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The handsome dressed doll shown in the accompanying illustration represents the greatest value in dolls that we, in all our experience, ever believed possible. You will wonder bow in the world so fine a doll can be produced at the price and given on such liberal terms as we offer. We have offered dolls as premiums for years past. but never before bave we been in a position to present so beautiful a one as this. The doll is imported from Germanythe home of the clever doll-makers--and is the greatest product of their genius for turning out beautiful and original toys. She is a beauty in every sense of the word, nearly two feet tall froin the soles of ber dainty feet to the top of her pretty bat, and with lier rosy cheeks, bright eyes, curly bair and dainty clothes is a sight to charm the eyes of any little girl. She has a bisque head, arms and legs, real hair, opens and sluts eyes, satin dress, and balance of wardrobe complete, including large picture hat, underwear, stockings, slippers, etc. If ever a beautiful doll was offered as a premium for a small amount of easy and pleasant work, this is the one, but she must be seen to be appreciated, and we know that all who are fortunate enough to work for and earn her will be delighted to possess such a handsome playmate. We expect to make thousands of girls happy in the possession of such a lovely doll and have purchased an immense number, so that no one will be kept waiting. Any little girl can easily earn one free, and we also strongly recommend such a desirable premium to anyone wishing to make a bandsome holiday or birthday gift to a little daughter or sister. We will give this beau. tiful Imported Dressed Doll free for a club of only three yearly subscribers to the RECORD at $1.00 per year each.

Every boy wants pocket money and every girl wants pin money. We can put you in the way of earning it after school hours and Saturdays.

Only an hour or two of your time each day would be required. It does not cost you anything to start. We furnish you with everything and tell you just how to earn money.

If you are over 14 years old, send us a postal card with your name and aduress and we will write you all about it.



79 Dearborn St., Chicago, III.


"Chicago Junior” Snap Shot Camera

Given Free for a Club of Only Three Yearly Subscribers at $1.00 Each



This Ey mera takes photo grapbs 2%2x342 inches in size, clear and sharp to the very cornwall of the plate. It is

for both instanta

snap-shots or interior work It is very simple to operate and any child who

carefully study written rules will obtain good results. With this outfit you can photograph your home, members of your family, your friends, your pets, etc. Complete outfit for taking and developing the photographs goes with the camera. The outfit consists of the following items: One complete in. struction book. one tray for developing negatives, one tray for toning the pictures or fixing the plates. One package best developer, one package hypo-sulphite of soda for making the negatives pers manent so they will last for years. One printing

back with which you print the picture from the negative, one package of sensitized pa. per, one package extra rapid dry plates, one package tou ing chemicals for toning the prints, one package ruby paper, with full directions for making the ruby lamp. We will send the “Chicago Junior" snapshot (amera with complete outfit and instructions as above described by mail, postage paid, to anyone sending us three new subscribers at $1.00 per year.


The Juvenile Court Record wishes to secure a representative in every locality in the United States.

We have a very remunerative business proposition for anyone wlio could devote all or just their spare time to the work. We require no capital, but applicants must be of good moral character and be able to furnish references.

We will gladly send full par, ticulars. Write at once.



Chicago, Illinois



AUG 18.30







We Advocate the Establishment of a JUVENILE COURT in Every State in the Union

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Entered as Second-Class Matter, August 28, 1903, at the Postoffice at Chicago, Illinois, under Act of March 3, 1879.

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OBJECTS OF THE SOCIETY Care of Neglected, Dependent or Delinquent Children

To Help Establish Juvenile Courts

Adoption, Transportation and Cases for Hospitals "All cases assisted, regardless of race, color or creed”

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PLEASE NOTE inate the principles of the Juvenile Court throughout the ALL agents for the JUVENILE United States, and, in fact, the entire world. When the Juvenile Court was first established the sociolo

COURT RECORD carry credengists of the entire country stood by watching anxiously the

tials. outcome of this new departure in child saving methods. It was realized that a medium was needed whereby the results The Agent presenting this paaccomplished by the Juvenile Court might be set forth in an intelligent manner. THE JUVENILE COURT RECORD

per to you is authorized to sell stepped into the breach and has devoted its pages exclu- single copies at 10c, and to take sively to news of the various juvenile courts. As a result annual subscriptions at $1.00 of the publicity thus given to the foundation principle and

per year. routine work of the Cook County Juvenile Court other States have passed juvenile court laws, and bills are being prepared in nearly every State in the Union to be presented at the

This paper is published only next sessions of the Legislatures of the various States, pro

exponent of Juvenile viding for similar legislation.




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A good citizen is one who contributes to the end and object of his country. A good citizen is determined by the meaning of our country and its institutions. Our country means that the people have come into their own, that society is not for the few, but for the many. In awakening to the consciousness that the welfare of the many is the end of society, we have likewise come to a realization that in order to attain this end the many must have a say in the direction and control of society, that is, in government. We hold that all the just powers of government have their origin in the comments of the governed and that it is the right of the people to frame such a government as will best insure their safety and happiness. But that they may do

this they must have knowledge, they must be intelligent, they must be virtuous. To be a good sovereign, the people, the democracy, must be intelligent and virtuous. This the people cannot be unless the individual citizen, or the vast majority of individual citizens, are intelligent and virtuous. In other words, we need today, even more than other forms of government in other days, the virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance, industry and social spirit. It is the possession of these that measures men's value to the State.

The young of the irrational animals speedily come to the full enjoyment of their powers, including instinct. The development of the young of the humankind is a long and

tedious process to maturity, giving time for the expanding influence them to illegal acts. They enforce the child labor of all their powers to do, and to discriminate or reason. legislation intended for the conversation of childhood This is a period of dependency in which the children have through its growing years so that it may be saved from an abnormal status before the law, that is, they are with- arrested development and given a chance to unfold its powout legal responsibility or full legal capacity. This is the ers in a more natural way. These courts enforce the laws period in which to acquire habits of obedience in the house requiring the husband and father to support the wife and and school, which become respect for the laws in the ma- children in full conviction that the securing of this right ture citizen.

of support will safeguard the family, the true unit in the The Juvenile Court is born of these considerations and State, and preserve its children from starvation and the the realization that, during childhood, the young are in a need that drive to the temptations of the street and to formative period in which to develop good habits and for crime. The juvenile court aims to so intelligently handle the infractions of law should receive correction rather than children who have violated the laws of the State as to punishment. Now correction involves the idea of adjust- correct their evil doings and to save these children to themment of conduct to improved standards, involves the idea selves and to the community. of education and culture, and herein lies the opportunity In conclusion, these courts, in a painstaking manner, inof the juvenile court to aid good citizenship. This court struct the children in their duties and their rights, and exercising the chancery powers of the State as (parens strive to awaken their self-respect From the juvenile court patriae), places needy children bereft of their parents in it is hoped that our citizens of tomorrow will derive knowproper care and guardianship, with due regard to the rights ledge and imbibe the spirit of obedience to the laws of their of conscience of the children, carefully seeking for the home- country. This truly educative function makes the juvenile less child a home of its own religious convictions, and court the complement of the public school, and demands rescue children from vicious and immoral surroundings. in the judge the qualities of the jurist, the teacher, the

These courts punish adults who debauch the young or sociologist, and the philantrophist.

Citizens of Vancouver Fight for Juvenile Court

Good Results Derived from the Juvenile Protective Association of B. C.

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Our neighbors in Vancouver, B. C., are in need of a juvenile court, detention home, and probation system and for that purpose a few loyal citizens that have red blood in their veins, have formed what is known as “The Juvenile Protection Association of British Columbia." This society has been in existence over one year, and has availed itself of every opportunity to plead for the establishment of a juvenile court and house of detention. We have been watching the results of their appeals to the council and various committees of their city, keeping ourselves informed by correspondence with George H, Healey, secretary of the society, and clipping from the leading papers of Vancouver.

The press of that city evidently thinks that if a juvenile court is established in their city it will deprive them of much news matter of the criminal sort, a class of news items that some papers delight in publishing. That is the only reason that we know of, that would cause their peculiar aversion to helping the child rescue campaign along in their city. If such is the case, they are rightly thinking, because just as soon as such a court is established in Vancouver, crime will be on the decrease. Every city in the United States that has a children's court will vouch for that.

The Vancouver City Council look upon the juvenile court idea in the same light that various officials have in the States. The press of that city claims that Secretary Healey and his associates in the noble work of saving children are "harassing" the City Council. Mr. Healey writes that he wishes all societies interested in the child problem would urge on the City Council of Vancouver the necessity of at least carrying out what the people distinctly authorized them to do in a very direct manner, and after the council of last year referred it to the tax payers for decision. The apathy shown can only be accounted for by the evident failure to realize the necessity, or gross indifference to the common right of those not in a position to help themselves.

Does the Vancouver Council think that it is better to let crime increase and then enlarge their local police department to try and cope with this increase? Or would it not be much saner, cheaper and better to save children than to punish criminals.

The "Juvenile Delinquent Act” of Canada makes it possible for every city in the Dominion to establish a juvenile court system by proclamation whenever it can be shown that public opinion is ready to support and make it effective by two actions, viz; the provision of proper juvenile court quarters, and detention building, and the provision for a proper staff of probation officers. This is what the society is working for with the City Council and Provincial Gov. ernment. They have already had the Reformatory changed to Industrial School.

The Society kept after the Council until, in order to get rid of them, that august body put the matter up to a plebicite to the people. The people voted and the question was solved and carried by an overwhelming majority. Since that time the Council has paid no attention to the elector's. wishes. Some of the local newspapers compared the Council to Dicken's character, "Mr. Bumble."

The Juvenile Protection Associaton state that they have good men ready to act as judge and probation officers, and just as soon as the City Council finds it convenient to award. the committee the necessary funds, will at once proceed toestablish their juvenile court and detention home. F. C. Wade, K. C., who is spoken of as the next probable Governor of the Province, is a man that at present is available as judge. Mr. Wade is well fit for such a position, being conversant with the child problem and juvenile court work, as well as a man with a heart and soul that would do full. justice to such an appointment.

Won't the various probation committees and societies interested in child rescue work help the Juvenile Protection Association by sending literature to the secretary, or urge upon the Vancouver City Council the benefits derived from a children's court? Secretary George H. Healey will appreciate it, we are sure.

The press of any city can do wonders in forming public opinion by publicity, and we feel sure that the Vancouver papers will aid this loyal band of men and women that are striving to make better men and women out of the present generation of little ones. Remember, the time to handle a man is when he is a boy.

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