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5. The principal Ethiopic families are the Negroes of Central Africa, the Caffres, the Hottentots, the natives of Australia, and of the islands of the Indian Archipelago and the Pacific Ocean.

The black variety of mankind have complexions of jetty hue, black, woolly hair, eyes large, black, and prominent, nose broad and flat, thick lips, and wide mouth. The head is long from the ears back, and narrow; the forehead is low, narrow, and retreating; the cheek-bones prominent, the jaws and teeth projecting, and the chin small. A long, protruding heel, and a flat shin-bone, often distinguish this variety.

In disposition they are easy, indolent, cheerful, fond of sensual pleasure, and lovers of children, fond of gaudy show, but very improvident. In intellect the race varios much, but the majority of its tribes are low in this respect. • This,” says an excellent European writer, “may in part be ascribed to want of cultivation; but even while adopting this lenient view of the matter, it is impossible to shut our eyes to the fact that the race has shown no inventive genius. They would otherwise have long ago originated the arts of civilization for themselves, as other varieties of men certainly did.”

Some of the negro race are exceptions to this general rule, who have exhibited respectable talent and address, but they are less numerous than men of surpassing genius among the whites.

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