Juvenal: satires, iii, x, xiii, and xiv, from the text of Ruperti; with Engl. notes &c., compiled by W.C. Boyd

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Page 15 - Nil ergo optabunt homines ?" Si consilium vis, Permittes ipsis expendere numinibus, quid Conveniat nobis, rebusque sit utile nostris. Nam pro jucundis aptissima quaeque dabunt Di. Carior est illis homo, quam sibi.
Page 4 - Omnibus hic idem, si foeda et scissa lacerna, Si toga sordidula est et rupta calceus alter Pelle patet : vel si, consuto vulnere, crassum 150 Atque recens linum ostendit non una cicatrix. Nil habet infelix paupertas durius in se, Quam quod ridiculos homines facit.
Page 24 - Non monstrare vias eadem nisi sacra colenti, Quaesitum ad fontem solos deducere verpos.
Page 107 - Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honour the face of the old man, and fear thy God : I am the LORD.
Page 82 - Demosthenes is the most sublime and the purest tragic character, with which history is acquainted. When, still trembling with the vehement force of his language, we read his life in Plutarch ; when we transfer ourselves into his times and his situation ; we are carried away by a deeper interest than can be excited by any hero of the epic muse or of tragedy.
Page xv - ... it is said, that on this occasion, among other devices for appeasing the wrath of heaven, scenic plays were introduced; a new thing to a warlike people ; for hitherto there had been only the shows of the Circus. However, this kind of performance was, as in general all beginnings are, but a trifling matter, and even that borrowed from abroad. Actors were sent for from Etruria, who, though without any poetical language, or any gestures correspondent...
Page 7 - ... dicere si temptes aliquid tacitusve recedas, tantumdem est: feriunt pariter, vadimonia deinde irati faciunt. libertas pauperis haec est: 300 pulsatus rogat et pugnis concisus adorat ut liceat paucis cum dentibus inde reverti.
Page 11 - O gloria ! vincitur idem Nempe, et in exsilium praeceps fugit, atque ibi magnus Mirandusque cliens sedet ad praetoria regis, Donec Bithyno libeat vigilare tyranno.
Page 28 - Sardanapalli. monstro quod ipse tibi possis dare; semita certe tranquillae per virtutem patet unica vitae. nullum numen habes, si sit prudentia: nos te, nos facimus, Fortuna, deam caeloque locamus.
Page 1 - Sed dum tota domus raeda componitur una, 10 substitit ad veteres arcus madidamque Capenam. hic, ubi nocturnae Numa constituebat amicae, nunc sacri fontis nemus et delubra locantur ludaeis, quorum cophinus faenumque supellex (omnis enim populo mercedem pendere iussa est 15 arbor et eiectis mendicat silva Camenis). in vallem Egeriae descendimus et speluncas dissimiles veris.

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