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S. 2077

S. 2375.

S. 3186

S. 3199.

S. 3307

S. 3315.

S. 3537.

Senate Joint Resolution 16.

Reports of Departments on S. 2077:

Bureau of the Budget..

Department of the Interior...


Aakerson, J. Carson, president, American Manganese Producers Associa-


Barnhard, William J., counsel, American Importers of Brass & Copper Mill

Products, Inc
Bartlett, Hon. E. L., a delegate in Congress from the Territory of Alaska -
Bley, John, vice president and general manager, American Chrome Co.,

Nye, Mont

Bradley, James P., Bradley Mining Co., San Francisco, Calif-

Brown, Russell B., general counsel, Independent Petroleum Association of


Clott, Herman, Washington representative, International Union of Mine,

Mill, and Smelter Workers.

Clyde, Gov. George D., of Utah.
Conover, Julian D., executive vice president, American Mining Congress;

S. H. Williston, executive vice president, Cordero Mining Co., Palo Alto,
Calif.; and Charles E. Schwab, assistant to the president, Bunker Hill

Co., San Francisco, Calif

Dole, Hollis M., Director, Oregon State Department of Geology and

Mineral Industries.--.

Flynn, Clyde L., Jr., on behalf of the fluorspar industry-

Goldwater, Hon. Barry, a United States Senator from the State of Arizona.

Gordon, Lew, secretary of the Nevada Mining Association ---

Groseclose, Elgin, Ph. D., of Checchi & Co., consulting economists, on


Huelsdonk, L. L., Secretary-treasurer-general manager, Best Mines Co.,

Inc., Downieville, Calif..
Huntting, Marshall T., supervisor, Washington State Division of Mines

and Geology --
International Chemical Workers Union.
Kennedy, Thomas, vice president,

United Mine Workers of America.

Knight, Frank, director, Arizona Department of Mineral Resources_

Knight, Gov. Goodwin J., of California

Kline, Mitchell, H., vice president, Rare Metals Corporation of America..

Knoerr, Alvin, editor in chief, Engineering and Mining Journal.-

Kuchel, Hon. Thomas H., a United States Senator from the State of Cali-


Lewis, C. Hyde, president, New Idria Mining & Chemical Co.

Little, Joseph F., Denver, Colo..

Long, Lunsford, chairman of the board of Tungsten Mining Corp., North


Lynch, Robert S., chairman of the board of directors, Atlantic Steel Co.,

Atlanta, Ga...
Mack, James E., counsel, the Rolled Zinc Emergency Tariff Committee. -


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