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APPEARANCE. "To be entered with the clerk of the court during its sitting, 1, p. 40

APPROPRIATIONS. Of public money, except by act of the legislature ; act to prevent,

2, p. 84 ARSENALS AND MAGAZINES. Keeper of the arsenal, &c. his salary established, 1, p. 4, 342 -in Charleston, &c. shall not adininister the said office by deputy,

I, p. 313 -shall continue in office four years, and give security, 1, p. 343 Land for building the same in this state, may be purchased by the United States,


ASHLEY RIVER Act extending the time for rebuilding the bridge over, and appointing an additional number of commissioners,

1, p. 254 ASSIGNEES. Of bonds, notes or bills, not negociable, may bring suits in their own names,

2, p. 215 ATTACHMENT. Attornies fees on writs of, established,

1, p. 9 Writs of, demandable, and may be issiued by any district court,

2, p. 315 Not to be served on sheriffs after two years from the expiration of their offices,

2, p. 428 ATTORNEY-GENERAL. Salary of established, 1, p. 4. Fees of, 11. Salary altered, 1, p. 357 Authorized to return certain indents to John Lewis Gervais, 1, p. 122 May call on the circuit soliciíors for assistance in behalf of the state,

1, p. 166 Authorized to revive all suits, either in law or equity, against taxcollectors and others,

2, p. 322 ATTORNIES. In the superior courts of law, fees established, 1, p. 8. In special or rees in the inferior court, in the city of Charleston, the same as i şa the court of common p'eas,

extra. cases, 1, p. 9. Reduced, 2, p. 247. Repealed, 2, p. 267 Plaintiff's, fees of, in common cases, established,

1, p. 8 Defendant's, ditto,

1, p. 10 County, their fees established,

1, p. 10 Fees in all cases of dower or partition, established,

1, p. 9 -on writs of attachment,

1, p. 9 Not exempt from the jurisdiction of the court of wardens in Charleston,

1, p. 85 Not residing in this state, not allowed to practice therein, 1, p. 213 Of district courts shall pay the clerks all fees by them received. once in every 6 months,

2, p. 33 Act regulating the admission of, in the courts of this state, 2, p. 88 · Amended,

2, p. 436 1, p. 204 Sundry inhabitants of, reimbursed a certain sum of moncy, 1, p. 250 Act vesting certain lands in the district of, in trustees for the purpose of building a College in,

2, p. 397 AUDITOR-GENERAL. Shall make out and close his accounts up to 20 Feb. 1791, and sub

mit the same, with proper vouchers, for the inspection, adjustment, and final order of the commissioners appointed for that purpose,

1, p. 67 BACK RIVER COMPANY. Empowered to open a canal from the said river to Chapel bridge, incorporated,

2, p. 308 BAIL. Order for, may be given by judges of county couris in those dis

tricts where county courts are established, and by justices of the quorum where they are not established,

1, p. 167 Special recognizances of, to be certified, and transmitted to judges or cierks of the superior courts,

1, p. 167 Orders for, and for special, may be given by the clerks of any district court or justice of the quorum,

2, p. 314 BANISHMENT. The reverend Edward Jenkins exempted from,

1, p. 151 John Fisher and M Icom Brown cxcmpted from, and certain parts of their estates restored,

1, p. 150 John Wells exempted from,

I, p. 286 William Carson exempted from,

1, P. 287 BANK OF SOUTH-CAROLINA. Incorporated,

2, p. 382 BARNWELL DISTRICT. Commissioners appointed to fix on a central place for a court-house and gaol in,

2, p. 248 --of the roads to sit at the court-house in,

2, p. 214 --not to meet those of Orange district,

2, p. 413 Tax-collector of, authorized to receive and collect all the taxes within the limits of said district,

2, p. 497 BASTARDS. Act providing for the maintenance of,

2, p. 74 Mothers of, shall declare the fathers, or be sent to gaol, 2, p75 Where the parents of, are unable to maintain them, the commissioners of the poor to provide for them,

2, p. 75 BAY, ELIHU HALL. Permitted to leave the state,

2, p. 952, and 477

BEAUFORT. County cou“, in the district of, suspended,

1, p. 54 Society for promoting the education of children in the district of, incorporated,

2, p. 65 Commissioners appointed to erect a Magazine and Laboratory in,

2, p. 80

Powder receiver for the same, to be elected by the legislature, and his duties defined,

2, p. 81 Act to prevent certain streets in, from being stopped or obstructed,

2, p. 228. Amended, 2, p. 365 Commissioners of the streets in, many sue persons claiming land lying in front of the streets,

2, p. 229 Persons willing to retain their rights to lots opposite the streets, to

signify the same within six months from and after passing of the act,

2, p. 366 Courts of, to sit five days, and not longer,

2, p. 264 Act incorporating the town of,

2, p. 525 BEDON, JOSIAH. Act authorizing Josiah Pendarvis, together with his issue, to change their surname to that of Bedon,

2, p. 475 BEEF AND PORK. Act providing for the barrelling and packing of, at Chatham, Camden and Vienna,

2, p. 13 BEGGARS. Found strolling in Charleston to be taken up and confined to labour,

2, p. 32 BILLS. Assignees of, may bring actions for the recovery of the same in their own names,

2, p. 215 BILLIARD TABLE. In Georgetown, commissioners of streets authorized to grant a license for the keeping of,

1, p. 88 County courts and commissioners of the roads may grant licenses for the keeping of,

1, p. 224 Penalty for keeping of, without a license, Town council of Camden, empowered to grant licenses for the keep

ing of, Commissioners of the roads may grant licenses for the keeping of,

2, p. 325 and 399 Commissioners of the streets and markets of the town of Columbia may grant licenses for do.

2, p. 401 BLACK RIVER. Persons residing within six miles of, liable to work upon the same,

BODIES CORPORATE. Enabled to recover from their members, debts, dues and demands, as in the case of individuals,

BOLTON, SARAH. Act vesting in her, the personal estate of her late husband, 1, p. 123

BOND. Of the master and commissioners of the court of equity, shall be deposited in the office of secretary of state,

1, p. 31 of public officers, 'to be cancelled by the commissioners of accounts on examination of vouchers, &c.

1, p. 68

1, p. 224

1, p. 233

1, p. 264

1, p. 222

For the performance of covenants, jury shall assess damages,

1, p. 213 Judgment for the penalty of, shall stand as security for the performance,

1, p. 214 Assignees of may, for the recovery thereof, bring suits in their own names,

2, p. 214 Clement C. Brown exonerated from the payment of in terest on,

2, p. 430 John Simpson exonerated from the payment of, which shall be delivered up by the commissioners of the roads,

2, p. 434 Of Ralph Spence Philips to be delivered up by the comptroller,

2, p. 436 Of certain persons who purchased lots or squares in the town of Columbia, to be cancelled,

2, p. 476 Of Thomas Gough to be delivered up by the secretary of the state,

2, p. 500 To be given by William Zimmerman, with security, to the treasurer at Columbia,

2, p. 505 To be given by James II. Ancrum, with security, to keep Rantole's bridge and causeway in good repair,


2, p. 562 Of the town of Camden to be ascertained,

2, p. 183 Act establishing the same,

BREAD AND FLOUR. Assize and price of, to be regulated by the commissioners of Georgetown streets,

1, p. 88 Not merchantable, act to prevent the exportation of,

2, p. 102 BRIDGES. Commissioners of, appo'nted by the judges of intermediate county courts,

2, p. 226

1, p. 47 Over the South-Fork of Edisie river to be built, and vested in Robert Cannon,

1, p. 106 Across the Congaree river, to be built by and vested in Wade Hampton,

1, p. 114, 257. 2, p. 210 -Savannah river, opposite to the town of Augusta, to be built by ditto,

1, p. 119 -Broad river, to be built by and vested in John Compty, I, p. 120 Time extended,

257 Across Edisto river, within the limits of the town of Orangeburgh, to be built and vested in the person contracting,

1, p. 128 Rates of pontage at established, 1, p. 129. Increased, 267 At a place called the Pine-Log, to be built by and vested in James Johnson,

i, p. 107 Over Ashley river, to be rebuilt,

1, p. 254 Across Saluda river, to be built by and vested in Thomas Chap

pel, -Edisto river at Jacksonborough, clause respecting repealed,

1, p. 393

1, p. 266

Vested in the present proprietor for 10 years,

1, p. 394 Act establishing certain toll bridges, 1, p. 260, and 2, p. 21

BROAD AND PACOLET RIVERS. Former act respecting the navigation of, repealed, 2, p. 391 Commissioners appointed to superintend and contract for the opening of,

2, p. 392 -authorized to draw on the treasury of this state, for any sum, not

exceeding $ 10,000, for defraying the expense that may arise in making the same navigable,

2, p. 392 BROWN, CLEMENT C. Exonerated from the payinent of interest due on his bond, 2, p. 430

BULL, WILLIAM. Act to exempt him from confiscation and banishment, 1, p. 153 May send back his Negroes,

1, p. 154 BUTCHERS. To produce the hides and ears of cattle to the commissioners of the streets of Georgetown,

1, p. 88 -to the clerks of the markets in Charleston,

2, p. 96 BUTLER, PIERCE. Act to release him from his executorship, to which he was appointed by the last will and testament of the late Alexander Gillon,

2, p. 256 CACAW SWAMP. Commissioners appointed to cut, sink and keep in repair drains and water passages in,

2, p. 23 CAMBRIDGE. Two judges of the superior courts law

rected to attend at, for the dispatch of business,

1, p. 43 Juries drawn at the last court at, declared legal,

1, p. 212 Court of common pleas at, may sit 15 days next April term,

1, p. 214 College, act authorizing the trustees of, to establish a lottery,

1, p. 258 Property belonging to the college of, to be sold,

2, p. 499 CAMDEN. District, limits of, 1, p. 38. Incorporated,

1, p. 145 County courts of Kershaw may be held in the district court-house of,

1, p. 171 Juries drawn at the last courts at Cambridge and Camden, declared legal,

I, p. 212 Court of common pleas at, may sit 15 days next April term,

1, p. 214 Town council of, invested with certain powers,

1, p. 233 Commissioners appointed to have the gaol and court-house in, repaired,

1, p. 341 Act to dispense with the wardens of, sitting so often as twice a month,

1, p. 360 Act providing for the packing of beef and pork at, 2, p. 13

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