The Kindergarten Guide: An Illustrated Hand-book, Designed for the Self-instruction of Kindergartners, Mothers, and Nurses, Volume 1

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E. Steiger & Company, 1877 - Kindergarten - 144 pages

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Page 1 - MATERIAL THE FIRST GIFT. The Balls. Aim: to teach color (primary: red, blue, yellow, and secondary or mixed: purple, green, orange), direction (forward and backward, right and left, up and down) ; to train the eye ; and to exercise the hands, arms, and feet in various plays. No. 1. A set of six worsted balls 9 of the rainbow or standard kindergarten colors, with strings.
Page 1 - This is done by pointing ont, explaining, and counting the sides, corners, and edges of the rube ; by showing that the sphere, the cylinder, and the cube differ from one another in their several properties on account of their difference of shape ; by pointing out that the apparent form of the sphere is unchanged, however looked at, but that the apparent forms of both the cube and the cylinder vary according to the point from which they are viewed.
Page 9 - Elements of Designing on the Developing System for Elementary School Classes, and for Families. 4 Parts, each containing 24 pages ruled in squares, with designs and space for copying, and for the compositions, combinations, and inventions of the pupil.
Page 28 - ... (13) Paper for cutting: squares of paper are folded, cut according to certain rules, and formed into figures The child's inclination for using the scissors is thus ingeniously turned to account, and made to produce very gratifying results.

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