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pounded by him, or used in compounding any such article, shall be 56 subject to excise” under the said Act; and any person acting as a compounder without a license shall be liable to the like penalties and forfeitures as a distiller acting without a license under the said Act; and a license under this Act shall be granted and renewable or forfeited as and for like periods and on like conditions, as a distiller's license under the said Act, subject to any provisions or alterations made by regulations of the Governor in Council as hereinafter provided.

Governor in

The Governor in Council may, from time to time, make such Council may regulations as to him may seem necessary for carrying into effect make regula. tions for pur. the provisions of this Act, and for declaring, in cases of doubt, poses of this to what extent the provisions of the Act herein cited shall apply Act.

to the enforcement of the provisions of this Act; and every such regulation published in the Canada Gazette shall have the same effect in law as if contained in this Act.

Commencement, and short title.

26. This Act shall take effect from and after the first day of January, 1875, and may be cited as the Inland Revenue Act of 1875."



Imitations of British or foreign wines, brandy, rum, gin, old tom, Geneva schnapps, British or foreign whiskey, and bitter liqueurs and cordials when containing alcohol.


Deleterious Ingredients.

Cocculus indicus, chloride of sodium (otherwise common salt), copperas, opium, Indian hemp, strychnine, tobacco, darnel seed, extract of logwood, salts of zinc or lead, alum, and any extract or compound of any of the above ingredients.


31 VICT. CAP. 39.

An Act respecting the Department of Justice.

[Assented to 22nd May, 1868.]

TER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Preamble. IT Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:

1. There shall be a Department of the Civil Service of Department Canada, to be called “The Department of Justice” over which constatured:

Minister of The Minister of Justice of Canada, for the time being, appointed Justice to preby the Governor by Commission under the Great Seal, and who side: to be

Atty-Gen. shall, ex-officio, be Her Majesty's Attorney-General of Canada, shall preside; and the said Minister of Justice shall hold office during pleasure and shall have the management and direction of the Department of Justice.

It shall ember of Her legal adviser Justice shall be seen

2. The duties of the Minister of Justice shall be as follows: Duties of the He shall be the official legal adviser of the Governor and the Min

and the Minister; as

be official légal legal Member of Her Majesty's Privy Council for Canada ; adviser of the It shall be his duty to see that the administration of public Crown. affairs is in accordance with law; He shall have the superintendence of all matters connected with the administration of Justice in Canada, not within the jurisdiction of the Governments of the Provinces composing the same; He shall advise As to Legislaupon the Legislative Acts and proceedings of each of the “* Legislatures of the Provinces of Canada, and generally advise the Crown upon all matters of Law referred to him by the General duties. Crown; and he shall be charged generally with such other duties as may at any time be assigned by the Governor in Council to the Minister of Justice.

tive Acts.

on all matte charged cened by th

3. The duties of the Attorney-General of Canada shall be as His powers follows: He shall be intrusted with the powers and charged and duties as with the duties which belong to the office of the Attorney- Generať General of England by law or usage so far as the same powers and duties are applicable to Canada, and also with the powers and duties which by the laws of the several Provinces belonged to the office of Attorney-General of each Province up to the

time when the British North America Act, 1887, came into effect, and which Laws under the provisions of the said Act are

to be administered and carried into effect by the Government Advising

of the Dominion ; He shall advise the Heads of the several DeHeads of De- partments of the Government upon all matters of Law connected partments.

with such Departments ; He shall be charged with the settleInstruments under Great

ment and approval of all instruments issued under the Great Seal,

Seal of Canada; He shall have the superintendence of PenitenPenitentiaries tiaries and the Prison System of the Dominion; He shall have and prisone. the regulation and conduct of all litigation for or against the

for Crown or any Public Department, in respect of any subjects the Crown.

ties within the authority or jurisdiction of the Dominion ; And he

shall be charged generally with such other duties as may at any time be assigned by the Governor in Council to the Attorney-General of Canada.


General duties,

Minister of

Appointment. 4. The Governor may also appoint a “Deputy of the Minis

of ter of Justice” who shall be charged, under the Minister of Deputy of the Justice, with the performance of the departmental duties of the

Minister of Justice and of the Attorney-General of Canada, Justice.

and with the control and management of the officers, clerks and servants of the Department, and with such other powers and duties as may be assigned to him by the Governor in Council.

Attorneartmental dulinister of

Officers and
Clerks of the

5. The Governor may also appoint, subject to the Canada

Savion And 1060 weh a Civil Service Act, 1868, such officers, clerks and servants as may be requisite for the proper conduct of the business of the Department, all of whom, as well as the Deputy of the Minister, shall hold office during pleasure.


31 VICT. CAP. 40.

An Act respecting the Militia and Defence of the

Dominion of Canada.


[Assented to 22nd May, 1868.] HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the

Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:

NOTE.---The Militia Acts passed by the Province of Canada are not repealed by the above Act, except 80 far as inconsistent, see section 99 post, but most of their prorsions are embodied in it.


in H. M.:

1. As provided by the fifteenth section of " The British Command in North America Act, 1867," the Command-in-Chief of the in

in chief of the Chief vested Land and Naval Militia, and of all Naval and Military Forces, how exercised. of and in Canada, is vested in the Queen, and shall be exercised and administered by Her Majesty personally or by the Governor as Her Representative.



2. There shall be a Minister of Militia and Defence who Minister and shall be charged with and be responsible for the administration Der

“of Militia and of Militia Affairs, including all matters involving expenditure, Defence, his and of the fortifications, gunboats, ordnance, ammunition, arms, duties, &c. armories, stores, munitions and habiliments of war belonging to Canada :

2. The Minister of Militia and Defence shall have the initia- Initiative in tive in all Militia affairs involving the expenditure of money ; money matters.

3. The Governor in Council shall, from time to time, make Further duties such orders as may be necessary respecting the duties to be performed by the Minister of Militia and Defence.

of Minister of Militia and Defence

The Governor mar such other office Department; an

fficers and heir duties.

3. The Governor may appoint a Deputy of the Minister of Deputy and Militia and Defence, and such other officers as may be necessary for carrying on the business of the Department; and the duties of such officers shall be prescribed, and their salaries fixed by the Governor in Council.


wtom com

4. The Militia shall consist of all the male inhabitants of Militia of Canada, of the age of eighteen years and upwards, and under " sixty-not exempted or disqualified by law, and being British

posed. subjects by birth or naturalization; but Her Majesty may Proviso. require all the male inhabitants of the Dominion, capable of bearing arms, to serve in case of a Levée en masse :

5. The male population so liable to serve in the Militia, Classes. shall be divided into four classes :

The first class shall comprise those of the age of eighteen First. years and upwards, but under thirty years, who are unmarried or widowers without children ;

The second class shall comprise those of the age of thirty Second. years and upwards, but under forty-five years, who are unmarried, or widowers without children;

The third class shall comprise those of the age of eighteen Third.

years and upwards, but under forty-five years, who are married, or widowers with children;


The fourth class shall comprise those of the age of forty-five years and upwards, but under sixty years ;

And the above shall be the order in which the male population shall be called upon to serve.

Order for service.



6. The Militia shall be divided into Active and Reserve Militia ;


The Active Militia shall consist of the Volunteer Militia, the Regular Militia, and the Marine Militia :


The Volunteer Militia shall be composed of Corps raised by

voluntary enlistment;


The Regular Militia shall be composed of men who volun

tarily enlist to serve in the same; or of men balloted to serve; or of men who voluntarily enlist to serve with the balloted men and of men balloted to serve;


The Marine Militia shall be composed of seamen, sailors,

and persons whose usual occupation is upon any steam or sailing craft, navigating the waters of the Dominion;

[blocks in formation]

The Reserve Militia shall consist of the whole of the men who are not serving in the Active Militia of the time being.


within three montbs.

Existing Vol- my. Every Volunteer Corps duly authorized previously to and unteer Corps existing on the day on which this Act shall come into force, incontinued.

cluding the Officers commissioned thereto, shall for the pur

poses of this Act be held to be existing and shall be continued Muster thereof, as such, subject to the provisions of this Act; and within three

tee months after the day on which this Act shall come into force,

all such Corps shall be mustered by their Captains or Command

ing Officers, the provisions of this Act shall be explained to Men willing them, and such of the men as have not previously given notice to serve to of their desire to be discharged, shall take the Oath hereinafter

prescribed, and be re-enrolled as Volunteer Militia, and each

man shall sign a Muster Roll; and thereafter such men of any Exemptions in Volunteer Corps, in any Regimental Division, as complete three favour of such years continuous service in such Corps, or complete three years as complete their period of including any previous continuous service in the same corps imservice. mediately before such muster, or had served three years con

tinuously in such corps immediately before such muster, and are

& Roll.

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