, see Erse and Mac-

Obscurity and Oblivion, two Odes in Otfrid of Weisenburgh, his paraphrase

ridicule of Gray and Mason, iii. 41, of the Gospels in rhyme, i. 363.

quotation from, i. 363.
Occleve, his portrait of Chaucer, i. Ottava Rima Measure, its introduc-

tion, i. 347.
Ode in the Greek manner, see Progress Ottoboni, Cardinal Pietro, death of, ii.
of Poetry, i, 28.

Ode (to his embryo muse), i. 205-207. Owen, The Triumphs of, a fragment, i. 67.
editorial note on, 205.

Owl. Gray keeps one, and compares
Odes, the Pindarić (The Fatal Sisters it to himself, ii. 369.

and The Descent of Odin), reason

for the notes to, iii. 289-290.
Odes, printed by Walpole and pub- PAGANINI, Signora, her appearance in

lished by Dodsley, ii. 319, 321, 322. burlettas, iii. 77.
public opinion on, ii. 323-326.

Gray delighted with her excellence,
admired by Garrick and Warburton, iii. 81.
ii. 325.

Painted glass, see Glass.
Gray received forty guineas for, ii. Painters, Gray's Essay to Walpole on his

Lives of the, i. 303-321.
slow sale of, iii. 53.

MS. of the Essay possessed by Mr.
meant to be vocal to the intelligent Morris, iv. 340.
alone, iii. 148.

Painting and sculpture ; hard to say
Odikle, Gray's nickname for The Bard, why they have made no advance
i. 40.

in England, iii. 158.
Odin, The Descent of, an Ode, i. 59. Paintings, Gray's table of subjects,
editorial note on, i. 60.

suitable for the style of various old
Ogden, Dr., his quarrel at the Com- masters, iii. 194-197.
mons, iii. 63.

Palgrave, Rev. William, at Scar-
his estimation of the Rev. Mr. Lud. borough, ii. 378.
lam, iii, 144.

Fellow of Pembroke College, and
candidate for Mastership of St. rector of Palgrave and Thrande-
John's, iii. 190.

ston, ii. 379.
Oliffe, Mrs., Gray's aunt, ii. 383.

Gray writes him a facetious letter
joint executor with Gray to Mrs. enquiring about his Scotch tour,
Rogers, ii. 384.

ii. 379,
reference to, iii. 375.

entertains Rev. J. Brown, iii. 38.
Olympiade, the opera of, ii. 133.

his MS. diaries, iii. 70.
Ombre, a game played in Turin, ii. 44. at Geneva, and travelling through
Onley, Charles, Fellow of Pembroke Switzerland, iii. 174.

College, Gray suggests him as tutor Gray gives him detailed advice of the
to the nephew of Lord John Caven- places he should visit in France
dish, iii. 58.

and Italy, iii. 193-196.

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