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of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-five, both as to the time of election of officers from among the trustees of Charleston college, and as to the other stated times and places of meeting of the trustees of the said colo lege; and also that by blending the regulations for the said three colleges into one act, doubts had arisen in many instances, as to the construction of the same: For remedy whereof,

Be it therefore enacted by the honorable the Senate and House of Representatives, now met and sitting in general assembly, and by the authority of the same, That Thomas Bee, esquire, The pre. president, Richard Hutson, esquire, vice-presi- sent offi. dent, Daniel Desaussure, esquire, treasurer, trustees of (the present officers) and the rest of the trustees Charles

ton college of the college of Charleston, duly appointed, erected in that is to say : Charles Pinckney, John Rut to a body ledge, Arnoldus Vanderhorst, John Matthews, poli

CW, corporate. David Ramsay, Gabriel Manigault, Ralph Izard, William Smith, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, Thomas Heyward, junior, Hugh Rutledge, Edward Rutledge, Major Thomas Pinckney, John Lloyd, Daniel Bourdeaux, Joseph Atkinson, Roger Smith and Henry William Desaussure, esquires, and their successors, to be elected in manner herein directed, shall for ever hereafter be one body, politic and corporate, in deed and in name, by the style of Trustees of the College of Charleston; and that by the same name they and their successors shall and may have perpetual succession, and be able Shall have and capable in law, to have, receive, take and perpetual enjoy, to them and their successors, lands, messuages, rents, liberties, franchises and heredita. may hold ments of any kind, nature, quality or value, in lands, &c. fee and perpetuity, and also estates for lives and for years, and all sums of money, goods, chat

Ledenice Rallian Sa Hernance, Niujordeaus vi

Rullekney, Thom Smith, ChManigault,

tels and things whatsoever, and of whatsoever value, for building, erecting and supporting the said college in Charleston; Provided the same do not exceed, in the whole, the yearly value of five thousand pounds sterling; and that by the same name they and their successors shall and may be able to implead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, defend and be defended, in all courts and places, and before all judges and justices whatsoever, in all actions, pleas, plaints and demands, and to grant, bargain, sell or assign any lands, tenements, hereditaments, goods or chattels, and to act and do all things whatsoever, for the uses aforesaid, in as ample manner and force as any natural person or body corporate or politic may by law: that they shall and may have a common seal, for the business of them and their successors, with liberty to change, alter or make new the same, from time to time, as they shall think proper; and that the land heretofore given and appropriated for a free school in Charleston, which was reserved by the aforesaid act, for the use of the said college, shall continue vested in the said trustees and their successors for ever, for the purposes aforesaid, any law, usage or custom to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding.

And be it further enacted, That the said colMode of lege at Charlesion shall be under the manageelecting a ment and direction of twenty-one trustees, or a and other quorum or board thereof, to be chosen, appointofficers. ed and perpetuated as follows: The said trus.

tees, and their successors, shall meet on the Monday preceding the third Wednesday in October in every year, at the said college in Charleston, between the hours of nine and three, due and public notice thereof being given by the secretary, at least ten days before, in the City Ga


zette, or in writing, and that the major part of those so met shall choose, by ballot, a president and such other officers as they shall think necessary for the year ensuing. The said president Oath to be and officers so chosen, shall take an oath for taken. the due and faithful execution of their office, to be administered to them by any judge or justice of the peace. On the death, resignation or Mode of removal from the state, of any trustee, the presi, filling vadent, or in his absence, the next presiding officer, shall, within three months thereafter, cause the other trustees to be summoned to meet at the college or such other place in Charleston as may be thought more convenient, after a notice of ten days; and the trustees who shall meet, not less than eleven being present, or a majority of those so met, shall choose, by ballot, another trustee in the place of the one so dying, resign. ing or removing, who shall be vested with all the powers and privileges of his predecessor,

And be it further enacted, That the said trus- Powers of tees of the college of Charleston, or a majority the trus: of them, shall have full power and authority, from time to time, to make, constitute and establish such and so many bye-laws, rules and orders, as to them shall seem necessary and convenient for the better regulation, government, well ordering and directing of themselves as trustees aforesaid, as well as of the said college in Charleston, and all officers, professors or other persons by them employed or to be employed in and about the same, and of all students in the said college; and for the better managing, limiting and appointing of all and singular the trusts and authorities in them and each of them reposed and to be reposed; and for doing, managing and transacting all things necessary for and concerning the government of the same college,


and the same bye-law's, rules and orders to put in force and execution accordingly, and the same again at their will and pleasure to alter, change, revoke or annul; all which bye-law's, rules and orders so to be made as aforesaid, shall be binding on each and every of the said trustees, and on ail officers, professors and other persons by them employed, and on all students in the said college, and shall be, from time to time, by each and every of them inviolably and punctually observed, according to the tenor and effect thereof, under the several pains, penalties and disabilities therein expressed, fixed, appointed or declared; Provided, That the same shall be rea. sonable, and not contrary or repugnant to the law's of this state, or of the congress of the United States of America.

And be it further enacted, That the said trusPower to tees, or so many as shall be fixed on by their confer de, he'lon

bye-laws as aforesaid, shall have full power, by grees.

the principal or professors of the said college, to grant or conser such degree or degrees, in the liberal arts or sciences, to any of the students of the said college, or other persons by them thought worthy thercof, as are usually granted and conferred in other colleges in Europe or America, and to give diplomas or certificates thereof, signed by them, and sealed with the common seal of the trustees of the college, to authenticate and perpetuate the memory of such graduation.

And be it further enacted, That no person Religious shall be excluded from any liberty, privilege, persuasi. immuni

asi immunity, office or situation in said college, on on no dis. qualifica- account of his religious persuasion; Provided ţion.

he demean himself in a sober, peaceable and orderly manner, and conform to the rules and regulations thereof.



And be it further enacted, That no misnomer of the said college of Charleston, shall defeat or No forfei. annul any gift, grant, devise or bequest to the ture same; Provided the intent of the parties shall or nonuser. sufficiently appear upon the face of the gift, grant, will or other writing, whereby any estate or interest was intended to pass to the said college, nor shall any disuser or nonuser of the rights, liberties, privileges, jurisdictions and authorities, hereby granted to the said college, create or cause a forfeiture thereof; and that the part or share of all legacies heretofore bequeathed towards the establishment of a college or colkges to be erected in this state, which, by the aforesaid act, were vested in the trustees for Charleston college, shall continue so vested in them and their successors for ever, for the purposes aforesaid.

And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the said trustees shall be, and Trustees they are hereby fully authorized and empow-may draw

lotteries. ered to hold and proceed to the drawing of one or two lotteries, and finally to conclude the same so as to raise in the whole a clear net sum, not exceeding three thousand pounds sterling, for the use and benefit of the said college.

And be it further enacted, That all and every Repealing part of the said act, passed the nineteenth day of clause. March, in the year of ourlord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-five, which relates or appertains solely to the college established in Charleston, shall be, and the same is and are hereby repealed and made null and void as to the said college, or the trustees thereby appointed, and that this act shall be deemed a public act, and judicially taken notice of as such without special pleading; that the same shall be liberally construed for fully carrying into effect the beneficial pur

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