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Ordinary, his Fees. F. s. d. For a marriage licence, bond and regis."

tering, For a citation and recording, For qualifying administrators, bond,

letters of administration, and warrant of appraisement, recording letters

and oath, For proving a will, probate, recording

and filing the will, and certified copy, where it does not exceed four copy sheets, 9s. 4d. and for every

other copy sheet, For qualifying executors, letters testa

mentary and recording, For warrant of appraisement, oath and

recording, And if renewed, For filing renunciation of executors and

recording, For a dedimus to prove a will, and qua

lifying executors or administrators,

and copy of oath,
For guardianship bond, letters and re-

For entering caveat, or withdrawing,
For a search,
For hearing a litigated cause,
Forswearingandexamining each witness,
For recording or copying any other

writing, per copy sheet,
For filing petition for sale of testators

or intestates effects, examining into
the propriety of the proposed sales,
and endorsing order thereon,

48 For examining the accounts of executors and ad

ministrators, vouchers and filing, for the first, year's accounts 14s. and forevery other year 5s.

County Attorney.

fos.od For commencing and prosecuting an

indictment or information, tried by

petit jury or confessed, For entering a noli prosequi by order of

For commencing and prosecuting a sci-
re facias on forfeited recognizances, 94

County Court Clerk's Fees.
For the whole fee of a tavern licence, or

permit to retail spirituous liquors,

and bond, and furnishing rates, For every search, For reading any paper or record filed in

court, For every writ issued, For an attachment granted by the jus.

tice of peace, returnable to the court,

and putting the same upon the docket, For every summons for a witness or

witnesses, For entering every cause on the docket,

to be charged but once, (except peti

tion and summons,) For entering every special bail, For entering security for costs for persons out of the county,

16, For entering appearance of the defend

ant or defendants, (except on sum

mons and petition,) For all subsequent proceedings after

writ, to interlocutory judgment in

clusive, For all other proceedings to final judg

ment and verdict, For all other proceedings, executions


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Charged mons)ecial balls for per

For filing the papers of cach party in £.s.d.

every cause, where there is a jury or

case agreed and argued, For all and every other thing done by'

the clerk during the trial of any issue, 2 For entering every judgment and copy

thercof, For every recognizance, For entering an appeal and taking bond,

and for rtturning the saine to the of

fice of the clerk of the superior court, For copy of proceedings of the Cause,

wherein the appeal is granted, for

every copy sheet, For an attachment, For issuing petition and suinmons, and

entering return thereof, For cntcring decree and execution on

summary process, For recording every judgment or other

writing, percopy shect, or copy thereof, For entering every toll of estrars, and keeping the same affixed up at the courthouse, and all other incidental charges, 3 His fees on Letters of Administration,

granted by the County-Courts.
For a citation,
For each administration bond,
For letters of appraisement,
For a dedimus,
For probate of a will,
For granting letters testamentary, with
the will annexed,

16 For recording any of the above instruments, and the appraisement, per copy sheet,

For examining the accounts of executors and administrators, vouchers, and for filing the same,



titled by

to be

under the inspection of the county court, for the first year's account, 5s. and for every other year 2s. 61.

And be it further enacted by the authority eforesaid, That if any of the public officers of

Al public this site, or other prson cr persons entitled to others, fees by this act, and in the foregoing lists parti- taking or

* receiving cululj mentioned, shall take or receive any fur- other or ther, other or greater fce or retard for any of the greater

fecs than services in the sail foregoing lists respectively those to mention(d, or shall invent or contriveany other or which

in carings they are further fee or reward for any of the said services, et thien, and in every such case, the person or per- this act, 11sons so off cing, upon due proof and convic- apt

prosecuttion, shell orf it for the first offence, four times ed, &c. * the anunt of the sum so taken, paid or receivcil, to be recovered in any court or record in this state; one huf to be paid to the person who shall sue for the sine, and the other moiety to be paid into the public treasury for the use of the state, except in such counties where county courts ars establislied, in which cases the said last mentioned moicty shall be paid for the use of the county ; and for the second offence, shall stand divested of his ofice, and be rendered incapable of re-appointment to the same; and on information from the court, under hand and scal, the governor skall fill up the vacancy, if the legislature should not be sitting; and if in the county courts, the vacancies shall be filled up by the justices of the said county.

And be it further enacted by the authority Public aforesaid, That the following officers, to wit, the officers to

• keep their secretary of state, register and commissioners in offices op equity, register of mesne conveyances, ordina- en, &e. ries and surveyor-scneral, shall, and they are hereby directed to keep their several offices open from nine o'clock in the morning until three

o'clock in the afternoon, each and every day throughout the year, (Sundays, Christmas day, and the anniversary of the independence of America excepted;) and the sheriffs, and the clerks of all courts, are hereby obliged to give constant attendance at their offices, either by themselves or deputies, in their several and respective offices; which said offices shall be kept in the city, town or village, where the respective court-houses are established. And no person shall be compellable to pay any of the aforesaid fees, unless at the time of the demand, or before distress of goods is made, an account thereof shail be delivered, signed by the officer to whom the same is due, specifying distinctly every article in words at length, with the particular fecharg. ed for it, and shall give a receipt for the same, if required.

And be it further enacted by the authority Registers aforesaid, That the several clerks and registers and cierks

erks of the courts of justice, and sheriffs, throughout courts of the state, shall collect in and receive their own justice and fees from the different suitors or persons who are sheriffs, to collect in liable to pay the same in the said courts of jus

nitice respectively; except where the plaintiffs or own fees. complainants in any suit shall reside in foreign

countries, or without the limits of this state; in which case the agents or attornies of the said plaintiffs or complainants shall be answerable for the payment of said fees, except the clerks of county courts, whose fees shall be collected as heretofore.

And be it further enacted by the authority All other aforesaid, That all former and other acts for re. acts regu- gulating or establishing salaries and fees throughlating fees 5 and sala- out this state, or in the districts or counties ries, re. thereof, and every of them, shall be, and the pealed.

same are hereby repealed. And this act shall

of the


here and be itchat all to

salar istricts be, and

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