A counterblaste to tobacco

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By R[obert] B[arker], 1604 - Self-Help - 28 pages
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Another fine art heded by thy British

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Take that ye purveyor of Stigian smoke.

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Page 25 - ... repast? Surely Smoke becomes a kitchin far better then a Dining chamber, and yet it makes a kitchin also oftentimes in the inward parts of men, soiling and infecting them, with an vnctuous and oily kinde of Soote, as hath bene found in some great Tobacco takers, that after their death were opened.
Page 24 - And this very custome of taking Tobacco (whereof our present purpose is) is even at this day accounted so effeminate among the Indians themselves, as in the market they will offer no price for a slave to be sold, whom they find to be a great Tobacco taker.
Page 26 - I must confess, it hath too strong a virtue ; and so that which is an ornament of nature, and can neither by any artifice be at the first acquired, nor once lost be...
Page 24 - ... endure the want of Tobacco. In the times of the many glorious and victorious battailes fought by this Nation, there was no word of Tobacco: but now if it were time of warres, and that you were to make some sudden...
Page 13 - ... for the maintenance of the whole body. The application then of a thing of a contrary nature, to any of these parts, is to interrupt them of their due function, and by consequence hurtful to the health of the whole body.
Page 24 - Sabbath, but you must have a reeky coal brought you from the next poor house to kindle your Tobacco with ? whereas he cannot be thought able for any service in the wars, that cannot endure oftentimes the want of meat, drink, and sleep, much more then must he endure the want of Tobacco.
Page 14 - I do not denie, but when it falls out that any of these, or any part of our bodie growes to be distempered, and to tend to an...
Page 11 - Tobacco, doeth very well agree the foolish and groundlesse first entry thereof into this Kingdome. It is not so long since the first entry of this abuse amongst vs here, as this present age cannot yet very well remember, both the first Author, and the forme of the first introduction of it amongst vs. It was neither brought in by King, great Conquerour, nor learned Doctor of Phisicke. With the report of a great discouery for a Conquest, some two or three Sauage men, were brought in, together with...
Page 20 - For one cure must not ever be used for the self-same disease, but according to the varying of any of the foresaid circumstances...
Page 16 - So this stinking smoake being sucked vp by the Nose, and imprisoned in the colde and moyst braines, is by their colde and wett facultie, turned and cast foorth againe in waterie distillations, and so are you made free and purged of nothing, but that wherewith you wilfully burdened your...

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