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-clerks of, may issue all judicial process, (except ex’ons.) 1, p. 39
-judicial process, how to be tested, signed and sealed, 1, p. 39
Show to proceed where defendants reside in different districts,

1, p. 39
-executions, how to be issued, tested, signed and served, 1, p.
-retum days of fixed,

I, p. 40
all writs and ex’ons, made returnable to the clerk thereof, 1, p. 40
plain iff shall file his declaration,

1, p. 40
-dcfendant to put in his plea,

1, p. 40
-sheriff, at the expiration of his office, to turn over to the succeed-

ing sheriff, all unexecuted writs & unsatisfied executions, 1, p. 40
-No sheriff, or other officer, shall purchase property sold by him,

1, p. 41
-when and whare district sheriff's shall sell property, 1, p. 41
-how and where sheriffs sales shall be advertised, 1, p. 42
-sheriffs to retum cx'ons, within 10 days after return day, 1, p. 42
-fees to be taxed, and executions issued on non-payment, 1, p. 42
-sherials and clerks to be appointed for the new districts, 1, p. 44
-judges to hold courts in the new districts of Pinckney and Wash-

1, p. 44
-persons attending privileged,

1, p. 44
-at Georgetown, to meet 28 March instead of 1 April, 1, p. 288
-at Cambridge, time for holding extended,

1, p. 289
-of Chester dist. act to legalize the several juries drawn for, 2, p. 358
At Columbia, to be attended by the sheriff and clerk of Camden dis-

1, p. 167
Ofcommon pleas at Camden & Cambridge may sit 15 days, 1, p. 214
District, time of holding,

2, p. 240, 264
Distributed into circuits, 2, p. 241. Of record, 2, p. 242
Of general sessions and common pleas, abolished, and business

2, p. 245
Clerks os, how to be appointed,

2, p. 246
Of wardens in Charleston, abolished, 2, p. 247. Business depend-

ing therein transferred to the court of common pleas in Charleston

2, p. 314
Of Colleton district, to be held at Jacksonborough until a court-
house is built,

2, p. 248
Of ordinary established,

2, p. 315,
Clerks of, constituted registers of mesne conveyances, 2, p. 318.
-of common pleas shall grant commissions to examine witnesses,

2, p. 323
All laws respecting circuit or district courts shall relate to the new

2, p. 325
Judges not attending, the clerk and sheriit authorized to draw

2, p. 358
of inferior jurisdiction in the city of Charlestonestablished, 2, p. 393
Of general sessions and common pleas to be hoden in Horry dis-

2, p. 421

Rulo of, not to be served on sheriffs after a certain time, 2, p. 429 Of Charleston district, jurors for, how to be drawn, 2, p. 516. Fines for making default,

2, p. 516 In the upper districts of this state, act establishing four circuits for,

2, p. 543 Of ordinary, act to compel persons having any papers of the late

county courts, to deliver the same to the respective judges of the courts of ordinary,

2, p. 566 COURT HOUSES AND GAOLS. Commissioners appointed to agree for and superintend the building of, in their respective districts,

1, p. 42 --to fix on a convenient place in Salem county for do. 1, p. 239 Act to fix on some more convenient situation in Greenville county for do.

1, p. 298 to build and repair certain,

1, p. 341 Commissioners appointed to fix on central places in Colleton, Sumter, Marion and Barnwell districis, for ditto,

2, p. 248 In each district of the state, S 5000 appropriated for the building of,

except Georgetown, Charleston, Orangeburgh, Beaufort and Kershaw districts,

2, p. 323 10,300 dollars, do. for Colleton district,

2, p. 323 5000 dollars, do. for Horry district,

2, p. 421 5000 dollars, do. for Williamsburgh district,

2, p. 546 Act to authorize the selling of, 2, p. 519. Surplus money to be paid to commissioners of the poor,

2, p. 521 CREDITORS. Foreign of this state, whose debts are payable in France, redeemaable in Amsterdam,

I, p. 180 Interest arising on the balance funded to the credit of this state in 1795, shall be paid over to them,

1, p. 379 CREEK. Big Lynch's, act to prevent obstructions in,

1, p. 240 -persons erectingdams across, to leave frecpassage, 1, p. 241. Clouter's bridge over, may be erected by John Clement, 1, p. 230 Rope may be extended across by him,

1, p. 260 Lynch's, Jeffrey's and Black, persons living near them, to improve the navigation,

1, p. 283 Four Holes, to be opened, 2, p. 112. Pine Tree, to be opened,

1, p. 367, and 2, p. 115

DAMAGES. Sustained by persons, by the continuation of East-Bay street through their lands, act to ascertain,

2, p. 178 DARLINGTON DISTRICT. Division line between and Chesterfield, to be run out, 2, p. 290, 557 Commissioners of the roads in, increased,

2, p. 418 DEBT. Act to regulate the paymentand recovery of, 11th clause of, repealed,

1, p. 59

Foreign, payable in France, redeemable in Amsterdam, 1, p. 180
-John S. Cripps and Wm. Crafts, or their assigns, to register and
transfer the same,

1, p. 180.
-:o be extinguished by the interest due on the paper medium loan,

1, p. 176
Of copartnership, remedy upon, 1, p. 214. Subscriptions for, to be

1, p. 375
Due to bcdies corporate by their members, may be sued for, 1, p. 222
Of the state of So. Carolina, how provided for, 1, p. 374. Act mak-
ing further provision for,

2, p. 71, 295
Act granting further time for the registering of,

2, p. 430
Rule for filing in county court,

1, p. 40, 49,

And other writings, first recorded in the office of register of mesne

conveyances in Georgetown district, adjudged to be the first con-

1, p. 89
Vecessary for the emancipation of slaves,

2, p. 356, 357
Forging of deemed felony,

2, p. 380
In equity, solicitor of, his fees established,

1, p. 7
Residing in difierent districts, plaintiff has his option to try his cause
where either resides,

1, p. 39—2, p. 314
Shail enter appearance during the sitting of the court, or suffer
judgment by default,

1, p. 40
put in his plea in one month, if he enters his appearance, 1, p. 40
Ir absent from the state, plaintiff may post rules or process upon the
court-house door,

1, p. 213
Where there are several residing in different districts, mode of pro-
ceeding against,

l, p. 291
Granted to alien friends, residing or intending to move within the
limits of this state,

2, p. 273
Act to restrain the operation of the escheat laws in relation to, 2, p. 483
DISTEMPERS_See Contagious Distempers.

Warrant of, to be issued against defaulters, to the assessments of the

1, p. 77
Of real and personal estates of intestates, how made, 1, p. 26
-which may be applied for by petition to the court of equity, or
common pleas, for a writ of partition,

1, p. 27
Circuit, commissioners of, appointed,

1, p. 31
Limits and boundaries of, established throughout the state, 1, p. 37
Of Pinckney and Washington, commissioners appointed to build
gaols and court-houses in,

t; p. 42


washeriffs and clerks to be appointed for,

1, p. 45
-judges of the courts of sessions and common pleas to hold courts

1, p. 44
Inhabitants of, where county courts are not established, to choose
commissioners of the poor,

1, p. 76
of Kershaw, established as a county,

1, p. 85
Election, divided into six for the purpose of electing representatives
to congress,

1, p. 225
--divided into eight for

ditto ditto,

2, p. 443
-vacant, the governor authorized to order new elections for, 1, p. 229
Of Pinckneyville and Pickensville established,

1. p. 230
Of the state established,

2, p 238
Now established, divided into four equity circuits, 2, p. 320
Of Chester, act to legalize the juries drawn at the circuit court in,

2, p. 358
Between Abbeville and Edgefield counties, established, 2, p. 46
--the parish of St. Mathew and the election district of Saxegotha,

Chester and Fairfield, Fairfield and Richland, and York and Ches-
ter counties, act respecting,

2, p. 181
-Kershaw and Richland, to be ascertained,

2, p 201
Chesterfield and Darlington, to be run by the commissioners ap-

2, p. 239
-the parishes of St. James, Goose-creek, and St. George, Dor-
·chester, act respecting,

2, P, 306
-the parishes of Saxegotha and St. Matthew, to be run by commis-
sioners appointed,

2, p. 413
Orange and Winton counties, act respecting,

2, p. 502
- this state and the state of North-Carolina, act concerning, 2, p. 55 1
Chesterfield and Darlington districts, act respecting, 2, p. 556

To the senate and house of representatives, salaries of established,

1, p. 4, 358
Act for the establishment of a tobacco inspection and ware house or

ware-houses in town of, 2, p. 439. Commissioners appointed to
fix upon the most convenient place in, for the same, 2, p. 440

Attornies fees in all cases of, established,

1, p. 9
If a widow accepts of, the provision made for her by the primogeni-
ture act, to same, to be in lieu of,

I, p. 27
Wife may renounce her, before a judge or justice of the quorum,

2, p. 5
Form of a certificate for the renunciation of,

2, P, 6
On the tonnage of vessels, may be laid by the legislature, with
the consent of Congress,

2, p. 554

DWIGHT, FRANCIS MARION. Act to enable, to change his present name to that of Francis Marion,

2, p. 251 EAST BAY STREET. In Charleston, act to complete, 2, p. 29. Assessment to be made and collected,

2, p. 30 Money arising from the sale of public lands, how to be appropriated

2, p. 31 Slips of public land adjoining, to be appraised by the city council,

2, p. 153 Act to ascertain what damages Robert Lindsay, Wm. Turpin,

and the estate of James Sommers, deceased, have sustained

by the continuance thereof through their lands, 2, p. 178 Commissioners appointed to assess and value a certain lot of

land in Charleston, belonging to the estate of Robert Raper,

dec. to be made use of for widening the said street, 2, p. 441 City council to pay the treasurer the money assessed for the benefit of the heirs of the said R. Raper,

2, p. 442 EDGEFIELD COUNTY.. Division line between and Abbeville, established,

2, p. 46 Commissioners of the poor to be elected in,

2, p. 100 Justices of the peace for, increased,

2, p. 220, 548 Three boards of commissioners of the roads appointed for, 2, p. 417

EDISTO. River, act for building a toll bridge across, near the town of Orangeburgh,

1, p. 128, 267 Island, act respecting the Presbyterian church on, 1, p. 251 River, act authorizing David Campbell to place adam across, 2, p. 268


EJECTMENT. . Fictitious proceedings in the action of, abolished,

1, p. 65 Acts of assembly respecting, shall hereafter be construed to relate to actions of trespass,

1, p. 66 ELECTION. Of representatives from this state to the congress of the United States, act prescribing the mode,

1, p. 225 Districts established, 1, p. 225. When and where elections are to be holden,

1, p. 225 Managers of, to transmit the ballots to Columbia, indorsed and

sealed up in. paper, directed to the governor or secretary of the state, 1, p. 226. Compensation made for the messenger carrying the same,

1, p. 227 Returns to be opened publicly and examined in the presence of the

governor or lieut. governor at Columbia, by three commissioners to be appointed by the governor, 1, p. 227. If the governor be absent, the secretary of the state and the three commissioners to count over the votes,

1, p. 228 Of representatives to be notified by proclamation of the governor,

I, p. 227

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