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Inspection of flour established at,

2, p. 110
Two commissioners added to the inspection of tobacco at, 2, p. 162
Intendant and wardens of, declared to be justices of the peace,

2, p. 180
Boundaries of the town of, to be ascertained,

2, p. 183
Plan of the town of, to be recorded in the surveyor-general's office, and
a copy thereof in the office of the secretary of the state, 2. p. 227

Escheated property vested in,

2, p. 301
Empowered to draw lotteries,

2, p. 301
Act authorizing him to place a dam across Edisto river, 2, p. 268

Or Saniee, authorized to draw one or more lotteries, 1. p. 369
Overseers and white labourers employed by the, exempt from mi-
litia and road duties,

2, p. 36, and 60
For opening a canal from Back river to Chapel bridge, 2, p. 308

Act exempting him from the penalties of the act of confiscation and

1, p. 287
Act for opening the navigation of,

2, p. 16
Butchers to produce the hides and ears to the commissioners of the
streets of Georgetown,

1, p. 88
to the clerks of the markets in Charleston,

2, p. 96
Act for making, through the swamp leading from Edisto bridge to
· the main road from Ninety-six to Charleston,

1, p. 128
The same to be vested in the person contracting,

1, p. 129
Act concerning, 2, p. 138_See MILITIA.

Court of, Judges to determine causes in,

1, p. 166
Of the funded debt of the United States, to be received in lieu of the

sum, in fundable indents of this state, to be subscribed for by the

1, p. 72-3
Of the funded stock, of James Sinkler, to be issued to him by the
treasurer in Charleston,

2, p. 189
To be issued by the treasurer at Columbia, to William Zimmerman,

2, p. 504
Of appraisement of estrays to be entered on the toll books, except
for the districts of Charleston and Beaufort,

2, p. 517
For opening a canal from Back river, incorporated, 2. p. 308

Empowered to build a bridge across Saluda river, 1, p. 266

District, limits of,

1, p. 37
Court of wardens in, empowered to try all offenders for gaming, &c.

1, p. 80
- jurisdiction of, in certain cases ascertained,

1, p. 83
-may grant commissions to examine witnesses residing without
the limits of the city,

1, p. 83
-six days notice of appiication for a commission to be given to the
opposite party,

1, p. 83
-penalty on persons refusing to give evidence in, 1, p. 83
-may issue separate processes on divers bonds, &c. . 1, p. 84
Counsellors, attornies, solicitors and clerks of the superior
courts not exempt from the jurisdiction of,

1, p. 85
College in, to be continued under certain other regulations than
those formerly established,

1, p. 195
Owners of wharves and other persons in the city of, having wooden

buildings thereon, indulged from having the same pulled down,
until August, 1796,

1, p. 232
Companies or detachments of militia, liable to mount guard in the
city of,

1, p. 285
District, commissioners appointed to have a gaol built in, 1, p. 342
-nnual salaries of powder inspector and arsenal keeper in, esta-

1, p. 342
Commissioners appointed to carry into effect the act respecting
bread and flour,

2, p. 110
Mutual insurance company established in,

2, p. 135
Insurance company incorporated,

2, p. 158
Mechanic society incorporated, 2, p. 212. Act altered and a-

2, p. 501
Court of wardens in, abolished after 1 January, 1800, 2, p. 247
All business depending therein, shall be transferred to the court of
common pieas in,

2, p. 313
No stieet, lane, alley or court to be opened in, without special

2, p. 276
Watez company, incorporated,

2, p. 279
Inferior city court in, established,

2, p. 393.
Commissioners of the tobacco inspection in, authorized to receive
storage for tobacco, cotton, &c.

2, p. 507
Inhabitants of, relieved from unequal duty of serving on juries,

2. p. 516
Act to incorporate the general committee of the, 1, p. 246

Act to provide for the barreiling and packing of beef and pork at,

2, p. 13
Limits of, established,

1, p. 37
Commissioners appointed to build a gaol and to have the court-house
in, repaired,

1, p. 341

Records in the clerk's office of the circuit courts of, to be removed,

1, p. 362* Clerk's office in, shall be kept within two miles of the town of Greenviilc, until the court-house shall be repaired,

1, p. 363 Confiscated property in, vested in the society of St. David, 2, p. 70

CHESTER COUNTY. Times of holding courts in, established,

1, p. 46 Altered,

2, p. 37 Commissioners of the roads, bridges, causeways and water courses in, appointed,

2, p. 231 Escheated property in, vested in the trustees of Alexandria College,

2, p. 502 CHESTERFIELD DISTRICT. . Line of division to be run between that district and Darlington,

2, p. 290 Act appointing commissioners for that purpose,

2, p. 556 CHIEF JUSTICE. To do equal duty with the associate judges, his salary established,

1, p. 4. Salary curtailed, 1, p. 357 And associate judges shall be judges of the courts of sessions and common piesa

1, p. 38 All judicial process, (executions excepted) shall be tested in the name of the,

1, p. 39 The act establishing the salary of, passed in December, 1794, repealed,

2, p. 247 CHILDREN. If advanced by the intestate in his life time, shall be equalized in their portions,

1, p. 26 Of the poor, and poor orphans, to be educated and bound out as apprentices,

1, p. 77 Supported by the charity of the South-Carolina Society, to be bound out to trades, &c.

1, p. 127 Ilegitimate, act providing for the maintenance of, 2, p. 74 --mothers of, shall declare the fathers of, or be sent to gaol,

2, p. 75 where the parents of, are unable to maintain them, the commissioners of the poor are to provide for them,

2, p. 75 CHURCH. Roman Catholic in Charleston, incorporated,

1, p. 136 Presbyterian and Baptist in several districts, do.

1, p. 141 Of St. Philip and St. Michael in Charleston, do.

1, p. 182 --act passed 24th March, 1785, repealed,

14 p. 185 Presbyterian on Edisto-Island, act respecting,

1, p. 251 United Independent Congregational of Dorchester and Beach hill, incorporated,

1, p. 300 Episcopal on Edisto-Island ; Primitive Methodists of Trinity church

in Charleston, and ditto, of Ebenezer church in Georgetown, incorporated,

. 1, p. 301

Upper Baptist, on Dunkin's creek, incorporated, 1, p. 365
Episcopal, of St. John's, Berkley county, do.

1, p. 366
Baptist, at the head of Broree river, do..

2, p. 278
Antipædio Baptist, in Georgetown, do.

2, p. 432
Of St. Philip in Charleston, act confirming the by-laws of, &c.

2, p. 473
Baptist, of Christ on Cland's creek; on Little Stephen's creek;
and of the Red Bank c:cek, incorporated,

2, p. 478
Independent, .of Beaufort, and B-ptist, of Beaufort, incorporated,

2, p. 558
Baptist Bethel, in Spartanburgh district, incorporated, 2, p. 558
Baptist, of Christ in Barnwell district, do.

2, p. 560
Spring Town Baptist, do.

2, p. 560
Baptist, of Christ of the Healing-Spring in Barnwell district; Barn-

well Baptist of Christ, in ditto, and Friendship-Baptist, of Christ,
in ditto,

2, P: 560
Acts respectag, amended,

!, p. 34
Not to extend to actions commenced before 18th Nov. 1791, 1, p. 43
Acts estabıishing, altered and amended,

1, p. 211
Clerk of, to read over to the judges the daily minutes of the jour-

nal previously to the idjournment of the court, 1, p. 211
Of Cecrgetown to meet 23th March, instead of 1st April, 1794,

1, p. 288
All laws relative to, or districts, shall relate to new districts, 2, p. 325
Act to legalize the several juries drawn in Chester district, to serve
at the next spring circuit,

2, p. 358
Act to estublish four circuits for the courts in the upper districts of
this state,

2, p. 543
Act to establish Williumsburg county into a circuit court district,

2, p. 545
Act to establish Lexington county into a circuit court district,

2, p. 547
Appointed, 1, p. 165. Duties of, 1, p. 165. Attorney-general may
call on, for assistance, &c.

1, p. 166
Salaries of, established,

1, p. 357
Shall severally receive 2 1-2 dollars each day, in addition to their
fixed salary, during their attendance on the legislature, 2,, p. 27-1

May appoint assessors to lay assessments for the completion of East
Bay street,

2, p. 30
Shall compensate those persons whose lands have been taken for
Fort Mechanic,

2, p. 31
Act to vest with certain powers, 2, p. 32. May take up strolling

beggaps, and confine them to labour, 2, p. 32. Shall elect com-
missioners of the roads for the parishes of St. Philip and St. Mi- .

2, p. 37

In the absence of the governor, may compel vessels to performi quarantine,

2, p. 98 May remove the pest-house from Sullivan's island, 2, p. 99 Authorized to increase the tax on licenses for rutuiling spi.ituous liquors,

2, p. 101 Officers of, exempt from serving as jurors,

2, p. 102, 157 Appointed commissioners to perform the duties of the Charleston Mutual insurance company,

2, p. 135 Of Charleston, act declaring more explicitly the powers of, 2, p. 153 To have slips of land on East Bay street appraised and sold, 2, p. 153 May take toll at the lower end of Queen street, except from Hihbin's ferry,

2, p. 156 Intendant and seven wardens to make a quorum,

2, p. 154 Clerk of, exempt from serving as a juror,

2, p. 157 Authorized to levy a tax on the lots on Sullivan's island, to defray the expense of a pest house,

2, p. 253 Vested with all the escheated property in the parishes of St. Philip

and St. Michael, for the benefit of the Orphan house,. 2, p. 305 Of Charleston, to pay either of the treasurers of the state, the money

assessed as the value of a certain lot of land belonging to the heir's of Robert Raper, deceased, &c.

2, p. 44 1 Authorized, with the consent of congress, to levy a duty, not exceed

ing six cents per ton, on all ships and vessels of the United States, upon their arrival in Charleston,

2, p. 554 CLAREMONT COUNTY Dividing line between and Kershaw county, established, 1, p. 243 Time of holding courts in, fixed, 1, p. 297. Altered, 2, p. 37

CLARENDON COUNTY. Time of holding courts in, fixed, 1, p. 297. Altered, 2, p. 37 Trustees for establishing schools in, incorporated,

2, p. 233 CLARENDON ORPHAN SOCIETY. Escheated property in the county of Clarendon, vested in truse tees for supporting a school,

2, p. 232 CLEMENT, JOHN. Act allowing him to take and receive the same rates of ferriage as heretofore,

1, p. 259 CLERGY. Of every settled church, of every denomination, fees of established,

1, p. 16 CLERK, Of the senate, salary of established,

1, p. 4, 358 Fces of estabjished,

1, p. 17 Of the house of representatives, salary,

1, p. 4, 358 Fecs of established,

1, p. 17 Of the superior courts of law, fees of established,

1, p. 10 Of the sessions and peace, ditto, Of county courts, Of the courts of justice to collect and receive his cwn fees, 1, p.

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