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demons to assess lots necessary to widen East Bay street in Charlestori,

2, p. 44 t
to run out the lines of several election districts, 2, p. 502
o ascertain the dividing line between Crange and Winton coun-


2, p. 503
to be appointed to ascertain what injury John Bowman is likely to
sustain from the cutting a cinal through his land, 2, p. 538
to be appointed by the governor, to meet the com'rs. of the state of

N. Carolina, respecting the boundaries of both states, 2, p. 551-2
- to contract for the building of a court-house and guol in Williams-
burg district,

2, p. 546
--to run the division lincs between Chesterfield and Darlington,

2, p. 557
--to take bond and security from James II. Ancrum, for keeping

Rantolc's bridge and causeway in good iesair, 2, p. 562
To be chosen by the inhabitants of counties in which courts are sus-

], p. 109
Of public accounts to deliver up bonds for property erroneously sold
as public property,

1, p. 166
Of the roads may grant licenses to keep billiard tables where coun-
ty courts are not established,

1, p. 224—2, p. 325
-for Prince Ceorge's parish, powers of, extended, 1, p. 263
-to be elected by the city council for the parishes of St. Philip and
St. Michael,

2, p. 32
-May gront licenses for keeping Lilliard tables and retailing spiri-
tuous liquors,

2, p. 325
-shall call on the late clerks and sheriffs of counties for monies,
&c. in their hands,

2, p. 319
-may grant licenses to tavern keepers, &c.

2, p. 399
--in the parishes of St. Thomas and St. Dennis to assess a tax on

male slaves for keeping in repair the causeway leading to Cle-
ment's ferry, 2. p. 411. Repealed,

2, p. 536
-in Barnwell district to sit at Barnwell court-house instead of O-

2, p. 414
in Darlington and Sumter district, increased, - 2, p. 417
- in St. Andrew's parish to make a survey of a road to lead to Ran-
tole's causeway,

2, p. 419
-in Marion district lessened,

2, p. 535
-on the west side of Great Pedee river appointed, 2, p. 535, 565
-in St. Peter's parish to have two boards established, 2, p. 542
-for Prince George, Winyaw, to meet twice a year, 2, p. 539
--at Kingston, two boards of, established,

2, p. 565
Of the tobacco inspection in Charleston, to receive cotton and other
articles on storage,

2, p. 452
For the disposal of public land in Columbia, authorized to cancel
certain bonds,

2, p. 476
Of districts, and of Columbia, to render to the comptroller-general
accounts of monies received by them,

2, p. 488

To approve of the securities to be given by tax-collectors, 2, p. 497.
For taking bond and security from the clerk and sheriff of Horry

2, p. 473
In equity, his fees established,

1, p. 7
Office of, established,

2, p. 292 and 423
Shall superintend, adjust and sette all former accounts of the trea-
surers and tax-collectors,

2, p. 292, 422
--the collection of the future revenue and the settlement of public

. 292, 422
-prosccutions for all delinquencies of public officers, 2, p. 292, 422
-inforce the payment of all executions for arrears of taxes, and
suits for debts,

, 2, p. 292, 422
-decide on the official forms of all papers to be issued for collect-
ing the public revenue,

2, p. 423
--report at every session of the legislature, estimates of the public
revenue and expenditure,

• 2, p. 423
-render accurate copies of the treasurers monthly reports, and also

a statement of each department of the treasury, 2, p. 292,423, 496
-inspect and examine the books of the treasurers at seasonable

times, as also all books and accounts of other persons concerned
in the collection of public monies, &c.

2, p. 292, 423
--require of the several law officers having in charge any public :
monies, a just account of the same,

2, p. 293
--Suspend tax-collectors during the recess of the legislature for nem.
lect of duty, &c.

2, p. 293, 423
-treasurers to report their cash transactions to, once in every

2, p. 293, 423, 427
-draw warrants on the treasurers for all sums exceeding 8 100,

2, p. 294, 424
-be furnished with the treasurers receipt for monies paid him on
account of state,

. ?, p. 294, 424
-reside at Columbia during the sitting of the legislature, 2, p. 295
-to perform the duties of commissioner of public accounts,

2, p. 295, 425
continue in office two years,

2, p. 295, 425
-examine all accounts against the state, which shall be delivered to

him by the treasurers, on or before the 1st of October in every
year, and report thereon to the legislature, 2, p. 295,425
-obscrve the duties prescribed by this and future acts, 2, p. 295, 425
-direct the opening of books in the treasurers offices for the regis.
try of all demands against the state,

2, p. 295
-give bond with security for the faithful discharge of the duties of
his office,

2, p. 296, 426
-open a book in which he shall register all the aggregates of taxa-
ble property, &c.

. 2, p. 296
-examine and compare returns of the different parishes, counties

and districts, and proceed against tax-collectors where there are
undue returns made,

2, p. 296, 426
-be furnished by the treasurers, with copies of sheriffs receipts
given for tax executions,

2, p. 426, 493
-may call at all times on the treasurers to produce satisfactory
statements of the cash on hand,

2, p. 427
Office to be kept open from 9 o'clock in the morning until two in
the afternoon,

2, p. 423
Authorized to purchase the funded debt of this state, or of the Unit-
ed States,

2, p. 428
-to remove money from one treasury to the other, 2, p. 429

to deliver up to Ralph Spence Philips, a certain bond and mort-

2. p. 436
-to subscribe 8 300,000 on behalf of this state, to the State bank,

2, p. 467
In case of the death or absence of the governor, authorized to fill
up the vacancy,

2, p. 467
To be furnished by the State bank, annually, with statements of the
capital stock of the corporation, &c.

2, p. 468
Authorized to pay the trustees of the So. Carolina College, the an-

nual sum appropriated, in order to enable them to purchase a phi-

losophical and mathematical apparatus and library, 2, p. 477
May order executions to be issued by tax-collectors, for all arrears
of taxes,

2, p. 487
Authorized to call upon the commissioners in the several districts

who have received monies for the repairs of public buildings, to
render an account of the applications thereof,

2, p. 489
To be furnished with duplicate tax returns annually, 2, p. 489
-with copies of sheriffs and coroners receipts for tax executions,

2, p. 493
Authorized to dispose of all lands mortgaged to the state,

2, p. 494, 495
-to pay certain specie certificates,

2, p. 495
Required to render annually, to the legislature, a full account of his

2, p. 497
Authorized to settle with county court officers their accounts res-
pecting public buildings,

2, p. 520
Authorized to appropriate the monies arising from the sale of pub-
lic buildings,

2, p. 520
-to issue his warrant for $1200, for the purchase of Abraham,

2, p. 557
-to issue his warrent for $400, to indemnify Samuel Harris, for
the loss of a negro, his property,

2, p. 567
Act vesting in, a bridge to be built over Broad river, I, p. 114
extending the time for the building of said bridge, 1, p. 257

Act to exempt John Fisher and Malcom Brown froin the paina

and penalties of, and to restore to them such parts of their estates as remain undisposed of,

1, p. 150 to exempt William Greenwood, from the pains and penalties of,

1, p. 152 - to exempt William Bull from,


1, p. 153 CONFISCATED PROPERTY. Vested in John English, jun.

2, p. 307 Of Henry and Rowland Rugeley, act respecting, 2, p. 484

CONSTABLES Fees of, established, 1, p. 15. Compensation to, for estrays sold,

2, p. 519 CONTAGIOUS DISTEMPERS. Act to prevent the spreading of, in this state,

2, p. 98 CONVEYANCES. Mesne, register of, his fees established

I, p. 17 Of real estate, new form of, prescribed and established, 2, p. 5 forms of, heretofore used, not invalidated,

2, p. 5 Of more than one fourth of the testators estate, to bastards, declared void,

2, p. 76 Of three squares of land in Columbia, to be made by the commissioners to the academy,

2, p. 79 CONWAYBOROUGH. In Horry district, established,

2, p. 421 Escheated property therein, to be sold by commissioners, for the support of the poor in said district,

2, p. 421 COPARTNERS. If any are out of the state, those may be sued who can be found, and the suit valid,

1, p. 214 CORONER. Fees of, established,

1, p. 4 The several acts relating to the office of, amended, 2, p. 150, 216 Persons refusing to attend the, as jurors, shall forfeit ten dollars,

2, p. 151, 216 Penalty for neglecting to return executions at the time appointed by law,

2, p. 319 May qualify before any two justices of the quorum, 2, p. 322 To be furnished with executions for arrears of taxes, . 2, p. 491 Incurs a penalty for making discrimination of persons in levying executions for taxes,

2, p. 491 Receipts for tax executions, to be lodged with the treasurer, and by him a certified copy to be transmitted to the comptroller, 2, p. 493

COSTS. Treble, to be recovered where commissioners of accounts are sued and the plaintiff nonsuited,

COUNTY. Lines and boundaries of, established in Kershaw county, 1, p. 86 Lines of division between Kershaw, Lancaster, Claremont and Richland, established,

1, p. 243

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Lines of Chester, Fairfield, Richland and York, to be establisheri,

i 2, p. 181
Attorney, his fees established,

. 1, p. 10
County, attornies of, their fees cstablished, 1, p. 10. Clerks of

1, p. 19
-judges of, to make rules and orders for carrying into effect the pri-
mogeniture act,

1, p. 29
-acts to amend the several acts for establishing of, 1, p. 46. Re.

i, p. 213
-established and to be held in Kershaw county, 1, p. 86. May be
held in the district court-house in Camden,

1, p. 171
-where suspended, inhabitants of the county to choose commissi-
oners of the roads,

I, p. 109
- judges of, may give orders for bail, and take recognizances of
special bail,

1, p. 167
-may grant licenses to keep billiard tables,

1, p. 224
--to be held in Salem county,

I, p. 239
Of equity, established, when and where to be held in future,

1, p. 30-2, p. 320
-master in, for Charleston, Georgetown and Beaufort districts,

shall give security, and the bond of, and also of the com'rs. shall
be deposited in the ofice of secretary of state, . 1, p. 31
-suits in, shall not be sustained, if there be plain and adequate re-
medy at law,

-judges of, shall ride the circuits,

1, p. 34
-parties in may do their own business,

1, p. 3.4
-courts of, times of holding aiterek!,

1, p. 156--2, p. 320
-injunctions in, mode of obtaining in the country, 1, p. 157
-defendants in, residing in different districts, how to proceed

1, p. 291
-districts divided into four circuits, 2, p. 320. District sheriff to
execute process,

2, p. 321
-two chancellors of, to attend each court, 2, p. 321. Commission-

ers and registers in, to be appointed for each circuit, 2, p. 321
--attorney-gen. and solicitors to revive all suits pending in, 2, p. 322

for Charleston, Colleton and Beaufort, when to sit, 2, p. 359

master in, to deposit public monies in the State bank, 2, p. 470
Superior, of law, confirmed in their original jurisdiction, 1, p. 34
- in each district, shall exercise the same jurisdiction as the courts
of general sessions and common pleas,

1, p. 35
Circuit, act to amend the several acts for establishing and regulat-
ing the same, ,

1, p. 34
to have jurisdiction of all pleas, civil and criminal, 1, p. 36
-who shall be judges cf,

1, p. 38
-may make all necessary rules and orders,

1, p. 39
if not held on the days appointed, the clerk or his deputy may
open and adjourn the same,

1, p. 39

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