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France, references by Gray to towns, France, references by Gray to towns,
etc., in :-

etc., in :
Dijon, road approaching, i. 240. Sillery, house of the Marquis de
a beautiful city, i. 241; ii. 31-32,

Puisieux at, i. 239.

Versailles, description of, ii. 24-25.
Abbey of St. Benigne, i. 241.

Vitry le François, description of,
Chartreuse, The, their chapel and

i. 240.
its tombs, i. 242.

Franck or Francken, Jerome, Flemish
Church of the Bernardines, i. 241. painter, Dr. Wharton purchases a
Church of the Cordeliers, i. 241. picture probably by, ii. 384.
Church of St. Michael, i. 241. Francklyn, Thomas, of Trinity College,
Palais des Etats, i. 241 ; ii. 35.

ii. 311.
du Roi, i. 241.

Franklin, Mrs. Joyce, her portrait in
Parc, The, i. 242.

Emanuel College, i. 310.
Place, The, i. 241.

Franklin, Professor, supposed writer
Inns, French, description of, in of an article, in The Critical Review,
1739, ii. 17.

on Gray's Two Odes, ii. 327, 331.
Joinville, its fine appearance from Fraser, H. Walpole asked to influ-
the road, i. 240.

ence him on behalf of Dr. Brown,
Langres, description, i. 240.

ii. 289.
Langres, the Bishop of, a Duke Gray enquires if he has recovered, ii.
and Peer of France, i. 240.

the Cathedral of St. Mammet, i. Gray tells Mason he will send a copy

of The Odes for, ii. 322.
Lugdunum (the modern Lyons), reference to, iii. 41.
ii. 33.

his industry, iii. 224.
Lyons, description of, ii. 33-35. Fraser, Sir William, owner of Mason's
view to be obtained of, i. 243. copy of the Elegy, i. 72.
its situation at the confluence of Frasini, an opera singer, ii. 284.

the Rhône and Saône, i. 243. Frederick the Great of Prussia, his
Mount Fourvière, near Lyons, Memoirs of the House of Branden-
antiquities on, ii. 34.

burg, ii. 229.
Nuys and Beaune, fertility of the Gray's opinion of, ii. 290.
country round, i. 242.

and the King of Poland, ii, 291.
Paris visited by Gray, ii. 20-24. writes to George II. explaining his
Paris, burlesque account of, ii. difficulties (first year of seven years'

war), ii. 320.
Parisian costume, ii. 57.

Gray's opinion centred in, ii. 339.
Rheims, description of, i. 237; ii. his contest with Austria, and capture

of Silesia, ii. 350.
Cathedral of Notre Dame, i. 237; his account of the campaign, ii. 372.
ii. 28.

reduced to the defence of his Marquis-
Church of St. Nicaise, i. 237.

ate, ii. 376.
Church of St. Pierre-aux-Dames, victory over the Russians at Zorn-
i, 237.

dorf, ii. 378.
Church of St. Remi, i. 237.

defeat by the Austrians at Hoch-
its ramparts and ancient trium- kirchen, ii. 385.
phal arches, i. 238.

his poetry, iii. 36.
its society, ii. 29.

Frederick, Prince of Wales, his Charms
residents known to Gray, i. 239. of Sylvia, iii. 73.
Rheims to Dijon, description of Free-thinking, its altered form, ii. 375.
road, ii. 31.

French clergy, Lettres by General
St. Denis, its monuments and Fleury on the, ii. 230.
treasures, ii. 20.

influence on English poetry, i. 33.
Saône, fine view from Mount Encyclopedie, Gray purchases the
Tornus of the river, i. 242.

great, ii. 323; criticism of its
Savoy contrasted with Geneva, articles, ii. 331 ; iii. 235; termina-

tion of, in 17 vols., iii. 235.
Savoy, description of the vale of French, Mrs., her opinion of Gray's Long
the, i. 245.

Story, and H. Walpole’s replý, ii. 228.

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Frenchmen, their atheism, iii. 226. Gaskarths, their mansion of Hill-top,
Freret, Mons., his Dissertation on the i. 253.

Religion and Opinions of the Gauls, Gaskyn, Mr., reference to, ii. 295.
ii. 363.

Gauls, Religion of the Ancient, referred
Frickius, Albertus, ii. 294.

to, ii. 294.
Frickius, Joannes Georgius, his Com- Religion and Opinions of tho, Disserta-
mentatio de Druidis, ii. 293.

tion on, by Fénel and Freret, ii.
Frishy's in Jermyn Street, Gray's 362, 363.

occasional place of lodging, ii. 251. Gaurus, Fragment of a Latin Poem on
Froissart, a favourite author of Gray, the, i. 179-181.
iii. 24.

Gaussem, Jeanne Catherine (La Gaus.
his history, iii. 392, 393.

sin), actress at the Comédie Fran-
the Herodotus of a barbarous age, çais, note on, ii. 23.
iii. 389.

Gautier de Châtillon, a poem of Flanders,
Fruits, ripening of, at Stoke during i. 357.
1755, ini. 96.

Gay, John, the Duchess of Queensberry
Fuentes, Condé de, reference to, iii. 40, his patroness and protector, ii. 372.

Gentleman's Magazine, Iinpromptu on
Fuentes, Madame de, and her twelve Lord Holland's house, published
ladies, iii, 62.

in, i. 135.
Geoffrey Plantagenet, his part in the

construction of York Minster, iii.
GALUPPI, Baldassaro, his operas, ii. 145.

George II., his deportment, ii. 154.
Gardening, Landscape, the only proof and Lord Holdernesse, ii. 321.

of our original talent in matters account of his sudden death, iii, 69.
of pleasure, iii. 160.

his testamentary bequests, iii. 70-71,
not forty years old, iii. 160.

George III., his probable marriage, iii.
nothing like it before in Europe, 70.

although Chinese excel, iii. 160. his reproof to the Court Chaplains,
the only honour our country has in iii. 75.
matters of taste, iii. 166.

refuses to expend money on the gene-
Italy or France unable to compre. ral elections, iji. 76.
hend it, iii. 166.

illness of his Queen, iii. 86.
Gardens, Gray's, are in the window, his favourable impression, iii. 89.

like those of a lodger in Petticoat description of his Queen, iii. 105-106.

Lane or Camomile Street, iii. 343. Gray expects to see the coronation
Garrick, David, his popularity, ii. 133. procession, iii. 106.

his farce of The Lying Valet, ii. 213. marriage of, iii. 111.
William Whitehead's verses to, ii. 220. account of his coronation and the
Epilogue to Athelstan, ii. 261.

banquet in Westminster Hall, iii.
his verses in praise of Gray's Odes, 110-116.
ii. 325.

paid £9000 for hire of jewellery at
opinion of Gray's Odes, ii. 330, 341. coronation, iii. 113.
his dispute with Arthur Murphy, ii. and his Queen ate like farmers, iii.

and Mason, Gray endeavours to allay said to esteem and understand the
their quarrel, ii. 376.

fine arts, iii. 158.
his farce of The Guardian acted on Ghirlandaio, Ridolpho, painter, refer-

behalf of Smart, ii. 391 ; taken from ence to, i. 320.
Pupille of Fagan, ii. 391.

Gibbon, his praise of Education and
Mr. and Mrs., visit Lady Cobham at Government, i. 113.
Stoke, ii. 323, 324, 376.

Gibbons, Grinling, his work at Chats-
Gaskarth, Joseph, treasurer and Fellow worth, ii. 135.

of Pembroke College, reference to, Gibside, a seal of Lord Strathmore, iii.
ii. 283, 288.

Gray sends him a copy of The Odes, Gil Blas, Edward Moore's comedy of,
ii. 320.

ii. 213.
quarrels with Sir M. Lamb, ii. 346. Gilmour, Sir Arthur, his conduct in a
at Aston with Mason, iii. 9.

riot, iii. 339.

Gilpin, his Observations on the River Gormogons, note on the, ii. 166.
Wye, iii. 380.

Gotti, Cardinal Vincenzo Luigi, note
Gisborne, Dr., President of the College relative to, ii. 93.

of Physicians, biographical note, Gould, T. V., Fellow of New Hall,
iii. 67.

reference to, iii. 179.
his neglect of the offer of Conservator Gout, prescription for the, ii. 267.

of Hunter's Museum, iii. 67. Grafton, Augustus Henry Fitzroy,
Gray sends a production of Mason's Duke of, Chancellor of Cambridge
to, iii. 246-247.

University, i. 92.
references to, iii. 150, 334.

Installation Ode, i. 92.
Glasgow edition of Gray's poems; Gray his descent, i. 96.

agrees to Dr. Beattie's proposal of Mr. Stonehewer and Mr. Bradshaw,
publishing a, iii. 285-287.

Secretaries to, ii. 241.
Gray's praise of it, iii. 325.

Mr. Stonehewer, tutor to, ii. 277.
its success, sold off in a short time, Gray thanks him for the Professor-
iii. 346.

ship of Modern History, iii. 318.
Glasgow press, beauty of its type, iii. Gray's praise of, iii. 342.

Installation as Chancellor of Uni-
Glass, green, not classical, iii. 17.

versity, iii. 343-4.
organist, reference to the death of a, Gray bound in gratitude to write his
iii. 22.

Installation Ode, iii. 316.
painted, manufactured at York, iii. Graham, Rev. Mr., the horticulturist,

17; exhibits at Society of Arts, iii. Gray visits him at Netherby, iv. 342.
102 ; made also at Worcester, and Graham, Sir Bellingham, dines with
sold by weight, iii. 17; failure of Gray, i. 275.
the factory there, iii. 102 ; Gray's Granby, Marquis of, injured whilst

advice for procuring, iii. 102-103. with the troops in Hanover, ii. 378.
Glasses, water, Delaval's skill on, iii. Grand Magazine of Magazines, Gray's
31, 124.

Elegy published by the, i. 72.
description of, iii. 124.

Grandval, Racot de, comedian, ii. 23.
reference to various players on, iii. Grantley, Lord, see Sir F. Norton, ii.

delights Gray, iii. 125.

Gray, Mrs. Dorothy (the poet's mother),
Gray knows Mason will be weary of Gray consoles her on the death of

him, because he cannot play them, his aunt, Mrs. Antrobus, ii. 208.
iii. 147.

her illness, ii. 233.
Gloucester music - meeting, reference death of, ii. 237, 250.
to, iii. 343.

Gray's deep affection for, iji. 239.
Gloucester Street, Gray enquires of transcript of her epitaph from the

Dr. Wharton if he can stay for a MS. in pencil of Gray, iv. 339.
week in, ii. 366.

Gray, Lord, his belief that he was re-
Glover, Richard (“Leonidas "), his lated to the poet, iii. 280.

youngest son elopes with Mr. Day- Gray desires a copy of the Glasgow
rolles' daughter, ii. 354.

edition of the poems to be sent to,
biographical note, ii. 134.

iii. 290.
Gluck, a German player on water- Gray, Sir James, may be appointed to
glasses, iii. 124.

Spain, iji. 256.
Glynn, Dr.,Gray's Cambridge physician, Greathead, Mr., his residence near
iii. 296.

Warwick, ii. 258.
God - willing," Archbishop Potter's Greaves, William, his Pamphlet on
proviso, ii. 240.

Libels, Warrants, etc., iii. 192.
Golding, Mr., reference to his death, i. Greece, its early influence on English

poetry, i. 33.
Gondolfo, Castel, a house of the Pope's, Greek inscription for a Wood, by Gray,
ii. 78.

ii. 115.
Goodman's Fields, Garrick at, ii. 133. religion, the foundation of the Ro-
Gordon, Lady Catherine (Mrs. Char- man, ii. 173.
teris), i. 275.

Green, John, Master of Ben'et, Gray
Gordon, Mr., interested in Smart, iii. sends him a copy of The Odes, ii.


Green, John, requests Dr. Balguy to Habit, definition of what we call, ii.
preach a commencement sermon,

ii. 368.

Hadden, Ephraim, reference to as a
Green, Matthew, Gray's opinion of his vendor of rope-ladders, ii. 277.
poetry, ii. 219.

Hadley, Dr. J., of Queen's College, ii.
note on, ii. 219.

extract from his Queen's Hermitage, Gray sends him a copy of The Odes,
ii. 223, 224.

ii. 320.
Green, Dr. Thomas, Dean of Salisbury, Halfpenny, William, his popularity and
ii. 317.

Useful Architecture, iii. 110.
Greene, Dr. John, Bishop of Lincoln, Halicarnassus, Dio, his knowledge of
reference to, iii. 56, 97, 105.

the Roman mythology, ii. 173.
Greenwood, George, of Chastleton, Halifax, Lord, appoints Eusden poet

Gloucester, portrait of Chaucer in laureate, ii. 345.
the possession of, i. 306.

his boyish days, ii. 115.
Grenville, G., Paymaster-General, ii. Hallilax, Dr., Bishop of Gloucester,

note on, iii. 254.
disinherited by his brother Lord references to, iii. 208, 259, 331, 359.
Temple, iii. 123.

Hall, Dr., Bishop of Exeter, portrait in
his candid refutation of the charges Emanuel College, i. 310.

brought against the present min- Hall, Joseph, Bishop of Norwich,
isters, iii. 256.

Gray's opinion of his Satyres, ii.
Gresset, Jean Baptiste Louis, his Epitre 233,

à ma Sæur gave Gray the idea for Virgidemiarium written at Cam-
The Ode on Vicissitude, i. 123.

bridge, ii. 233.
his writings and their influence on Hall, William, of King's Walden, his
Gray, ii. 182.

daughter Elizabeth marries Mr.
comedy of Le Méchant, ii. 183.

Bonfoy, ii. 378.
his works enumerated, ii. 184. Hamilton, Mr., Gray recommends Dr.
tragedy of Edouard III., ii. 186.

Wharton to visit at Cobham the
Le Lutrin Vivant, ii. 186.

house of, ii. 254.
Grey, Walter, Archbishop of York, his his skill in laying out pleasure-

part in the building of York min- grounds, ii. 254.
ster, iii. 145.

Hampton, Gray stays with the Cob-
Grey, Dr. Zachary, reference to, iii. hams at, ii. 369.

Hardicanute, poem by Lady Wardlaw,
Grignion, Charles, engraved the figures iii. 45; second part by Mr. Pinker-

for the design to Gray's Elegy, ii. ton, iii. 46.

Hardwicke, Philip, second Lord, his
Grongar Hill, written by John Dyer, election as Seneschal of Cambridge
ii. 220.

University, i. 131.
Grotto, The, a poem by M. Green, ii, 219. reference to, iii. 6.
Guardian, The, a farce by Garrick, ii. probably will support the Whigs, iii.

Gugnani to sing at Fischer's concert, author of the King's Speech, iii.
iii. 317.

Gunning, Stuart, Fellow of St. John's, his recovery from illness and election

and candidate for Mastership of St. as High Steward of Cambridge, iii.
John's, iii. 190.

168, 200.
Guthrie, William, of Brechin, author probability of his becoming Secretary

of the General History of Scotland, of State, iii. 238.
criticises Walpole's Historic Doubts Hardwick Hall, description of the

in the Critical Review, iii. 313, 314. Duke of Devonshire's seat at, iii.
Guy Cliff, Warwick, the residence of 136.
Mr. Greathead, ii. 257.

Harmonica, see glasses, water.
its natural beauties, ji. 257.

Harpe, Jean François de la, his works
the cell of Guy, Earl of Warwick, ii. not to be had in England, note on,

iii. 295.
Harris, Samuel, Professor of Modern

History, iii. 136.


Hartlepool, Gray visits. Its waters | Hens, Supper of, by Francis I., ii.

and other attractions, iii. 206, 207. 114.
sturdiness of its inhabitants, iii. 207. Herbert of Cherbury, Life of Lord, 200
Harvest, progress of, in 1759, iii. 12. copies printed at Strawberry Hill,
Hasel or Hassle, Mr., his residence of iii. 173.
Delmaine, i. 251.

Hervey, Ashton, fable in Dodsley's
Hatfield, death of Richard Westat, i. 2. Miscellaneous Poems, ii. 222.

church, burial-place of West, ii. 113. Hervey, Frederick, Bishop of Cloyne,
Hatton family, their house at Stoke, i. Gray lainents the loss of his ac-

quaintance, iii. 77.
Hatton, Sir Christopher, i. 83.

eats raspberry-puffs with Gray in
Hauberk, The, definition of, i. 41.

Cranbourn Alley, iii. 270.
Haveus, Theodore, of Cleves, architect, at Durham, his popularity with the

his portrait at Caius College, i. 309. ladies, iii. 278.
Havre-de-Grace, bombardment by Hervey, Lord, and Dr. Middleton, dis-
Admiral Rodney, ii. 402.

pute as to the Roman Senate, ii.
Hawke, Admiral Sir Edward, his un- 175.

successful expedition to Roche- his admiration of animals, ii. 221.
fort, i. 342.

Hervey, Lady, visited by Madame de
his great victory, iii. 22, 23.

Fuentes, iii. 62.
Hawley, General, his defeat at Falkirk, the “Mary Lepell” of Pope, iii. 62.
ii. 129.

Heskin, J., verses on the death of
Hayes, Dr., Gray's medical adviser, ii. Frederick, Prince of Wales, ii. 119.

Hexham, Gray and Dr. Wharton visit,
attends Mrs. Rogers, ii. 382.

iii. 281.
Hayes, Mr., reference to, ii. 165. Hickes, Dr., reference to his Anglo-
Hayter, Thomas, Bishop of Norwich, Saxon Grammar, i. 362.
translated to London, ii. 105.

reference to his Grammar Franco-
death of, ii. 125.

Theotische, i. 363, 364.
Health, J. Armstrong's poem on, ii. 121. his statement that the Franco-Theo-
Hearse-day, appearance of the hearse, tische and the Anglo-Saxon were
iii. 339.

originally the same language, i.
Heberden, Dr., reference to, i. 252, 280.

attends Mrs. Charles York, i. 401. Hill, Aaron, his play of Merope acted
marries Miss Wollaston, iii. 29.

on behalf of Smart, ii. 391.
reference to, and his good dinners, Hill, Dr. John (the inspector), ap-
iii. 66.

pointed Master Gardener at Ken-
his son entered as a pensioner of St. sington, iii, 89.
John's College, iii. 385.

Hill-top, the mansion of the Gaskarths,
Hecuba, Rev. Dr. Delap's tragedy of, i. 253.
ii. 309.

Himers family, i. 262.
Heere, Lucas de, his arrival in England, Hinchinbroke, seat of Lord Sandwich,
i. 314.

iii. 322.
Helias of Barham, Canon of Salisbury, Hinchliffe, Dr., likely to succeed Smith
i. 316.

of Trinity, iii. 303, and
Heloise, Nouvelle, Gray's opinion of the Dr. Marriot, reference to, iii. 331.
6 vols, of, iii. 79, 83.

History of English poetry, contem-
Hénault, Charles Jean François, Presi- plated by Gray, i. 53.

dent, Histoire de France, ii. 158. History of Hell, A, facetious verses by
Abrégé Chronologique de l'Hist. de Gray believed to be lost, i. 142.
France, ii, 201.

Hoadley, Chancellor, Master of St.
Henley, Rev. John (Orator Henley), Cross, iii, 178.
allusion to, ii. 15.

Hodges, his contribution to Dodsley's
Henri IV. of France, effect of his mar- Collection of Poems, ii. 364.
riage proposals, ii. 281.

Hoel, The Death of, an ode, i. 129.
character of his court, ii. 281. Hogarth's satire on Farinelli, ii. 22.
Henry VI., founder of King's College, caricature of Simon Lord Lovat, ii.
Cambridge, i. 95.

Henry VIII., benefactor of Trinity Col. his print on The Mystery of Masonry,
lege, Cambridge, i. 95.

etc., ii. 166.

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