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Of persons fortwo districts to choose for which they will serve, i, p. 228
New, for vacant districts to be ordered by the governor, 1, p. 229

Of a president and vice-president of the United States, act pre.
scribing the time, place and manner of appointing, 1, p. 207

ENGLISH, JOHN, junior.
Act vesting in, such part of his father's estate as remains undis-
posed of by the commissioners of confiscated estates, 2, p. 307

Paptist church at the head of, incorporated,

2, p. 278
Assessors and collectors of the taxes, hereafter to be appointed,

shall hold their offices only during the pleasure of the legis-

1, p. 155
Judges of the court of, their salaries established,

1, p. 4
Master and commissioners, register and commissioners, and so-
licitors in, their fees established,

1, p. 6 & 7
Officers in, to keep their offices open from 9 o'clock in the morn-
ing until three in the afternoon,

I, p. 21
Court of established, and former laws relative to the court on
chancery continued,

1, p. 29
Times and places when and where the court of, is to be held in fu-
ture, prescribed, 1, p. 30. Altered,

2, p. 320
Court of, not to sit beyond six days, except in Charleston, 1, p. 30

shall hear causes under £.100 by petition, 1 1, p. 32
Witnesses to be examined viva voci, except in certain cases, 1, p. 30
Commissioner shall perform the duty of master or register, and
have the same fces,

1, p. 31
to give bond in the sum of 1.1000 each,

I, p. 31
Suits in, shall not be sustained if there be plain and adequate
remedy at law,

I, p. 34
Judges of, shall ride the circuit,

1, p. 34
Master in, for Charleston, Georgetown and Beaufort districts, shall

give bond and security of 6.5000; bond of, and commission,

shall be deposited in the secretary's office of the state, 1, p. 31
Parties in, may do their own business,

1, p. 34
Courts of, times of holding altered,

I, p. 166
Injunctions in, mode of obtaining in the country,

1, p. 157
Defendants in, residing in different districts, how proceeded against,

1, p. 291
Circuits established, 2, p. 320. Commissioners and registers to be
appointed for each,

2, p. 321
District sheriff to execute all process issued from the court of, and
attend the same,

2, p. 321
Two chancellors to attend at each court,

2, p. 321
Attorney general and solicitors, to revive all suits of the public,
against tax-collectors, &c.

2, p. 392


Master in, to deposit public money in the State Bank for safe keep

. 470
Of redemption, barred on recovery of money secured by mortgage
on real estates,

1, p. 64
To be returned to the legislature, by coinmissioners to be appoint-

ed by the governor, in each circuit court district, 1, p. 340
In Beaufort district, vested in the trustees of Beaufort College,

2, p. 65
In Clarendon county, vested in the Clarendon Orphan Society,

2, p. 232
In Orangeburgh district, vested in trustees for establishing schools,

2, p. 237
In Charleston, vested in the Roman Catholic church in, 2, p. 274
In Kershaw county, vested in the Camden orphan society, 2, p. 301
In Lancaster county, vested in trustees for endowing a school, 2, p. 302
In Union, York and Chester, vested in trustees of Alexandria col.

2, p. 302, 303
In Williamsburgh district, vested in trustees of Williamsburgh

2, p. 303
In Colieton district, vested in trustees for establishing a school,

2, p. 304
In St. Philip and St. Michael's parishes, vested in the city council
of Charleston, for the orphan house,

2, p. 305
In Conwayborough, to be sold for the support of the poor in Horry


2, p. 421
Of intestates, how distributed,

1, p, 26
Acquired after making a will, shall not pass thereby, unless the
said will be republished,

1, p. 27
Real or personal, to be divided on petition of the party interested to

the court of equity or common pleas for a writ of partition, 1, p. 27
In joint tenancy, severed by death of joint tenant,

1, p. 27
Real, secured by mortgage, mode of recovering,

1, p. 64
-may be held by the South-Carolina society to the annual amount
of 2000l.

1, p. 127
All laws now in force relative to, shall prevail after 1st January,

2, p. 325
Act to alter and amend the act concerning,

2, p. 516
Copies of entries from the treasury books to be admitted in any
court of law or equity,

2, p. 428
Copies of grants and plats of land, may be produced in evidence in

2, p. 498
To be issued from the court, in which judgment shall be obtained,

dy p. 39

1, p. 290

When made returnable, 1, p. 40. To be served by the sheriff of
the district in which the defendant or his property may be found,

1, p. 40
To be turned over by the sheriff (if unexecuted) to his successor,

1, p. 40
To be returned within ten days after each return day, 1, p. 42
Under a decree on summary process, shall bind lands and tene-

How issued and served after 1st January, 1800, 2, p. 314. To be
returned at the time appointed by law,

2, p. 319
To be issued by tax-collectors for arrears of taxes, when required
by the comptroller-general,

2, p. 487
-by the treasurers against tax-collectors for arrears of taxes,

2, p. 491
Where there are several, and some out of the state, actions may be

had against all by serving process on those present, 1, p. 290
Absent, shall not incur a devastavit by such proceeding, 1, p. 291

Commissioners appointed to superintend the public roads in, 2, p. 231
And Richland district to form a part of the Southern circuit, 2, p. 263
Jefferson Monticello society in, incorporated,. 2, p. 454
Court-house and gaol of the county-court, and other public buildings
in, to be sold,

**** 2, p. 521
How the monies arising from the sale of the gaol are to be applied,

2, p. 521
Established and to continue in force for four years, 1, p. 1 a 23
Act to revive and continue in force,

2, p. 33
Of public officers established, 1, p. 5, 23. All former acts regu-
lating, repealed,

1, p. 22
Of commissioners in equity, the same as master or registér, for like

1, p. 32
Of attornies, clerks and sheriffs to be taxed, and executions issued
on non payment,

1, p. 42
For granting licenses for retailing spirituous liquors, keeping bil-
liard tables, &c.

1, p. 88, 224, 234
Of clerks received by attornies of district courts, to be paid once in
every six months,

2, p. 33
For recording plats, to be paid by the courts, or one of the judges,

2, p. 34
Of the clerks of Charleston district, for recording judgments and is-
suing executions,

- 2, p. 34
Of the powder receivers of the magazines at Georgetown and Beau-

2, p. 82
Of attornies reduced in certain cases, 2, p. 247. Repealed, 2, p. 267
Of attornies in cases of appeal,

2, p. 318

Of attornies, clerk and sheriff of the inferior city court of Charles

2, p. 397
To be held in a room in the court-house in Charleston, 1, p. 361

Act to regulate and establish various throughout this state,
1, p. 103, 260—2, p. 43, 122, 168, 198, 283, 327, 411, 532

On all persons offending against certain regulations established in

1, p. 89
On inhabitants neglecting to send their male slaves to work,

1, p. 96, 101
On overseers refusing or neglecting to do their work towards open-

ing and improving the navigation of sundry rivers, &c. 1, p. 97
Appropriation of,

1, p. 97, 317
For offences committed against the by-laws of the town council of

1, p. 147
• For not attending and acting as a juror,

1, p. 163
For not attending musters, and for neglecting to obey orders,

1, p. 315, 316
For Dot being properly accoutred at muster,

1, p. 318
Militia, how to be recovered, 1, p. 352. Persons to be appointed to

2, p. 362
On persons taking up estra ys neglecting to pursue the directions
of the act concerning estrays,

2, p. 519
May be imposed by commissioners of the streets and markets of
the town of Winnsborough,

2, p. 524
In Charleston, incorporated, 1, p. 294. In Georgetown, do. 2, p. 220

Act to prevent obstructions to the passage of, in Big Lynch's creek,

. 1, p. 240
-in the Chinquepin and Thomson's creeks,

2, p. 117
-up Saluda river,

2, p. 366
An inspection and ware-houses for the reception of tobacco and flour
established at,

1, p. 235
FLOUR—See Bread and Flour.

Persons guilty of, deemed felons,

2, p. 379
Provision made for securing it,

2, p. 31
Act for opening the navigation of,

2, p. 113
Act to suppress the pernicious practice of, 1, p. 78. Additional

2, p. 447
Penalties at the discretion of the court and jury for, 1, p. 79

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On complaint made, justices shall issue warrants against offenders

1, p. 79
Offenders for, may be tried by the court of wardens, as at common

.1, p. 80
All securities for money won at, absolutely null and void, 1, p. 8}
Lands mortgaged for, mortgage void,

1, p. 81
May be prohibited by the commissioners of the streets and markets
of Columbia,

2, p. 223
What games are not to be played at, 2, p. 447. Games which
may be played at,

2, D. 448
Penalty for betting on or playing at games,

2, p. 448
Keepers of gaming tables deemed vagrants, 2, p. 448. Tables
may be burnt,

2, p. 449
GAOLS_See Court Houses and Gaols.
Keepers of in this state, to receive all prisoners committed under
the authority of the United States,

2, p. 343
-authorized to receive and confine negroes, mulattoes and musti-

2, p. 375
In Charleston district, to receive and confine prisoners committed
under the authority of the inferior court,

2, p. 398

District, limits of,

1, p. 37
Act for establishing certain regulations in,

1, p. 87
Act to empower the president and wardens of the Indigo Society in,
to establish a lottery,

. 1, p. 256
Act to enable the circuit court of, to meet the 28th March, instead
of the 1st April, 1794,

1, p. 288
Commissioners appointed to have the gaol in, repaired, 1, p. 341
Certain inhabitants of, empowered to establish a lottery in, 1, p. 368
Certain confiscated property, and all vacant lots in, vested in the
Winyaw Indigo Society,

2, p. 70
Commissioners appointed to erect a magazine and laboratory at,
2, p. 80. Two addded,

2, p. 185
Sheriff's of, shall advertise property for sale in the newspapers,

2, p. 88
Inspection of flour and bread established in,

2, p. 111
Act to incorporate the Fire Company in,

2, p. 220
Act to lessen the security given by the commissioner of locations

2, p. 250
Act to incorporate the Library Society in,

p. 339
Courts' of general sessions and common pleas for Horry district to
be held at,

2, p. 421
Act to incorporate the Antipædo Baptist church in 2, p. 432
All suits depending in the district of, shall be transferred and tried
in Horry district,

2, p. 472
Courts of general sessions and common pleas for Williamsburgh
district, to be holden in, as heretofore,

2, p. 545

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