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Page 90, Synthetic Motor Oils, laid the data basis for all motor oil comparisons. This explains why synthetic is my motor oil of choice.

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I wish i was born to live in 1977 to now, i would be the richest person in the world. Popular Machanics doesnt suck yet. This magazine is awesome, It has courses on how everything works. Its like i can go back in time to learn the basics for making my own products that can no longer be built by human beings because of really tiny resistors that make soldering impossible. They even have Mobil 1 Synthetic. And back in this Edition, Chevy trucks actually had good work put in them, like full covered wheel housing and aluminum muffler. Not anymore thanks to cost savings and micro management. I want to live in the America in this magazine edition. It just seems like there is SO! much! MORE you can learn and make money doing. Unlike the service sector because again, soldering rice sized diodes is impossible for most people without burning half the board's installed components. Im happy popular science excited. Yes past tense nobody gives a crap about computers, its not like people born in 1985 to now can learn to write code by them selves so who cares what it does it helps me none. Give me something i can work with please. Otherwise its like watching baseball from a wheel chair.
I rate this edition 2 stars a bookmark and a Facebook share button. thanks computer I wish you where never invented America and the world would have more Jobs More Freedom, Non-connected government drone planes sharing data and scanning private information which the government would not have access to because we cant afford drones. So thanks for taking a little bit of freedom away each day computer.

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