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appointed on the said 20th December, 1798, to continue in office *

years, 2, p. 260

—apportioned to certain parishes, counties and districts, 2, p. 260,

261. Increased," 2, p. 548

—convicted of mal-practices in office, to vacate the same, 2, p. 261-2
—shall be appointed as heretofore, 2, p. 262

—may pivc orders for bail, and take specirl bail, 2, p. 315

—jurisdiction of, extends to debts of 20 dollars, 2, p. 318

Parties aggrieved, -where the debt is above 6 dollars, may appeal,

2, p. 318

—authorized to qualify sheriffs, clerks of courts, judges of ordinary,
and coroners, 2, p. 322, 32S

Act to vest in James II. Ancrum, his heirs and assigns, 2, p. 562

Of special bail, to be taken by judges and justices of county courts,
to be certified, and transmitted to the judges or clerks of superior
courts, 1, p. 157


Of the Inferior City Court in Charleston, empowered to hold court,

2, p. 393

Not permitted to plead in certain cases, 2, p. 397


In the county courts of Oraigeburgh and Beaufort, relative to the
business of ordinary of such courts, to be transferred over to the
ordinary of the district, and all other of the said courts, to the
clerk of the circuit court, and to the register of mesne conveyances,

1, p. 54

In the clerk's office of the circuit court of Cheraw district, act to re-
move the, 1, p. 362

To be returned to the court-house in Cheraw district, when it shall
be repaired, 1, p. 364

In the several county courts in this state, to be transferred to the dis-
trict courts, 2, p. 323

Clerks of the several courts of, declared to be justices of the quo-
rum ex-officio, 2, p. 550

Equity of, foreclosed by sale under judges order, 1, p. 64. Act
explanatory, 2, p. 157

—mortgagee may hold land under a release of the, 2, p. 157, 158

Inequity, fees of established, 1, p. f>, 7

Of mesne conveyances, do. 1, p. 17

To keep their offices open from 9 o'clock in the morning until 3

o'clock in the afternoon, 1, p. 21

—of Orangeburgh and Beaufort districts,'to be furnished with the

records of the late county courts of said districts, 1, p. 54

.—of Geftrgfettrvm district, deeds recorded in the office of, to be sojudged the first conveyance, 1, p. 8? In equity, to be appointed for each district S, p. 321, 322 Of mesne conveyances in Korry district, vested in the clerk of the said district, !, p. 473 —in Orangehuigh district, act to constitute the clerk of, 2, p. 546 —declared to be justices of the quorum ex-officio, 2, p. 550

RELIGIOUS SOCIETIES. Act to incorporate certain, 1, p. 364

BF.TURN DAYS. Throughout the state, established, 1, p. 40

RICE GROUNDS. Act to explain the act passed 11 March, 1786, to regulate the opening of dams across, 2, p. 271 RICHLAND COUNTY. Division line between the county of Kershaw and, fixed, 1, p. 24S Made a district, and, with Fairfield district, included in the southern circuit, 2, p* 263 Sher'ff of Richland district, to attend the meeting of the judges at Columbia, 2, p. 326 RIVERS.

Act to open and improve the navigation of suhdry, I, p. 91

Act giving further encouragement for the opening of the Catawba

and Wateree, 2, p. 16

Act to remove obstructions in the Savannah, 2, p. 19

Act to open the navigation of Little Fedee, 2, p. 112

Act to clear out and keep n:wig ible Waccamaw, S, p. 190

Act for opening the navigation of Saluda, 2, p. 194. Altered and

amended, 2, p. 341, 342 , Act to repeal the act respec ting; Broad and Pacoiet, and to authorize

the commissioners appointed to draw out of the treasury, g 10.000

towards defraying the expenses of making the same navigable,

2, p. 39J


Commissioners of, appointed by judges of the two intermediate county courts, 1, p. 47

Act for laying out certain, I, p. 103, 260—2, p. 43, 122, 168,

198, 283, 327, 411, 532 —therein particularly specified, 1, p. 100, 260—2, p. 20,43, 122

ROGERS' LAKE. Act to open and keep in repair a canal from, into Fcc-ee river,

2, p. 121

ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. In Charleston, act to incorporate, 1, p. 136

The escheated property of the late Joseph Mincon, vested in the vestry of the, 2, p. 275

'SAINT ANDREWS SOCIETY. Act to incorporate, 2, p. 217. Extended, 3, p. 555

SAINT GEORGE'S PARISH, DORCHESTER. Commissioners appointed to run the division line between, and St.

James parish, Goose-crcck, 2, p. 306

Inspection and ware-houses for tobacco, established at, 2, p. 439

SAINT JAMES,' PARISH, GOOSE-CREEK. Commissioners appointed to run the division line between, and St. George's parish, Dorchester, 2, p. 306

SAINT LUKES PARISH. Division line between, and St. Peter's, established, 1, p. 249


Of public officers established, I, p. 3. To continue in force for 4 years, 1, p. 23. Repealed partly, 1, p. 358

—to be paid quarterly,, 2, p. 427, 497

—to be paid in paper medium, 1, p. 59

Of the commissioners of the loan office rhall cease after 1 June, 1791,

1, p. 60

Of the commissioners of public accounts, 1, p. 71

Of the powder inspector and arsenal keeper of Charleston and Ninety-six districts, established, I, p. 342 Of the Governor and other public officers, act for establishing the,

1, p. 357

Of the adjutant-rencral, fixed for three years, 2, p. 36

Of the circuit solicitors, fixed, 2, p. 326

Formed out of the counties 01 Claremont and Clarendon, 1, p. 238
County courts established in, 1, p. 239

Commissioners appointed to fix on a convenient place for a court-
house and g^ol, ], p. 239
Mode and of voting at elections for members of the legis-
lature, and a member of congress, 1, p. 239
SALES—See Lands
A public ferry to be established at, I, p. 105, 267
A bridge to be built across, by Thomas Chappell, 1, p. 266
Act appointing com'rs. to open the navigation of, 2, p. 194, 3*41
First clause partially repealed, 2, p. 342
Act to prevent obstructions to the passaec of fish up, 2, p. 366

SANTEE CANAL. The directors and stockholders of, empowered to establish one or more lotteries, to raise £. 6000, and enable them to proceed with spirit in the completion of the work committed to their care,

1, p. 369

Overseers, toll receivers, lock keepers, and white labourers, employed at, excused from militia duty, 2, p. 36 Persons employed at the, exempt from road duty, 2, p. 60

SCIRE FACIAS. May be served without witness, 3, p. 320



To the governor,'salary of established, 1, p. i

Of the state, fees of established, 1, p. 5. To keep his office open
from 9-o'clock in the morning, until 3 o'clock in the afternoon,

1, p. 21

—office of, time extended for taking out grants of land, 1, p. 222,

339, 340

-—to deliver out grants of land surveyed previous to 1792, 2, p. 137
—with three commissioners, appointed by the'governor, may exa-
mine election returns, l>.p. 228
—to receive and record a copy of the plan of the town of Camden,

2, p. 227

—to deliver grants of land, upon the persons producing the treasur-
er's receipt, of payment being made, 2, p. 495
—directed to deliver up the bond of Thomas Gough, 2, p. 500


Clerk, messenger and door-keeper of, salaries of established, I, p. 4
Clerk of, to receive a salary of £.287 per annum, 1, p. 358


General, days fQr boding the courts of, fixed, 1, p. 35

—court of, to have jurisdiction of all pleas, civil & criminal, I, p. 36
—abolished, and business transferred,- '2, p. 245


Fees of, established, 1, p. 12, 13, 14. To give constant attendance
at their offices, 1, p. 21

To collect and receive their own fees, 1, p. 22

Or their deputies, to serve executions in the dis'rict in which the
defendant resides, 1, p. 40

Shall turn over all writs and process unexecuted, and all executions
under which no actual sale of property has been made, to their
successors, 1, p. 40, 41

Shall not purchase at their own sales, under the forfeiture of his of-
fice, , I, p. 41
When and where they shall sell property, 1, p. 41, 168
What notices shall be given of sales by, 1, p. 42
Shall return executions ten days after return day, 1, p. 42
FYes of, shall be taxed, and ex'ons. issued on non-payment, 1, p. 42
And clerks to be appointed for the new districts, 1, p 44
—of county courts, to be appointed as heretofore, 1, p. 50"
County, how to make sales, 1, p. 53
Shall stay execution, when injunction is applied for, I, p. 157
Of Washington district, to draw juries, 1, p. 164
Shall keep their offices near the court-house, 1, p. 165
Shall deliver up their books within three months after going out of
office, 1, p. 165
Of Camden, to attend the court at Columbia, 1, p. 167
To be furnished with a list of taxable inhabitants, by tax-collectors,
to enable them to make out jury lists, r, p. 212

Act concerning the office of, 2. p. 8

Shall give security for the faithful discharge of the duties of their office, who shall be approved of by certain commissioners, appointed for that purpose, 2, p. 8, 263, 264 Amount for which each shall give security, 2, p. 9, 264 Shall not share the profits with any person, nor sell the office, 2, p. 10 Shail advertise of plaintiff and defendant, 2, p. 87 Shall pay over to creditors, the money received, within ten days after the receipt, 2, p. 87 Of Georgetown district, shall advertise property in the news-papers,

2, p. 88

Of Charleston district, and other districts in the state, to apply to all the old sheriffs, for their books, papers, &c. 2, p. 144, 145

Penalty on, for refusing to comply, 2, p. k45

Where the books and papers of, cannot be found, how to proceed,

2, p. 146

Shall advertise real property 3 weeks, and personal 15 days, previous to sale, 2, p. 147

Shall make jury lists and draw jurors, 2, p. 242, 243

To execute all summonses and other precepts directed them by the judge of the court of ordinary, 2, p. 316

May be called on by the commissioners of the roads, to render an account of the monies, bonds, notes, Sec. in their hands, 2, p. 319

Neglecting to return executions, at the time appointed by law, shall forfeit and pay a sum not less than 40 nor more than 200 dollars, 2, p. 319, 320. Shall serve writs of scire facias without witness,

2, p. 320

Shall execute all process issued from the court of equity, 2, p. 321 May qualify before any two justices of the quorum, 2, p. 322, 323 Of Richland district, to attend the court at Columbia, 2, p. 326 To provide blankets for prisoners at the expense of the state,

2, p. 343, 344

May sell slaves committed, after conviction, 2, p. 347, 375

May disperse the meetings of free negroes or slaves, 2, p. 352 May draw juries when the judges do not attend, 2, p. 358, 359 Of the inferior court in Charleston, to be allowed the same fees as in the court of common picas, 2., p. 397

. Of Sumter district, authorized to draw jurors for the court of,

2, p. 404, 405

To give tax-collectors receipts for executions lodged with them,

2, p. 426

Not to be served with rule of court or attachment, after a certain time, 2, p. 429, 430

Of Charleston district, shall deposit all public monies in their hands, in the State Bank, for safe-keeping, 2, p. 470

Of Horry district, to be served with a writ of venire facias, to summon jurors, 2, p. 472

—to give bond and security, 2-, p. 473

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