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Chaucer Society, 1886

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Page 51 - YOURE two eyn will sle me sodenly, I may the beaute of them not sustene, So wendeth it thorowout my herte kene.
Page 52 - Love hath my name y-strike out of his sclat And he is strike out of my bokes clene For ever-mo ; ther is non other mene. Sin I fro Love escaped am so fat, I never thenk to ben in his prison lene; Sin I am free, I counte him not a bene.
Page 33 - What causeth that but wilful wrecchednesse that al is lost for lak of stedefastnesse 14 (3) H Trouthe is put doun) resoun) is holde fable 15 Vertu hath now no domynacioun) Pyte exiled no man is mercyable thurgh couetyse is blent discrecioun) 18 the world!
Page 48 - My dere hert1 . and best1 be-loved foo Why likith" yow . to do me al this woo What1 haue I don . that1 grevith" yow or saide 63 But1 for I serve . and love yow and no mo And while I live . I wil euer do soo And therfor sweete . me beth
Page 27 - MS. 8299 (at the end of Chaucer's Tale of Grissilde, written on as Part of the Tale).] [And let hym) care wepe wryng and wayle] (1) Fie from the prees and dweH wi't/t sotftfastuesse 1 Suffise the thyne owne though it be smaH For horde hath...
Page 48 - But1 neuertheles . my right" lady swete Though" that1 1 be vnkonnyng1 and vnmeete To serve as I kowde . ay yowre hienesse 73 Yit1 is ther non fayner . that1 wolde I heete Than I to do youre ease . or ellis beete What1 so I wist1 . that1 were to your hyenesse 76 And had I myght1 . as goode as I haue wil Than shuld!
Page 34 - Suffre no thyng1 that may be reproueable to thyn) estate don) in thi regioun) 25 Shewe forth thi swerd! of castigacioun) Drede god! . do lawe . loue trouthe and rightwesnesse And dryue thi peple a-gayn) to stedefastnesse.
Page 52 - I nere thinke to ben in his prison lene ; Syn I am fre, I counte hym not a bene. He may answere, and sey this and that, I do no fors, I speak ryght as I mene ; Syn I fro love escaped am so fat.
Page 52 - He may answere, and sey this and that, I do no fors, I speke ryght as I mene ; Syn I fro love escaped am so fat. 3. Love hath my name i-strike out of his sclat, And he is strike out of my bokes clene : For ever mo ther is non other mene, Syn I fro love escaped &c.
Page 33 - ... han) in discensioun) For now adayes a man is holde vnable but yf he can) by som) collusioun) 11 Do to his neyghbur1 wrong1 or oppressioun) What causeth...

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