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Page 124 - State plan includes medical assistance in behalf of individuals 65 years of age or older who are patients in public institutions for mental diseases, show that the State is making satisfactory progress toward developing and implementing a comprehensive mental health program, including provision for utilization of community mental health centers, nursing homes, and other alternatives to care in public institutions for mental diseases...
Page 639 - Administration. Mr. McCahon, we shall be pleased to hear from you at this time. GENERAL STATEMENT Mr. MCCAHON. Thank you. With your permission, I have a prepared statement which I would like to submit for the record.
Page 407 - Plan developed by the National Capital Planning Commission and the National Capital Regional Planning Council. The plan projected a total regional population of five million by the year 2000.
Page 660 - Stat. 235) authorized an appropriation of $18,665,000 to construct, equip, and furnish a building for use of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia and the District Court of the United States for the District of Columbia.
Page 508 - The funds to be allocated for cover work will be used for surfacing old concrete streets that are badly cracked in order to provide a watertight cover. This prevents water from gaining access to the subgrade which would result in rapid deterioration and increased maintenance costs, and necessitate an earlier replacement of the existing pavement. It is reasonable to assume that this type of work extends the life of the pavement by 10 to 15 years and provides improved riding conditions at a minimum...
Page 667 - Capital, a system which will not only do much to alleviate traffic conjection and expedite travel in Washington proper, but which will serve as a backbone for an extensive system of rapid transit ultimately to serve the entire metropolitan area. Such a system cannot help but reduce travel...
Page 857 - We favor the passage and implementation of legislation that would insure (1) income as a matter or right, in amounts sufficient to maintain all persons at an adequate standard of living; and (2) the provision of payments in the most dignified and efficient manner possible.
Page 587 - B. Transfer and rearrangement of traffic signals on street light poles. — The amount of $19,000 is requested to cover the cost of transferring and rearranging traffic signals located on street lighting poles. These moves are made necessary by street lighting improvements and installations of new lighting. C. Police patrol box installations. — The amount of $40,000 is requested for installing new precinct police patrol boxes at 17 locations, designated by the Chief of Police.
Page 667 - Committee reported out a bill providing for construction of a 25-mile system at a total cost of $431 million ; $100 million was to be paid by the Federal Government and $50 million by the District of Columbia. The balance of the cost was to be raised through the sale of bonds. Before the 25-mile system proceeded under construction, authorizing legislation was enacted by Congress in 1969, which provided for a 98-mile system at a total cost of $2.5 billion.
Page 399 - There shall be designated within the continental 'United States a National System of Interstate Highways not exceeding forty thousand miles in total extent so located as to connect by routes, as direct as practicable, the principal metropolitan areas, cities, and industrial centers, to serve the national defense, and to connect at suitable border points with routes of continental importance in the Dominion...

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