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Of all courës to give constant attendance at their respective offices,

1, p. 22 May adjourn the courts, when judges do not attend, 1, p. 39 To be appointed for the new districts of Pinckney and Washington,

1, p. 44 Of the circuit court district to receive and keep all the records rel.

tive to the judicial business of the county courts of Orangeburgh and Beaufort, which are suspended,

1, p. 54 Of the commissioners appointed to settle the accounts of the present

and former comrs. of the treasury, to take the oath of office, 1, p. 71 Of the superior courts of law, not exempt from the jurisdiction of the court of wardens of the city of Charleston,

1, p. 85 Of district courts may grant orders for bail, 1, p. 167—2, p. 314 Of Camden to attend the court at Columbia, and to receive as compensation, 20 pounds,

1, p. 167 of circuit courts, to read over to the judges the daily minutes of the journal, previously to adjournment,

1, p. 211 Fees of, for making out licenses,

1, p. 224 Of the circuit court in Cheraw district, shall remove the records during the repairing of the court house,

1, p. 363 Of district courts, whose fees have been received by attornies, shall receive them every 6 months,

2, p. 33 Of Charleston district, fees of, for recording judgments and issuing executions,

2, p. 34 Of the city council, of the court of wardens of Charleston, and of county courts, exempt from serving as jurors,

2, p. 156 Of the markets in Charleston, to keep a regular account of the

brands, marks, and names of persons producing cattle, 2, p. 96 Of district and county courts to administer but one oath to jurors for the whole term,

2, p. 152 Of courts, how appointed, 2, p. 246. Appointed by the governor

2, p. 266 Of any district court, authorized to give an order for bail, and take special bail,

2, p. 314 Of district courts constituted registers of mesneconveyances, 2, p. 318 Of any court may qualify before any two justices of the quorum,

2, p. 322 Of the court of common pleas may grant commissions to examine witnesses,

2, p. 323 Of courts may be appointed by the judges in cases of vacancy,

. 2, p. 319 To be appointed by the judges to attend at Columbia, and to be allowed $ 140 annually,

2, p. 326 Of courts may draw juries when the judges do not attend, 2, p. 358 Of Sumter district authorized to draw a sufficient number of jurors for the district court of,

2, p. 404 Of Horry district, to summon the attendance of 4 justices, in whose presence jurors are to be drawn,

2, p. 472


to issue a writ of venire facias to the sheriff to summon jurors for the court,

2, p. 472 --to give bond and security to commissioners appointed for the purpose,

2, p. 473 o act as register of mesne conveyances,

2, p. 473 Of Orangeburgh district, constituted register of mesne conveyances for the sume,

2, p. 546 Of the several courts of record in this state, declared justices of the quorum ex-officio,

2, p. 550 COLLEGE. Charleston, act to continue uicer other regulations than those formerly established,

1, p. 194 In Cambridge, act authorizing the trustees of, to establish a lottery,

1, p. 258 lands, town lets and buildings of, to be sold,

2, p. 499 In Beaufort, úct anprinting" trustees to build,

2, p. 65 Alexandria, in Pinckney Cistrict, act to (tudii 5 and incorporate,

2, p. 185 In Columbia, act to establish, South-Carolina, trustees of to have certain squares in Columbia conveyed to the:.',

2. p. 475 Act to aid the establishment of,

2, p. 514 COLLETON DISTRICT. Court of, to be held at Jacksonborough until a court-house is built,

2, p. 248 Commissioners appointed to fix on a central place for a court-house and gaol iil,

2, p. 248 Courts of, to sit only five days,

2, p. 264 Escleated property in, vested in trustees for the establishment of a school in the said district,

2, p. 304 10,300 dollars appropriatcu for building a gaol and court-house in,

2, p. 323 COLUMBIA. Court at, to be attended by the sheriff and clerk of Camden district,

1, p. 167 Not less than thrce judges to attend the adjourned court at, 1, p. 213 Powers of the commissioners of, enlarged,

1, p. 237 Vendue masters.seiling lets within the limits of, to receive commissions only on actual paymeat,

1, p. 237 Purchasers of lots without the boundaries of, may build as they please,

1, p. 237 Public land in, appropriated for a free school,

I, p. 237 Academy of, and trustees with certain powers, incorporated, 2, p. 77 Three squares of land in, given to the academy,

2, p. 79 Inspection of flour established at,

2, p. 110 --of tobacco established at,

2, p. 162 Com’rs. of the streets and markets in, appointed, with the same

powers as those of Georgetown, 2, p. 170. Repealed, 2, p. 225

Commissioners of, to convey two squares of land in, to the Agricultural society of South-Carolina,

2, p. 184 Commissioners of the streets and markets in, to be elected annuallv,

2, p. 222 Cominissioners to choose a chairman, before whom they are to take the oath of office,

2, p. 222 -vested with the same powers as commissioners of the roads.

2, p. 223 -o suppress gambling, and to grant licenses for retailing spiritha ous liquors,

2, p. 223 -to make rules and regulations,

2, p. 223 -to appoint a cierk of the market, &c.

2, p. 224 -may sell timber, and prevent persons from cutting down trees on the vacant lots in,

2, p 224 -funds to be appropriated towards keeping the markets and streets in good order,

2, p. 225 -o lay out a piece of ground for a burying place, 2, p. 225 Judges shall meet at, on the Tucsday after the conclusion of the circuits,

2, p. 317 shall appoint a clerk to attend at, who is to be allowed 8 140 annually,

2, p. 326 Sheriff of Richland district to attend the sitting of the judges at, and to be allowed S 50 annually,

2, p. 326 Commissioners of the streets and markets of, authorized to grant licenses for keeping billiardi tables,

2, p. 401 Act to establish a college at, 2, p. 406. Act to aid the establishment of,

2, p. 514 Trustees of, to make choice of any square or squares of land in,

. 2, p. 409 Certain persons who have purchased lots or squares in, to have their bonds cancelled,

2, p. 476 Commissioners authorized to convey certain squares in, to the trustees of South-Carolina College,

2, p. 476 Trustees of, authorized to stop up certain streets in the town of,

2, p. 476 -authorized to purchase a philosophical and mathematical apparatus,

. 2, p. 477 COMMISSIONERS. Of the treasury, salaries of, established,

1, p. 4, 357 In equity, fees of, established, 1, p. 6. Shall give security in the sum of £. 1000 cach,

1, p. 31 -shall keep their offices open from 9 o'clock in the morning until 3 o'clock in the afternoon,

1, p. 21 Of locations, fees of, established, 1, p. 17. The governor authorized to appoint,

1, p. 62 To be appointed in the circuit districts, to do the duties of master or register, and have the same fees,

1, p. 31

Appointed to build gaols and court-louses in Pinckney and Wash-
ington districts,

1, p. 42
Of roads and bridges appointed by the judges of intermediate county

1, p. 47
Of the loan office, may purchase in property of defaulters, when the
same will not bring its real value,

1, p. 58
--salary of, shall cease ufter the 1st June, 1791,

1, p. 60
-shall deliver over to the treasurer in Charleston, all the books, pa-

pers and paper medium, and to render an account of their transac-
tions to the legislatuie,

1, p. 60
Act to provide for the final settlement of the accounts of the former
commissioners of the trc.sury, and other public departments, &c.

1, p. 66
Ofthe poor, to be chosen by the people in the election districts,

], p. 76
to be elected in the counties where county courts are established,

1, p. 292, 293
to receive gifts and leracies, fines, forfeitures, &c. 1, p. 76
-to assess sufficient sums for the relief and education of poor chil-

1, p. 77
-inay issue warrants of distress against defaulters, 1, p. 77
- may bind children out as apprentices,

I, p. 77
-when elected, shall serve, under the penalty of 5 pounds for each

1, p. 77
-not obliged to serve more than 2 years in 6,

1, p. 78
-to provide for the maintenance of bastards,

2, p. 75
-authorized to assess and collect taxes,

2, p. 99
-to be elected in Edgefield district,

2, p. 100
-to receive from commissioners of the roads, unappropriated mo-
nies in their hands, &c.

2, p. 518, 521
Appointed for opening and improving the navigation of sundry riv-
ers and creeks,

1, p. 91
--for laying out and repairing sundry public roads, ], p. 109

to raise an assessment on the taxable property in Prince Georges

1, p. 177
-for building a court-house and gaol in Salem county, 1, p. 239

to contract for the building a bridge across Edisto.river, 1, p. 128
to procure a room, while the court-house of Cheraw is repairing,

1, p. 363
to value the property of Jas. Shcolbred & Mary his wise, 1, p. 373
-to have Horse-Shoe creek out,

1, p. 385
-to have Lowder's lake cleared out,

1, p. 391
-to approve of the securities offered by sheriffs.

2, p. 10
-in case of death, resignation, or refusing to serve, the governor to
fill up the vacancy,

2, p. 11
--for Chatham, Camden ard Vienna,

2, p. 13
to draw a lottery for the promotion of useful manufactures in this

2, p. 18

to remove the obstructions in Savannah river, and to draw a lottery,

2, p. 20 cto cut, sink and keep in repair the water passages in Cacaw swamp,

2, p. 23 to erect a laboratory and magazine in Georgetown and Beaufort,

2, p. 80 and 185 to be elected in Edgefield district,

2, p. 100 --for Charleston, Camden, Columbia, Georgetown, Granby and

Vienna, to carry into effect the act to prevent the exportation of bread and flour not merchantable,.

2, p. 110 and 111 -to perform the duties of the Mutual insurance company in Charleston,

2, p. 135 -to fix upon a place in the town of Columbia, for an inspection of tobacco, &c.

2, p. 162 Llor the inspection of tobacco at Camden,

2, p. 162 - to establish the division lines of several counties, and to ascertain the boundaries of Camden,

2, p. 181 -of Columbia, to convey two squares of land to the Agricultural society of South-Carolina,

2, p. 184 of Columbia to convey certain squares of land to the trustees of South-Carolina College,

2, p. 476 -to open the navigation of the Lower Three Runs and Waccamaw river,

2, p. 191 -to open the navigation of Saluda river, and to establish a lottery,

2, p. 195 --for the counties of Kershaw, York, Fairfield, Chester and Union,

2, p. 230 to fix on central places in Colleton, Sumter, Marion and Barnwell districts, for.court-houses and gaols,

2, p. 248 to lay out streets on Sullivan's island,

2, p. 255 -to ascertain what compensation should be made the heirs of Peter

Porcher, deceased, for certain property in Charleston, taken to extend Meeting-street,

2, p. 300 to run the division line between St. James, Goose-creek, and St. George, Dorchester,

• 2, p. 306 -for clearing out and making Saluda river navigable, 2, p. 341

for the inspection of tobacco at Winnsborough, 2, p. 37 1 --to superintend and contract for the opening of Broad and Pacolet

rivers, and authorized to draw on the treasury for any sum not exceeding 8 10,000, for the same,

2, p. 392 to run the division line between Saxegotha & St. Matthew, 2, p. 413 to make a survey and map of the lands between Swindle's and Maxwell's bridges,

2, p. 415 three boards of, in Pendleton and Edgefield districts, 2, p. 417 -to fix on a convenient place for erecting a court-house and gaol for Horry district,

2, p. 421 --to fix on a proper place in the town of Dorchester, for the estab

lishment of a tobacco inspection and ware-house, 2, p. 430

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