Canada, a Memorial Volume: General Reference Book of Canada : Describing the Dominion at Large, and Its Various Provinces and Territories ; with Statistics Relating to Its Commerce and the Development of Its Resources

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E. B. Biggar, Publisher, 1889 - Canada - 953 pages

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Page 63 - The degrees of kindred shall be computed according to the rule of the civil law ; and kindred of the half blood shall inherit equally with those of the whole blood, in the same degree, unless the inheritance came to the intestate by descent, devise or gift of some one of his ancestors, in which case all those who are not of the blood of such ancestor shall be excluded from such inheritance.
Page 87 - From its geographical position and its peculiar characteristics, Manitoba may be regarded as the keystone of that mighty arch of sister provinces which spans the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
Page 130 - ... the chemical composition of manures, natural or artificial, with experiments designed to test their comparative effects on crops of different kinds; the adaptation and value of grasses and forage plants; the composition and digestibility of the different kinds of food for domestic animals; the scientific and economic questions involved in the production of butter and cheese; and such other researches or experiments bearing directly on the agricultural industry of the United States as may in each...
Page 119 - Canada any speckled trout, river trout or sea trout, taken or caught in the Provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick. Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island...
Page 33 - Maisonneuve sprang ashore, and fell on his knees. His followers imitated his example; and all joined their voices in enthusiastic songs of thanksgiving. Tents, baggage, arms, and stores were landed. An altar was raised on a pleasant spot near at hand ; and Mademoiselle Mance, with Madame de la Peltrie, aided by her servant, Charlotte Barre", decorated it with a taste which was the admiration of the beholders.4 Now all the company gathered before the shrine. Here stood Vimont, in the rich vestments...
Page 14 - ... in and out of a network of islands, promontories and peninsulas for thousands of miles unruffled by the slightest swell from the adjoining ocean and presenting at every turn an ever shifting combination of rock, verdure, forest, glacier, and snow-capped mountain of unrivalled grandeur and beauty.
Page 47 - While this system is quite symmetrical in its arrangement, it is also thoroughly practical and rests upon the free action of the ratepayers in each municipality. The whole organization comprises : (a.) The...
Page 7 - Every Public and High School shall be opened with the Lord's Prayer and closed with the reading of the Scriptures and the Lord's Prayer, or the prayer authorized by the Department of Education.
Page 33 - You are a grain of mustard-seed, that shall rise and grow till its branches overshadow the earth. You are few, but your work is the work of God. His smile is on you, and your children shall fill the land.

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