The Bondman: A Story of the Times of Wat Tyler

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Smith, Elder and Company, 1833 - Great Britain - 369 pages

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Page 6 - I become your man from this day forward [of life and limb, and of earthly worship,] and unto you shall be true and faithful, and bear to you faith for the tenements that I claim to hold of you, saving the faith that I owe unto our sovereign lord the king ; and then the lord, so sitting, shall kiss him.
Page 64 - Edith's words, when she had given her the phial, " that there was enough there to kill," suddenly occurred to her — and then, too, came, with a dreadful distinctness, the remembrance of the true directions which Edith had given. " Oh, I have murdered the child !" exclaimed Mary, in the dreadful excitement of the moment. " What will become of me ? what shall I do? I shall surely be hung. Oh ! oh !" she continued, covering her face with her hands, to shut out the sight of the gasping infant. At this...
Page 7 - when he shall do fealty to his lord, shall hold his right hand over the book, and shall say : Hear you, my lord, that I from this day forth unto you shall be true and faithful, and shall owe you fealty for the land which I hold of you in villeinage; and that no evil or damage will I see concerning you, but I will defend and warn you to my power. So help me God and all his saints.
Page 7 - ... group to do fealty, and, standing before the baron, pronounced after him the following oath, holding his right hand on the gospels : — " I, John Hartwell, will be to you, my Lord" Roland de Boteler, true and faithful, and bear to you fealty and faith for the lands and tenements which I hold of you ; and I will truly do and perform the customs and services that I ought to do to you, so help me God...
Page 313 - The Baroness of Sudley," replied Father John, " does not know the poor Cistercian monk. Were the bolts withdrawn, and that door left swinging upon its hinges, I would not leave my prison until the voice of the people bade me come forth. And know ye not, lady, that with what measure ye mete to others, the same shall be meted to you again. Did ye deal out mercy to Edith Holgrave ? Did ye deal mercifully by Stephen, when ye gave him bondage as a reward for true faith — and then stripes and a prison...
Page 1 - of subjects' castles the most handsome habitation, and of subjects' habitations the strongest castle," continued in the possession of the crown till the accession of Edward VI., when it was bestowed, as we have seen, upon Lord Seymour. Large sums were expended by the Admiral upon its enlargement and improvement, and, while heightening its beauty, he contrived, at the same time, materially to increase...

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