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may assemble



said, shall forfeit a sum not exceeding forty pounds sterling money.

Ind be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That every commissioned officer in Oficers the militia has power, when occasion shall require, to assemble, arm and raise any num- any number of men belonging to their respective corps; be

:' corps, to and if need be, to give notice and call to their suppress aid the officers and men of any adjacent corps, to the at.

Obtempts of disperse, suppress, kill, destroy, apprehend, take an or subdue any pirate, sea rover, Indian or other enemy, who shall, in a hostile manner hurt or attempt to hurt any of the inhabitants of this state in their persons or possessions, or any company of slaves who shall be met together, or who shall be lurking in any suspected place where they may do mischief; or who shall have absented themselves from the service of their owners; and in case any person liable to bear Penalty in arms, shall, on such occasion, neglect or refuse case of ne. to appear, upon notice given by any commissi- 5 oned officer of the troop or corps to which such person belongs, or appearing, shall not attend and obey the said officer, he shall, for every stich neglect or refusal, forfeit the sum of two pounds sterling

And be it further enacted by the authority In case of aforesaid, That in times of invasion or insurrecti- invasion

&c. part of on, when it shall be found necessary to march the every comseveral regiments, troops or companies, or any pany shall

*) remain in of them, out of their proper parishes, counties the respecor districts, one fourth part at least of every tive par.,

ishes or di. company in this state, shall stay and remain in vision the respective parishes and divisions to which which they belong, and shall be formed into patrols, in

» long, and under the command of such officer as the com- be formed missioned officers of the companies shall direct into patand appoint, under whose command respective."

rols, &c.

case of ne. 11


ly, they shall continue until the rest of the com pany shall return to their habitations, and shall be discharged from bearing arms; and the patrol so formed shall be obliged to be on constant duty, and to ride and patrol, and guard the plantations, and keep the slaves within their several parishes and divisions in good order, and shall place proper guards, watches and centinels at proper and convenient places, to give notice of danger, or for the more speedy conveying advice and intelligence to the gorernor or commander

in chief, or any army raised and assembled by Penalty in his command; and in case any person or persons

e-obliged to serve in such patrols, shall refuse or glect

neglect to ride patrol, or to watch, stand centinel, or to keep guard, or shall refuse to obey the lawful commands of any person appointed to command such patrol, every person so offending, shall forfeit any sum not exceeding fifteen pounds sterling money.

And be it firther enacted by the authority Manner of aforesaid, That in times of invasion, rebellion ascertain or insurrection, when any person shall receive ing those men who orders to march out of their parish, county, disshall leave trict or division, the captain, or other commandtheir re. :

ing officer, who shall be present, shall cause the parishes. names of all the persons who are entered, inlist

ed and enrolled in the muster roll of such company, (officers excepted,) to be uritten down on small scrolls of paper, which shall be folded up and put into a hat, and shall be shaken together, and the clerk or sergeant of the said company, shall draw out of the hat, the names of so many persons as will not exceed three fourth parts of the said company; and the persons whose names shall be so drawn, shall be obliged to march according to such orders as shall be given by the governor or commander in chief, and the rest,




whose names shall be left in the liat, shall stay in their respective parishes and divisions, and shall do the duty of the patroi as before directed; but No officer no officer of any company shall be excused from shall be marching with the company for which he is ap- unless by pointed, unless by particular orders from the go- particular vernor or commander in chief; and in that case o such officer so directed to stay, shall be commanding oicer of that part of the company left for the patrol duty. If any person whose name Substiis drawn as aforesaid, and is thereby obliged to futes almarch out of his parish or division, can provide"

wirl, lowed. an able bodied man, (to be approved by the majority of the officers of the company to which such person belongs,) completely armed and furnished according to the directions of this act, every such person shall be permitted and at liberty so to do; and upon producing and send. ing out such able bodied man in his stead, he shall be excused from going out or marching in person; but nevertheless he shall be obliged to do patrol duty in his district; and in case of disobedience, neglect or refusal to ride in such patrol, he shall be liable to all the pains, penalties and forfeitures inflicted by this act.

And be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That in time of an alarm, occasioned by any in- In case of surrection, rebellion or invasion, all field officers, invasion,

** &c. arms, and captains of every company, are empowered, &c. to be by themslves or their warrants to any inferior impressed. officer or soldier, to impress any arms, ammunition, provisions, horses, waggons, carts, boats, canoes, pettiaugers and vessels, with their furniture, or whatever other thing they shall want or have need of for the service of this state: AppraiseProvided all such things so impressed, be by ment to be the said officers brought before three or more thin

made of indifferent persons, being freeholders, to be ap- pressed.

praised and valued before they be disposed of for the public service; and such valuation and appraisement being made, the officer shall give a receipt for the same if he conveniently can; and the officer is to cause his clerk to enter the same in a book to be kept for that purpose; and the said appraisers shall ascertain any loss or damage that may happen to the things so impressed, or allow a competent hire for the same when returned to the owner, as the case shall require, and shall give such appraisement, under their hands, to the owner, directed to the public trcasurers, who are to lay the same before the legislature; and the commanding officer or captain of each company, after such alarm shall be over, and before such company shall be dis. charged, is to order so many men as he shall think fit, to carry the several things by him im. pressed, to the respective owners, who, upon re-delivery of the same, shall give a receipt. The officer is likewise empowered to draw on the public treasury for so much money as he shall think the carriage of the said several things deserves.

And be it further enacted by the authority Things aforesaid, That the commanding officer, or comimpressed mander of each company, shall lodge in some to be kept an account convenient and secure place for the public use, of. all the provisions and ammunition impressed by

him, or by virtue of his warrant, that shall remain unexpended after an alarm, and must kcep a particular account thereof.

And be it further enacted by the authority Free per. aforesaid, That all free negroes and Indians, sons of colour liable (nations of Indians in amity with the state exto do duty cepted,) moors, mulattoes and mustizoes, beas fatigue men and tween the ages of eighteen and forty-five, shall pioneers. be obliged to serve in the said militia as fatigue

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men and pioneers in the several regimental beats in which they reside; and upon neglect or refusal to attend when summoned on duty, they, and every one of them, shall be liable to the like penalties and forfeitures as privates in the same regiment or company are made liable by law.

And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the officers and privates in any Members company of artillery, infantry or cavalry, raised of uniform and uniformed in any militia regiment of this nies substate, by permission of his excellency the go-ject to all

fines, &c. vernor, or any lieutenant-colonel or command- im ing officer of any regiment, or to be hereafter by law; raised, shall be respectively liable to all the fines and

give thirty and forfeitures imposed by law on the officers days noor privates in any regimental or company beat; tice

’ their inand that when any person now actually enrolled, tention to or that shall hereafter be enrolled in any such leave their company, shall be desirous to quit the same, he nies. shall be obliged to give at least thirty days notice of such intention, and shall be obliged also to enrol himself in the company beat in which he resides, or in some other company of artillery, infantry or cavalry of the regiment to which he belongs, and produce a certificate thereof from the captain or officer commanding such beat or company, before he shall be permitted to leave the uniforin company or corps to which he belonged, or be excused from duty therein.

And whereas, The safety of the city of Charleston requires the calling forth at certain times and seasons, one or more companies of the militia of the said city:

CompaBe it therefore cracted by the authority nio aforesaid, That it shall and may be lawful for be sumthe governor or commander in chief for the time moned to being, or the major-gencral of the division, or guard.

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