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When I see a dumb mistake in published work, I often try to bring it the authors' attention. Because Prof. H. Love is no longer living, I will point out his error here for the benefit of readers and potential readers.
On page 23, Prof. Love seriously misrepresents Spinoza. Love claims that Spinoza concluded that the Bible is
‘faulty, mutilated, adulterated and inconsistent, that we possess it only in fragmentary form, and that the original of God’s covenant with the Jews has perished’.
The Spinoza quote (taken from Samuel Shirley's translation of Spinoza's Latin book "Tractatus Theologico-Politicus"), is a gross misrepresentation of Spinoza's own views. Spinoza said these things in anticipation of his critics misunderstanding him and Spinoza explicitly denies that these are actually his views. It surprised me that Prof. Love could have missed the mark in such a profound way.

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